Democratic Presidential Candidate Pledges To Keep US Embassy In Jerusalem

Former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, at the annual J Street Conference in Washington D.C., on Oct. 28, 2019 (Photo Credit: Michael Brochstein/Split Stone Media)

WASHINGTON (JNS) — Julian Castro, former U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary and current Democratic presidential candidate, said on Thursday that if elected, he would keep the U.S. embassy in Israel in Jerusalem.

U.S. President Donald Trump relocated the embassy there from Tel Aviv in May 2018, just months after recognizing Jerusalem as Israel“s capital.

“The actions of this president when it comes to Israel and Palestinians in the Middle East has been counterproductive in helping ensure a two-state solution,” Castro told JNS on a conference call for members of the media. “I believe that he made a mistake in moving the embassy to Jerusalem without making that part of a larger, negotiated peace agreement and a two-state solution.”

“However,” said Castro, “I also don’t believe that it would be productive to go backwards at this point.”

He added, “I believe that we need to work to ensure that we’re both respecting the human rights of Palestinians and also working with Israel, our ally, as they forge a new government with a new opportunity to pursue a two-state solution.”

Other candidates who’ve pledged to keep the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem include former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), and author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson.

At the annual J Street conference in October, Castro expressed support for opening a U.S. consulate in eastern Jerusalem and “make clear that under a two-state approach, that would be the embassy to a Palestinian state.”

He also called for restoring U.S. assistance to the Palestinian Authority and the U.N. agencies supporting the Palestinians. If elected, he said that he would reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization mission in Washington, D.C., which the Trump administration shuttered in October 2018.

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    • Who’s “we”? You don’t speak for me, or for a lot of other Jews. Is there a lot that can and should be done to strengthen Israel’s Jewish character? Certainly. But it is a Jewish state, whether you like it or not.

  1. Israel_____
    It’s not what you want , it’s what Hashem wants, and he sent Trump to accomplsh this. You are a non believer and kofer though you don’t know it yet. You move yourself to Iran and when you have some free time, bein hazmanim, you mooch his .. um… ahem.. ring. Your Shit,eh is stale.

  2. And now Israel, let’s do b’iyun with gevaldige havanah. You’re an apikorus rebelling against the will of Hashem. Now take one if your fellow chavrusos and do chazarah so you don’t forget.

    • How do you know what Hashem wants? Believing that the embassy does not belong in Jerusalem does not qualify for being labeled “apikores” while mislabeling somebody as such while claiming so in the name of Torah May actually qualify you as a “megaleh panim batorah,” in short, an apikores.

  3. Yingale,
    You also don’t see Yad Hashem. Hence you too are an apikoras. You don’t recognize the events in EY that led to this, so you are the one megaleh ponim batorah. It’s not goung to help you. Your pshatim are false snd apikorsus with geshmack.

    • Palmach (mored b’malchus shamayim),

      Events in the ground don’t necessarily mean it’s what Hashem wants. It would certainly mean Hashem allowed it to happen, but it doesn’t mean it’s what Hashem wants. Is it “yad hashem” for gay marriages to be legally recognized in Israel? Is the mass chillul shabbos taking place in Israel ratzon Hashem? Why don’t you take the same position on issues which aren’t in line with Zionist ideals? Your hypocrisy is glaring.

    • Forgot to mention, you are clearly an ignoramus. Megale panim batorah refers to establishing Halacha against the Torah, such as claiming an individual is an apikores in Halacha when he actually isn’t. It does not refer to Somebody who doesn’t believe in what claim to be yad Hashem. Here again, you are a megaleh panim batorah by applying it wrongly.

      Also, as a quick FYI, there is no significance in Torah and Halacha for Jerusalem to be the political capital of Israel.

      • Its a safety issue. I am nopt wise enough to mish arin in the machlokos Satmar and mizrachi or aguda. i din’t know who is right. But I do know that when Israel is recognized it sets a tone where there are less anti israel votes in the UN, and where the Palestinians know no more games like by Arafat YMS.

        As a side note, settlements are needed for both safety and affordable housing needs. Frum communities like Beitar and gush shomin or where the stoliner reba lives etc.. would not exist if it were pre 67. The frum olim would have no housing.

        And it keeps us safe as it keeps the Palestinians spread out thin and they can’t organize terror

        So thank you president Trump for keeping us Jews safe

  4. Yingale,
    You’re nitpicking the embassy issue , but as astute readers will sense, it’s the presence of the State itself that bugs you.
    What are you trying to be, the NY Slimes and WAPO with their sometimes subtle propaganda?

  5. Yingale,

    First of all, it was unnecessary to put your compliments in brackets.. BTW… you own the chutzpadik meridah .
    EY is a special case. The events , miracles that have unfolded since 1948 culminating with embassy and recognition of Chatzi Shevet Menashe Golan is astounding. The 1967 Miracles were astounding. You have a right to question Yad Hashem with sfeikus, but we maaminim bnei maaminim believe.
    The chiloni chilul Shabbos , and machloket and chillul Hashem in frummie sects are bechira. Just because there were mechallelei Shabbos in the midbar didn’t stop Hashem from raining manna.
    What you should enourage, if you’re not stamm an EY meragel, is mass frummie Aliyah and run the country al pi halacha.
    You’re a Rembrandt, painting all Zionists with gay marriage brush, as if all Israelis are for it, which is false.
    We weren’t yet zoche to Mashiach’s coming with one fell swoop, so it’s a process.That’s what we believe. You can stay in doubt, and hock on negativity.
    Heck, you can even quite psukimlach, etc.
    to seemingly back you up
    We are excited by the events. If you’re depressed about them, well then gulp a bottle or two.

  6. No significance in Torah about Yerushalayim about being the capital of EY?
    When was the last time you said Tehillim?
    It’s chockful of Yerushalayim and Tziyon.
    So who’s the grubber yung here?

    • Can you read? No significance in the Torah or Halacha for Jerusalem to be the “political” capital. It has never been the “political” capital. It’s a Zionist invention to conflate avodas hamikdash and and their political state.

      • What are you talking about you ignorant moron, the davidic kings all lived in Jerusalem. Why you think supporting the murderous arabs is a good I have no idea.

  7. In Jerusalem, kotel from where the shechinah never moved, where klall Yisroel went on oleh regel, where special holiness exists forever, is not from the Torah?
    Your slip is showing. Adjust your lomdus and apikorsus

  8. Israel, go tell it to Ezra who made aliyah with ignoramuses, intermarried Jews, amei haaratzim , mechallelei Shabbos and rifraff. Almighty G-D helped him establish the 2nd Bet Hamikdash, while many great rabbis stayed behind.It was they who withheld miracles that were supposed to happen. See Maharsha on ” Bechoma in chazal.

  9. Yingele just outed himself as a flaming am haretz and all out kfirah and keffiyah as he belittles Jerusalem’s special significance min haTorah. The Waqf and PLO are his Imams, Rachmana litzlan. Hashem himself called the city Yerushalayim in honor of Avraham Aveinu and Shem ben Noach.

  10. Yingale,
    You’re playing with words. YOU threw in ” political”. You know well that if it’s political, it’s only because of its religious and holy significance. As Tehillim mentions, the nations (political) will pay homage to Jerusalem and Moshiach.
    “Political” is Hashem’s messenger in this case .

    • That’s your drasha now, but don’t claim it says so in pesukim. I threw in political because the issue at hand is precisely that – a political question of where to have the US embassy. The zionists want it in Jerusalem because having theor capital where the avodas hamikdash tool place lends legitimacy to their cause.

  11. Ezra & Ben Gurion?
    You could’ve had an Ezra if you woud have followed the rabbonim who urged aliyah en masse. Don’t complain about the past the rest of your days cuz it’s futile.
    More Torah in EY than anywhere else.
    You guys still travel on alte ferds -the rest of us in sherutim and Egged. Shabbat Shalom . Beautiful.

  12. Too bad you can’t understand that even a political recognition by the world’s greatest power, increases the likelihood , hopefully, of Yidden controlling Yerushalayim the Holy City without pushback. Too bad you focus on Tziyoni instead of seeing the whole glorious picture which has not happened in 2000 years. You don’t know Hashem’s ways, you obsess over a past that’s gone. Shmuel bedoro, k’Yiftach bedoro. We weren’t zoche to an Ezra so we got BG. Be it as it may, the geula is unfolding.

    • You fail to realize one thing. Chazal say M’galgelin Zchus al Yedei Zakei V’chov al Yedei Chayav. If you thing for one second Hashem will facilitate the arrival of Mashiach you are sorely mistaken, as chazal point out. For you take a chazal who are saying that the righteous of each generation (Shmuel and Yiftach) are comparable relative to the level of their own generation, and then to go ahead and distort their words in claiming that BG, has a similar standing as Shmuel in his generation is so outrageous that I believe even you know it.

  13. I used BG because you mentioned him. Not comparing him to Yiftach but you get my drift. Just know that Hashem works thru everything and anything including politics. Anything and everything is His messenger when it suits Him.
    See, even the Zionists knew the importance of Jerusalem. They could have chosen Bnai Brak or Pardes Chana.

    • You mentioned him. You did compare him to Yiftach. You also have no idea how things will play out once mashiach arrives. Did you ever ponder the fact that maybe the Zionist will try to stop mashiach? Or will completely upend Their lifestyle.. you have no idea of any of this helps anybody in any way.

  14. Zionists trying to stop Moshiach?
    Worry first if our own various groups will accept the other’s rebbe or rav as Moshiach when he shows.
    Let ‘s stick to our very own borscht zoop and pu pu platters, then yenta about Zionists. Shavua Tov, buddy. It’s all good.

    • Ya ya. Nobody is really concerned with rebbes fighting mashiach. Uprooting an entire government who’s very foundation was to surpress everything Holy is a real concern. Gut vuch!

  15. As a secular Jew who immigrated to Israel many years ago, defends Israel in battle and has protected Jews by neutralizing the enemy, and ultimately focused on enjoying life as a proud- free Jew, the conversations of many of you with your poor use of english, your inclusions of yiddish-hebrew, your blatant anti-semitism / anti-zionism, and religious superiority make me sick to my stomach. I can confidently state I would save my bullets rather than expend them protecting you against the violence of our actual enemies. You are worse. You are no better. You feel empowerment, superiority, and arrogance in your Torah knowledge and the fact that you live your meaningless lives chasing every prayer and nonsensical mitzvah while missing the big picture. It’s your cowardice that has fueled the brutality inflicted Jews for thousands of years. Hell, I’d have joined the Nazi’s in persecuting you. You spend your lives growing your payot or comparing your sheitls, while parasitically subsisting on donations and welfare, while procreating in your insular communities with the result of more inbred, brainwashed, mentally challenged clones of yourself indistinguishable in your peasant clothing. I wish to extend a huge congratulations on all you’ve achieved.

    • Well said: while many Jews focus on the antisemitism of our enemies, we have a more dangerous threat in our our house, that being the anti semitism within our own people. How can it be that Jews can speak so decisively about they feel lack their level of piety or observance. Where in the Torah does it say the more prayers one offers, the more value they have when all people are created in Hashems image. It’s so sad that we have huge swaths of the observant community who spend their time fueling hatred within the Jewish people rather than acting as a beautiful light of the Jewish people to act as a beacon for the world. Sadly many orthodox are ritualistic versus enlightened and in the absence of any world accomplishment, financial wealth, career progression, resort to feeling a hateful rage and superiority to anyone less religious than them. This isn’t so different than the nazis who brainwashed their people into dehumanizing and killing the Jews. It’s happening in our own people. The only thing preventing sectarian violence is the cowardice of ultra Orthodox Jews to pick up a weapon or grasp for political power.


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