NYC Councilman Claims Garbage Clutter At Borough Park Schools Is Sanitation Dept. Punishment

VIN news file

NEW YORK (VINnews) — New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger, who represents the Borough Park neighborhood, claims that the recent decrease in garbage collection near Brooklyn schools is a deliberate attempt to punish the local Jewish schools.

In September, the city cut regular trash pickup from five days a week to two at the neighborhood’s 27 public and private schools, including several large yeshivas. On days without pickup, mountains of trash pile up on sidewalks near local schools, some of them big enough to dwarf students passing by.

Yeger contended that the city is allegedly deliberately scaling back on garbage collection because the Yeshivas and schools are not participating in composting, according to a report by The Forward.

Yeger added that Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia had admitted that the policy was deliberate.

“It is a disgrace what has become of our district. @NYCSanitation refuses to service yeshivas in our community. Every community deserves to be clean and get basic service from the city. This cannot be allowed to continue,” Community Board 12, which includes Borough Park, tweeted in September, along with photos showing massive mounds of black garbage bags.

Sanitation now removes only what it calls “organics,” including food scraps used for composting, five days a week. It takes paper for recycling on three days. Metal, glass and plastic recycling is collected on two days.

Sanitation officials responded by stating that similar pickup programs exist in nearly 1,000 schools across the city and that it is tailored to reflect “the amount of garbage and recyclables NYC schools generate.”

However some Borough Park yeshivas cannot keep up. One custodian said separating food — which must be placed in special bins — from other trash creates more work.

“Now, we have to take each and every plate and divide food over here, the plate over there. Imagine you have to do it every day, and if we serve two shifts of lunch, we have to do it between every shift,” he told The Forward.

Sanitation said it reached out to school and community leaders in the spring about the program and visited schools to provide training. The agency also denied that Garcia said the reduction in collection was deliberate.


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    • narshkaiten. The environment would be just fine without this new added regulation. Let not push our kids to do every crazy thing put there

      Another example how we suffer from liberals. Maybe one day yingele will get it

    • People have been wearing furs for 5780 years and the animals are still around. More food is produced than ever before. Any one who believes in global warming Is a heretic and an atheist.

  1. The amount of trash our community makes is astounding. We use so many plastics and single use products. Wrap up whole plastic table clothes and just think that it goes away with the garbage truck. I never see this amount of trash outside our neighborhoods here and in Israel. I’m embarrassed for us. And yes, children can pick up after themselves and scrape their food in the bin.

    • BH we have large families and a busy life. Nothing wrong with making lots of trash. They have a system how dispose it. Stop worrying so much about the environment. Just pick the most costly effective way to dispose our trash and its fine.

      • How do you calculate cost effectiveness? Short term “get it out of my house costs”? Or long term “let’s not poison ourselves” costs?

        I know large families that do not produce this much garbage Daily because they’re sensible. Don’t excuse bad behavior and bad citizenship on having large families. It’s not true. It’s only selfish ignorance.

          • Again you fail to argue facts.

            I’ve been a member of the Dallas Texas GOP for years. I also enjoy clean air and beaches not covered in trash.

            The science is clear. You and your friends with their head isn’t he sand have lost this argument. Good bye.

  2. What is with this Kal-man?

    Against safe streets, bicycling, now against recycling too?

    Just because you wear black, does that mean you can’t be green as well?

    Hey, wear black if you wish, but think green! 🙂

    Think and be green, it pays!

  3. The whole recycle propaganda is baloney. My local sanitation men have told me so and n fact at my house they pickup everything mixed together. It’s all lefty climate control nonsense. Vote all the liberal democrats out of office otherwise you will have no meat to eat,no plastic bags for your groceries,no straws to drink with,no furs to wear, no police to keep you safe and yeshivas will have to close down like is happening in Europe. Trump 2020.

    • You guys by voting for Trump in reality voted more Liberal in to Office like AOC and the the entire 3 branches of NYS Government. NYS Senate etc was Republican controlled forever before Tr. Thank You T. Yeshivah guys/girls will learn the Posuk Lo Tischos et etzah. Chazal includes everything usable. (Like most garbage, food etc)

      • Actually it was the obamanation winning which moved the party more left which led to Trump running and winning so it is all your fault the dems voted in the dummy AOC and are voting in more leftists radicals. You should have voted for McCain.

  4. Just like anti vaxxers know better than most of the mainstream medical establishment, the frum community, led by Rush Limbaugh et al, knows better than most scientists that global warming isn’t happening or can’t be helped by human actions. Amazing…

    • wrong and stupid comment.

      Vaxines cause and effect is obvious. We see how it helps. Its tangible. Cliamte change is nonsense based on theories. Nothing tangible. I have outlined its stupidity before.

      FYI i lisetn to WNYC not Rush and I heard all the stupidty.

      Climate change is a fat hoax. Just bec you spam vin with 5 screen names doesn’t change that

      Klaman keep up the good work.

      • anti waxxers, ant global warming, anti liberals are loosing big in NYS. Move to No Dakota or get used to it. NYS and NYC is getting more liberal every single year. The first time ever even Staten Island voted for Democrats. You like it or not we have k”h very large families and all the goodies we get we need. Vote Democrat or move to Kansas, Louisiana and the rest of trump voting States.

    • Its Ok for years we were fine with the way it was. Staten Island stunk like a garbage dump. Nothing terrible happened.

      I don’t believe we will have contaminated air and water , no forests , extinct animals .
      There are no forests in NYC anyhow. Not too worried about saving some distinct animals species. It doesn’t bother to many of us.
      Of course I am not saying do everythng dumb. But don’t get too obsessive about this. The world has gone mad

      • The planet doesn’t care what you believe. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

        Scientific data, numbers, scientific consensus, and big oil all agree that climate change is occurring.

        But do go on spreading misinformation. It’s a free country.

        • Fake science. You are not a Republican either . nor are you from Dallas. Thats a fact.

          Data proves nothing. Data proves the world over the past 100 years is warming. Who says its due to CO2 emissions? Who says its not cyclical? Who says its actually dangerous?

          Its not misinformation. Its simply saying you fail to connect the dots and you are spreading misinformation. But then again your screen name is a fat lie too. So no surpsies.

          • No one healthy comes up with as many cockemany screen names as you . The troll is the one who spams with vin with 10 screen names and lies about it too. You think for one second we believe that you are a republican environmentalist from Dallas who punkt comments on vin ?
            I stand for the truth .
            You have some nerve to start calling me a troll when I call out your fat lies . Now shut up and get lost till you start acting mature with no lies . You want us to believe your climate change data yet you lie about everything else . Give us one reason we should believe any of your malarkey

  5. It also takes 2 minutes to flatten cardboard cartons and tie them together so they don’t fly in the street and it’s easier for Sanitation to handle many at one time. Archy-5 comments on one article. I wonder what your record is.

    • Agree if its only two min of work and its once a day then you have a vaild point. Thats basic menshlichkit. But lets not get lost about enviornment argumnents

    • Getting rid of garbage properly doesnt have to have anything to do with climate change. You can think that climate change isnt real and still recycle your food scraps just like your farmer great grandparents used to do.

      Using food scraps as compost or separating it in a seperate garbage is a sensible thing to do. In other cities it is mandated to seperate. At first its annoying but then you get used to scraping your plate into the organics bin instead of the garbage can.

      This compost is also much healthier then the chemicals they use in commercial fertilizer.

      And teaching kids in yeshiva to sort their food into the garbage is teaching them to respect food and teaching basic mentchlichkeit instead of having the kids just walk away from the lunch table and expect the custodians to clean up after them.

      • Fair point ! I admire many of your pointers . I will say that it’s a different generation and bh we are not poor farmers . However you do make a valid point . Kids should learn to waste less food . Our grandparents in the holocaust would kill for some compost . It’s a bad segula to throw out a kezyias bread as it brings to anyuis. Spoiled Kids never heard of that

  6. Simple question:

    We seem to have become increasingly obsessed with recycling. The concern cited is pollution. I hear that. But I wonder whether it is efficient. Some years ago, I heard quotes from field experts in sanitation that the recycling of paper is quite efficient, and saves lots of money. In contrast, the recycling of metal, glass, and plastic is quite costly in the short and long run. I tend to believe, not having seen anything reported, that the recycling of food scraps as compost should be cost saving.

    Anyone with more recent data that is reliable?

  7. No taxation without representation! The city should not be getting our taxes if they refuse to provide services. Liberals need to stop with the fear mongering that Hashem will not take care of our world and leave us alone with the silly climate change nonsense. Liberals, stop trying to control everything and just do your job which is picking up the trash from the streets of Brooklyn. Hashem will take care of us!

  8. China was buying a lot of our recyclables until recently, especially paper and cardboard. That has now changed and at the present time there is little market for recyclables.
    Composting food scraps from schools reduces use of landfill and unlike home brown bin pickup is probably cost effective.
    As for the huge amount of trash generated in Boro Park it’s not just the large families, it’s that the younger generation uses far more disposables than their parents and wastes a lot of money doing so.

  9. In my local community, the recycling personnel come every two weeks;we don’t have to separate plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, or any other recycling material. Rather, it is all thrown into the same recycling container. Also, we are not directly charged extra for that service, or for our weekly trash collection, as some communities do.

    I wanted to mention something else, which is indirectly related to this topic. For years, New York City, and its decision makers, resisted and prohibited builders, as well as existing homeowners, from installing disposers in their kitchens, to grind down food waste. The Sewer Dept. was afraid that the sewers would be blocked with that waste. In fact, they were wrong. Other communities have used such devices for many decades. It was not that long ago, that NYC finally gave the green light to homeowners (as well as apartment landlords), to use disposers.

  10. The minhag in the alter heim was to give leftovers to the beheimos. This is Minhag Yisroel, and the Reformers brought in this Chodosh Ossur Min Hatoiroh of disposables and throwing everything in the trash. Any real yeshiva should be using dishes and metal silverware, and feeding leftover food to Beheimos in nearby farms. It is time for some genuine orthodox Jews to get a proclamation from Hisachdus against this Reform trashing of everything in plastic bags.

  11. Global warming is occurring, but it has nothing to do with cows gassing, and fossil fuels. It’s a cycle, and then we’ll have a “cooling” for 30 or 40 years. And to believe that the world will end in 11 years like AOC, and that autistic Scandinavian girl; well, that’s pretty dumb, scientific “experts” opinion notwithstanding. These progressive brats, with their cell phones and all modern conveniences, have zero regard for the 3rd world that is finally pulling themselves out of poverty because of access to cheap carbon based fuels. And as long as China and India, and the rest of the Asian & African world doesnt even do the minimum to stop polluting, a of the efforts of the United States will be for nought. The best thing a progressive could do to save the world is to kill themselves & stop using-up our resources.

  12. “Global warming is occurring” Thanks for letting us know this, Its a chidush from a Trumpists. “Then we will have a cooling for 30 or 40 years” Not even a IY”H ??? From where are you getting this info. Is this the shiteh of your new Idol. Plain apikursis?

    • Not a chiddush. Numbers don’t lie. You lie. I have been saying all along to look at numbers. You just cant compute basic math. So lets review yes the climate chnaged. Its warmer. But who says its not cyclical? Who says its due to CO2 emissions? who says its bad? Show me some intllect once

      • “Yes the climate changed” B”H We agree again. “its not cyclical” “CO2” I am glad you know all this EDUCATED answers. Remember I am a Yingele fun a dorf. (Uneducated little boy from the village) dont understand much of this co2 or 3 or 4 but I am sure 100% that Hashem does it. We don’t know Hashems reasons but it cant hurt to save the earth to our best abilities. Loovday ulosomray. Its our duty. When you see all that garbage unfortunately its a sign of Baal Taschis. Read Echter Frimmer, he makes some sense.

        • Hashem gave us an earth to enjoy it. You have to know when its our duty to save it and when is it our duty to shecht animals, cut down trees and utilize it.

          Bal tashichis is loose term and used incorrectly in this case. Especially that this is nonsense and not bal tashchis.

          If you understand CO2 emiisons whats makes you say its bad? who says we are saving the earth?

  13. Any Jew who does not vote Trump is not a Jew. After all he did for us we owe him gratitude. He is fighting our battle. He hates the liberal reformed clergy just as we do. He is putting conservative judges in the Supreme Court like we Jews want him to do. It’s the Jinos Jewish in name only that hate him and us as well. Soon this internal enemy will fade away into the dust pans of history. Boro parkhas been cleaned out. The reform temple is closed and knocked down for Frum housing. Hopefully all the deformed temples will close their doors. Trump 2020

    • “Conservative (Christian) Judges instead of Jewish Judges like Obama did. In fact one of the Jewish Judge Obama nominated the Republicans never excepted and let Trump put up a Christian instead. Christians were never good for Yiden. A Yid is A Yid with a Yidische Neshome. Bibis Grandson is a Chareidi today and the Satmer Rebbes grandson is a Zionist in the army. A Yid can do Tshuveh. A Goy?? Thanks for not posting under “EMES” any more. The first sign of Tshuvah to say the truth, so you are slowly getting there.

      • Wrong all torah jews agree that its better to have a chrsitain as a judge who will legistlaite based on our torah needs than a secular anti torah jew.

        Your hashkiofah is crooked and nonsense. So shut up already with your narishkiten.

        Get it thru your thick head, christain judges are better than secular jewish judges. Got it? You don’t like it go get a different torah. All our gedolim think so (Of course we need to daven that Rush Ginsburg does teshuva before she dies from cancer (may only Muslims suffer) but she is not our judge)

      • You are an ignorant moron, it’s the leftist Jewish activist judges who support the banning of religious freedom while it is the Christian conservative constitutionalist judges who support religious freedom, yet you will support the democrats who will nominate more anti religious freedom judges and justices, sadly throughout our history our worst enemies have been fellow Jews.

  14. Nothing to do with anti semitism.
    Sanitation “workers” (euphemism) are the laziest, dirtiest, sloppiest, rudest, most vulgar, and destructive animals, just slightly edging out NYPD.
    Idiocy and arrogance are required to take the civil service test.

    • Of course DSNY doesn’t attract refined educated people like Archy. It’s hard labor lifting tons of smelly garbage crawling with vermin. I have never found the sanitation workers to be rude or vulgar and they are no sloppier than the citizens they have to clean up after.

  15. I heard his wife named Jenny Berger is a senior official in the mayor’s office? so therefore this seems just a way to make a fuss since if he really wanted it resolved he can call her.


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