Rabbi Beaten While Visiting London

    Illustrative: ultra-Orthodox men walking along the street in the Stamford Hill area of London, Jan. 17, 2015. (Rob Stothard/Getty Images via JTA)

    LONDON (JTA) – A rabbi visiting London was beaten and left on the ground bleeding in the city’s Stamford Hill neighborhood.

    The incident occurred on Friday night, the Jerusalem Post reported.

    The unnamed man described by British media as a “senior rabbi” flew out of London after Shabbat for Israel.

    The two teenagers who assaulted the rabbi allegedly shouted “Kill Jews” and “F*** Jews” during the attack, according to the Shomrim of Stamford Hill. The attack has been reported to London Police reference number CAD6332/30/11/19.

    The attack is not believed to be related to the attack on the London Bridge by an alleged member of the Islamic State which occurred earlier in the day, the Jerusalem Post reported.

    A demonstration against Jew-hatred in politics and mounting anti-Jewish hate crime is scheduled for Dec. 8 in Parliament Square, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism reported.

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    1. To: Steven Wright- Don’t blame Trump for every single instance of Jew hatred, all over the world. It just so happens that in London, there are thousands upon thousands of Muslims, who hate Jews, and routinely attack them.

        • But you are suffering psychotic delusion by believing that Trump is a proponent of racism. That is the evil DemocRat narrative. I am not proud of how Trump speaks or tweets, and there are valid complaints about him. But the racist narrative is not based in fact.

    2. Moishi: In 2017, there were dozens upon dozens of threats made against Shuls and JCC’s in the USA and elsewhere. The head of the ADL constantly blamed Trump for those threats. Yet, when the Israeli police arrested an American-Israeli teen for making those threats (he was later sentenced to 20 years, and was still making threats while in prison), the ADL never retracted their prior, idiotic statements about Trump, or even apologized. Hence, that is why that I took issue with Steven Wright, and his brilliant remarks.


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