Trump Campaign Won’t Allow Bloomberg Reporters At Events

    FILE - In this Nov. 26, 2019, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg speaks to the media in Phoenix. Democrats are narrowing Donald Trump's early spending advantage, with two billionaire White House hopefuls joining established party groups to target the president in key battleground states that are likely to determine the outcome of next year's election.(AP Photo/Rick Scuteri, File)

    NEW YORK (AP) — President Donald Trump’s campaign says it will no longer give passes to Bloomberg News reporters to cover its rallies and other campaign events.

    Campaign spokesman Brad Parscale said Monday that Bloomberg, in the wake of founder Michael Bloomberg’s own Democratic presidential bid, has “formalized preferential reporting policies.” Bloomberg’s Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait says that’s not true.

    When Bloomberg announced his candidacy, Micklethwait said his news organization would not investigate the boss or other Democratic candidates. But he said the Trump administration would continue to be covered.

    Some critics said that has put Bloomberg reporters in a difficult position, made more so by the Trump campaign’s announcement on Monday.

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    1. Bloomberg “news organization would not investigate the boss or other Democratic candidates. But he said the Trump administration would continue to be covered.” Why would anyone allow an enemy, the Bloomberg reporters, especially a dishonest enemy, into their meetings?

      • for the same reason that Israel allows Al Jazeera in Israel, and The USA allows TASS and many other enemy News Agencys I mean Real enemys. Grrajse Chuchem gey zrick in kajlel and learn a blat gemoreh.

        • And they shouldn’t allow them. trump does what is right. Israel is stupid if they allow Al Jazeera. Fake news is dangerous. We see that with the failing NYT justifying murder of innocent Israeli’s by excusing terror on occupation and calling it a conflict vs terror. The NYT has yiddisha blit in their hands. Lets not repeat mistakes and provide safe havens for dangerous news media.

        • Nie yingeleh, hust die gelearnt a blat ? Yisrael does not allow Hamas news; why would Trump give a dishonest Bloomberg reporter an opportunity to make more lies and distortions?

          • a gantze mesechte. Hamas? Dishonest Bloomberg? Nebach. It sounds like you agree with me on Al Jazeera and Tass. Read Educated. Israel is stupid for allowing Aj Jazzeera. ( Maybe? Maybe not) One thing is for sure, whoever is in charge in Israel is smarter than you and me (and trump and bloomie) combined. Trump, most of the money he inherited in 50 years are slowly but surely gone. Bloomberg in 50 Years he bulit from Nothing a 45 BILLION empire without the advice of klige vin posters. ISRAEL in the same time frame developed to a World Class Economy and power much faster than even the USA. Shalom and Laylah Tov.

    2. I dont see any difference between Bloomberg News & the Washington Post. In fact, a reader (or viewer) of Bloomberg is on alert for bias with Bloomberg, and thinks that the Washington Post is objective, when they are in fact even more biased.

      • 80% of frumme in NYC voted for Bloomberg. If they were wrong with him for sure they are wrong with Trump. Bloomberg 2020. First Jewish POTUS. First REAL WEalthy Potus who owes no one nothing and for sure not for Russia, No Korea and the Saudis. He will get 80-90% of the Jewish votes. A Real Mentsch even many Republicans will vote for.

        • Frimme Yidden know that Bloomberg is now far from a friend of Yidden and far from a friend of Eretz Yisrael. Though he is not as bad as Bernie, he has not shown much interest in Yidden in the many years since being Mayor.

        • Bloomberg openly cursed out balck haters and cheprerd our torah in a way that even Obama didn’t do, yes you heard me . I respect Obama and De-Balssio more than Bloomberg. He was a friend that openly shot us in the back. No indication that trump is going that way. So far we only see enormous ahvas yisroel.

        • No the number isn’t pro Bloomberg but the Jewish sickness of guilt and the religion of voting democratic
          But 80% of frum Jews did vote for Donald trump
          And with 34.8 approval rating among African Americans. Looks good
          As per the Moran former mayor he spent 40 million in adds and still is off the charts. No ratings

    3. Bloomy comes off as the most sane of the Lunacrat field. However, his ideology is as radical as the rest of them. Wants adult soda cups eliminated, pours $$$$ into Diaper Change , overrode a 2 term referendum to power grab a 3rd term, ordered dangerous bike lanes in busy NYC to imitate Paris, and now publicly regrets stop & frisk which was a good idea when he was logical. Now he’s a flaming hypocrite trying to brown nose progressive lefties, illegals and dead voters. He’ll never make it anyway cuz he’s a certified bore and an alter knocker at that. Has zero feeling for his fellow Jews, and did I mention he’s a radical stuffy bore? Yes, I did.

    4. Trump is smart. Why should he let his enemies destroy him. Only the foolish secular Israelis are foolish enough to allow their enemies to live among them. trump 2020

    5. It’s mildly sad to watch a successful man and a moderate for most of his life, veer so left to appease a lunatic progressive base.
      Like a 99 yr old lady all botoxed and who knows what else, to look like a 30 yr old.
      There’s a Yiddish song Vus is Geven is Geven , and its main lyric is ” You don’t fool anybody but yourself.”
      He’s going nowhere fast.


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