House Speaker Pelosi Rebukes Reporter: ‘Don’t Mess with Me’ [VIDEO]

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., responds forcefully to a question from a reporter who asked if she hated President Trump, after announcing earlier that the House is moving forward to draft articles of impeachment against Trump, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

    WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is bristling over a question about whether she “hates” President Donald Trump.

    Pelosi told reporters at her weekly press conference Thursday that as a Catholic, she resents the suggestion that she hates anyone. She fired back at the questioner: “Don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.”

    The reporter asked: “Do you hate the president, Madam Speaker?”

    “I don’t hate anybody,” Pelosi responded. She went on to call Trump, the subject of only the fourth presidential impeachment inquiry in history, a “coward” on gun policy, “cruel” on immigration and “in denial” about climate issues.

    Earlier , Pelosi announced that the House will draft articles of impeachment against Trump over his pressure on Ukraine to investigate Democrats and political rival Joe Biden as Trump was withholding aid to Ukraine.

    On impeachment, she told reporters: “This is about the Constitution of the United States and the facts that lead to the president’s violation of the oath of office. And as a Catholic I resent your using the word hate in a sentence that addresses me.”

    She said she prays for Trump, with whom she’s faced off all year on issues like the partial government shutdown.

    The question about hating Trump came as she was leaving her weekly press conference. She stopped and addressed the reporter before returning to the microphone.

    “Don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that,” she said, and walked out.

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    1. Why shouldn’t he mess with her? Is he touching on something? He hit a raw nerve with the school teacher Pelosi? he displayed her true colors what this is about?

    2. She sounds more condensing then trump ever was. Start impeachment hearings on her. Shutting down the press enquirer
      Where is the press screaming about censorship

    3. Every real Jew knows that it’s ok to hate Obama, to chant lock her up about Clinton, to denigrate Muslim war dead, to cheapen American war heroes, and to vilify by Tweet anyone who objects to anything Trump does…but…BUT…l’havdil ben eluf havdalus….it is ossur to hate the great savior of the Jews, Trump.

        • 1) Increasing many middle class taxes by eliminating the SALT. and giving that money to Billionaires
          2) Deportations, electrifyd wall, separating families.
          3) Nazis are not fine people.
          4) Increase of anti-semitism by 60 % in 3 years including the first mass murder of Jews in a Synagogue in the USA history
          5) Touching woman against their will and permission (admitted)
          6) Hiring Immigrants all his life than stopping them to help some middle class families when he doesnt need them anymore.
          7) I hate all Germans for 100 Generations after what they did not so long ago.
          ( Hate Amolek for 1000’s of years for much less)
          Now you know why most Americans ( 61% )hate Trump. Tell us please why we should hate Obama ( Most Americans including 75% of Jews) still like him after 11 years in public. (You not using a Jewish name) , if you are evangelist (92 % voted Trump and they hate all blacks, latinos etc) than I understand your reason (

          • Go to hell kapo scum supporter of the democrats who support Jew haters and not one single one of them has the decency to be able to condemn the Jew hating democrats in Congress, they even support and defend them, feh

            • and, of course, there are no jew hating republicans. ever watch the love for trump by the neo-nazis?
              Obama provided Israel with all the weapons it asked for , for a full 8 years. enough reason to love Obama, you scum who dares call a fellow jew nowadays as a kapo. feh to you, scumbag

          • 1) The majorty of middle class americans include most in NYC saw a tax cut you fool. Again i told you. you need to learn some math. Do they teach that to yingels in derfels? Take the average guy earning 175K as a couple with 4 kids. Look at how much they paid before and how much after. (If you earn less than that you can’t own a home in NY so SALT not nogia) Come on bog talker show us the numbers . let me see some math.
            2) Deportations like Obama did? good we can’t afford to pay for Latino’s who have kids here. Too expensive . Again use your math kup! I heard even indians and chinese are having tazuras with H1 visas. Thais good too. They steal my job in corp america.
            3) yes trump agrees Nazis are not fine people. glad we all agree. (Fine people are people who you can’t see on the news videos, but were present and had no clue about the chant jews will not replace us)
            4) Touching wome who flirt with him. Not tznuis but not a policy issue and not my concern.
            5) Trump’s dad left Germany 50 years before the holocaust. I guess you hate all of Europe since they shtam from germany too? Bodem has nothing to do with klutz.

            You have a very kruma argument and why do you keep on yacking such insensible stupidty?

            • Avg guy earning 175 with 4 kids. All Billioners got a huge tax cut not only the avg with 4 kids. You are fake news repeating this lie for 2 years now. Avg Yid over 50 married kids earning 175 K in 5 Town got a HUGE tax increase. Avg Billioner in the same street got a HUGE TAX REDUCTION.

            • 4) touching women is not a policy…correct but I dont have to like him for it. I hate people who do that. That was the question.
              2) Interestingly he didnt Deport them when they were building the Trump Tower and work on the Golf courses. Now that he got caught he Deports them no matter how many middle class Americans will get hurt. Yeshivas , homes etc
              3) A generation ago many Yiden did not buy German cars or kitchen machines . 50 year is a short time to forget what they did.

          • Stop getting stuck on how many weapons Obama gave israel. i told you already its about the altiude and mindset that you shtel avek. First time ever like 17 countries voted against a UN resolution conedming Israel. The Palestinians know they can’t do any more fake Araft yimach shimo peace deals. even the saudis are trying to improve relations. yes the embassy move while symbolic set a tone. israel is finally treated is formidable country.

            Got it? Its like I talk to a brick wall at times.

            • Yingele again

              Glad we agree the guys 50 or over got a small tax increase . And yes frum too. But I won’t cry for them . Many have fewer expenses . It’s the families with young kids who I care about more . The ones over 50 a few still have expenses but nu nu . It’s not perfect but it’s a lie to say “many were hurt ” when you know it’s a lie .

              Re the 50 years too short to forget ? You really such a drei Kup it’s like talking to a wall . Who tne heck ever said forget after 50 years. What I said was If a goy left Germany 50 years BEFORE the holocaust they are not Nazis . It’s not the same as 50 years AFTER. Once a Nazis always a Nazis . But if it’s not in the blood it’s not there . The mitzva of amelk is if you were an ameliki at the time of when he chepered with Jews after mitzarim . No mitzva to kill amelk if one lived there before . Don’t you get it ? It’s a huge difference. Now would you stop dreing akup?

              Re the Jews in Obama wh. The only one Jew that matters is jack Lew . All
              His other Jews and judges are not part of our Torah views . We don’t respect that and are against their views . We’d rather goyim.

          • 1) did the removal of SALT effect “many middle class” or in the high taxed states and localities
            2) Deportation under Obama was happening at the highest rate ever at that point.
            3) Nazis are not fine people, neither are the “Muslin Terrorist” that Obama refused to acknowledge.
            4)Having a president that is undoubtedly pro-israel, with a large number of jewish advisers and cabinet members, you would be hard pressed to say that he is an anti-semite. The new left however seemingly is openly antisemitic or embraces people who are. You can draw your own conclusion as to who is causing the growth of antisemitism in the US.
            5)If this is a cause for hating someone you would have a hard time finding a democrat that you wont hate.
            6) you can still hire legal immigrants
            7) if so, check out “Hans Gutknecht”, Obama’s grandfather from Germany.

            Long story short, you see what you want to see.

            • Large number of jewish advisers? are talking about Obama? He had more than Trump and you are forgetting the most important . He named 3 Jews SCOTUS more than all POTUS in History including Trump

            • “Democrat I dont hate” Chucky Schummer (Nadler and all Jews)
              1) Does not touch women against their will
              2)Pro Israel for 50 years (Not 2-3 or because the evangelists)
              3)He is a Yid Not a German
              FYI We Orthodox Jews are commanded by the Torah to Love All Jews (not white Christians) this ALONE should answer your question

            • “SALT effect on “middle class” or in the high tax States” Both. Florida is a No Income Tax State (Zero) and many are effected by SALT on their homes. Aha.? Gotcha. “high Tax States” 98% of Orthodox live in those High Tax States. Taxing them more than the Not high Tax States (No Dakota, Louisiana etc) would be considered Anti-Semitic if Obama would have done it. I can hear you “Obama jemach shomaj Taxed 98% of Frumme Jews in NY but not Muslims in Michigen etc.” You cant be against High Tax States and not be Antisemmitic (98% Frumm) any more than You cant Hate Israel (Only 80% are Jews who live there) and not be anti-semitic . Your statement is like Khomeinis who claims he doesnt hate Jews only the State they live.

    4. More leftist lies by Obama loving scumbags, first off Obama stopped missile transfers during the 2014 Gaza war, second the plane deal was made during the Bush administration, third Obama did not nominate 3 Jews to the supreme court unless you are so ignorant to think sotomayer is Jewish and besides the 2 nominees that were confirmed are like most democrats anti the religious freedom of frum Jews to not have to support gay marriage, but you can continue to think that appointing a leftist Jew who will but religious freedom is better than appointing a conservative christian who will uphold our religious freedom rights, Obama also never missed an opportunity to publicly condemn Israel at every turn all the while being apoligisgs for the so called palestinians, during the Obama administration anti Israel Jew hatred on campuses nationwide went up considerably, you can continue to support the increasingly anti Israel and Jew hater supporting democrats because you believe the lies the fake news propagandist press tell you about President Trump.


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