Education Secretary Pushes School Vouchers At Arizona Event

    U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, right, joins Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, as they answer questions during a roundtable discussion on school choice Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019, in Scottsdale, Ariz. DeVos talks with state lawmakers, educators, students and parents about her $5 billion plan to fund tuition for private school students, prior to addressing the American Legislative Exchange Council. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Thursday touted her $5 billion plan to fund tuition for private school students, telling a room of supportive parents and lobbyists that it would improve the quality of education.

    DeVos praised Arizona’s devotion to school choice programs that provide public funding for private and charter schools.

    “Arizona is a real leader in giving parents and students the kind of freedom that they need to find their right fit for education, and I’m so grateful for the example that you are setting here,” DeVos said, seated next to Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on the sidelines of a conference of conservative legislators.

    DeVos is pushing her plan to create “Education Freedom Scholarships” allowing businesses and individuals to get 100% federal tax credits for donations to scholarship-granting groups. The Republican is a major backer of school vouchers and formerly led the American Federation for Children, which promotes the programs in Arizona and other states.

    Arizona has a similar program that uses tax credits to fund private school tuition scholarships. It also has an “Empowerment Scholarship Account” school voucher program that takes state general fund money and funnels it to more than 6,000 private or home-schooled students.

    Arizona public school teachers revolted in 2018 and persuaded voters to block an expansion of the state’s school voucher program enacted by the GOP-controlled Legislature and endorsed by Ducey. Voters rejected the expansion by a nearly 2-1 margin. Tens of thousands of teachers also went on strike that year over low pay and school funding and won big pay raises from Ducey and Arizona’s Republican-dominated Legislature after he had rejected them earlier.

    Despite the voucher program rejection at the ballot box, Ducey praised the program and urged DeVos to take it nationwide.

    “Empowerment scholarship accounts work and there’s no better time to scale this successful model to the rest of the country,” he said.

    DeVos says her new $5 billion tax credit program allows parents to choose the best education for their children. Democrats pronounced it dead on arrival in Congress, but DeVos hasn’t given up.

    Her plan would allow states to design their own programs or use the credits in existing programs, with parents allowed to use the funds for a education costs, including school tuition, tutoring, special education costs and home schooling.

    Public education backers have said vouchers and private school tax credit plans drain tax dollars that should support public schools.

    DeVos will address a conference held by the American Legislative Exchange Council. The group known as ALEC drew protesters from several liberal groups and teachers at the start of the three-day event on Wednesday.

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    1. All the dems are against it even the one’s who claimed they were for it are now against it if they are running for president, being that they beholden to the teachers union

    2. All Republicans are against it. They had for 2 Years the POTUS, SENATE, and Congress and not once they passed this bill (Or any similar) They gave 2 Trillion to the Billionaires instead of giving this few billions to hardworking Jewish (and other private school) parents. The NY, NJ etc Yeshivas are suffering even more under Trump since he eliminated many tax breaks in those Liberal States where most Yiden live. FACT are FACTS If they would have wanted this School Voucher Credit it would have been the law NOW. Today. Yesterday. In the past 3 Years. Just like Obama who wanted Obamacare and got it in his 1st Year.

      • Silly stupidity . Yku are dumb and don’t know too many facts . School budgets are mostly run on a state level not a federal level . It’s not easy for the Feds to implement a federal voucher program unless a state opts in . It’s very complex .

        Yes this is another pro
        Torah Jews stand that you hate .

        I also have yet to hear one mosod say they were hurt by tax cuts . It’s hyper shtusim

    3. Torah Jews wear the kefiya,a garnent the fedayeen wore when they went out to murder Jews. TorAH jEWS HAVE CREATED THE GREATEST chilul hashem possible . Without a decent public school system American jails would be overflowing. Torah Jews have been sending gifts to chomeini . Torah Jews have been convicted of fraud of US fund. Shmigege have you ever of being an erlicher Yid, You suffer from logorrhea


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