British PM Boris Johnson Visits Golders Green, Serves Donuts At Local Jewish Bakery


LONDON (VINnews) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hit the campaign trail in Golders Green Friday morning, where he learned how to ice doughnuts at Grodzinski, the popular local Jewish bakery. Johnson joined incumbent Tory member  Mike Greer, who is defending a slender 1652-vote lead in a seat being contested by Liberal Democrat candidate Luciana Berger and Labour’s Ross Houston. The Jewish vote is considered crucial in an election which has been punctuated with charges of anti-Semitism in the opposition Labor party.

During his visit to Golders Green, Johnson stopped over at Jewish Care’s Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Campus, where he met tenants including Holocaust survivor Rachel Levy before visiting Grodzinski. After donning an apron marked “Get Brexit done,” the PM served customers in the packed bakery after experimenting with various icings on doughnuts.

After the trip to Golders Green, Johnson tweeted that he had “made some ‘Get Brexit Done’ donuts at a wonderful bakery in Golders Green.”

“Thank you Grodzinski Bakery & to everyone who stopped by to say hello,” he added.

Speaking to Jewish News after Johnson’s visit, Jewish Care’s management, which has encouraged tenants to register to vote and arranged transportation to polling stations for next week’s election, said it is happy to host any other candidates in the future.

“Today’s visit has meant that, during this election campaign, Jewish Care has contributed its voice to that of the wider care sector, which remains deeply concerned about the lack of progress on issues that affect us, including the need for a long-term plan for funding social care,” said the charity’s chief executive Daniel Carmel Brown.

Last month, former PM Theresa May joined Freer in Golders Green, where she met voters, local businesses and Hatzalah volunteers and bought kosher salt from Kosher Kingdom.

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  1. Boris is a man of the people. And he is serious not some jokster. He has a real plan for Brexit and has a way to put end this back stop jam. Lets all hope he wins.

    • What chutzpah you, a Yankee, have in interfering in our election! You Yankees have a joke in the White House who lied about not knowing our Prince.

      • Thats right mr tricky yoni . You lie about your screen name so you meet your match. You are not in manchaster you fat liar.

        Re your prince, silly metoo arugment. This girl was dying for the prince and all these rich dudes. I don’t believe it was against her will. Sorry I don’t feel bad for her. This whole movment is all about resisting Trump. Its a fake lying movement. Yes we need to lie back to you. Its the easiet way to beat you.

      • You people don’t have a prince anymore than America does. The royalty serves as no reminder of anything. Its a petty and childish game the brits play.

    • Our Royalty serves as a reminder of when we ruled the world a great many years ago and don’t do much except attend events, As long as we have England we will have the vestiges of Royalty although in recent years many are an embarrassment to us.
      The bloke who thinks that the young girl wanted to be raped by the Prince must think that there’s a difference between being raped by a prince or a pauper.
      Who is yoni?

      • Yoni the diffrenece is that the girl voluntary traveled to the UK and wanted to flirt with the prince. She was dying to run shoulders with royality. Once a lady flirts and breaks her guard , men are pigs and be ready for the rest . I have no pity on most of these metoo women who out themsleves in a provactive situation. Furthermore, noone stuck a gun to her head at nay time. She could of said no whenever she wanted and walk out. She felt lost is bad excuse

  2. To: Charna in Manchester- If it wasn’t for us Yanks, you would have been speaking German a long time ago. You may make fun of our politics, and our culture, but when the chips were down, and London was being bombed and decimated, you begged us for our help. We sent over 2,500,000 GI’s to your esteemed island, and saved your country. Even at that time, there was resentment among the Brits to our GI’s.
    Also, it should be noted that during the Blitz, some of your countrymen were perpetrating horrible rumors that “the Jews were taking up too many spaces in the tubes, and were not permitting the non-Jewish Brits to have adequate shelter there”.
    Last, the British Army perpetrated sexual assaults and other atrocities against American civilians, prior to, and during the American Revolutionary War. To this date, your government has never compensated the USA, for burning down the White House, and other parts of Washington, D.C., during the War of 1812.

  3. To: Charna in Manchester- As a proud Yank, I resent the way Queen Elizabeth treated Princess Diana, when she was married to her son, Prince Charles. She treated Diuana very badly, and also looked the other way, regarding the extra-curricular activities of her dear son, Prince Charles (with Camilla). Even after Princess Diana was tragically killed, in an auto accident, the Queen refused to release a public statement, until she was pressured to do so. Then, she stated in a public message (which was phony, and which she didn’t mean), “Diana was an extraordinary human being”. Where was she with such kind words, during Diana’s lifetime?

    Also, after more than 67 years on the throne, her Dear Majesty, has not once found time in her schedule to visit Israel, although Prince Charles and Prince Philip, have both been there on unofficial visits. On the other hand, the Queen has visited over 110 other countries, including Muslim countries.

    Last, when Prince Philip was 97 years old last year, he caused injury to two occupants of an SUV, causing it to overturn in a crash, because of his negligence. Then, a short time later, he was seen driving another new car, without wearing a seat belt. The local authorities covered up that incident, and never issued a public report. It was quietly squashed, with the provision, that the Prince would voluntarily surrender his driver’s license.

    • Dear Nachum: you’re taking this Royal thing too seriously. The whole thing is a childish and petty English game. Her actions or inactions should be of no concern to anybody. She should be seen as just another regular citizen. The concept of a monarchy can not be reconciled with the modern understanding human rights. Taken in this context, Her son’s private affairs doesn’t bother at all. It’s just another divorce with 2 sides to a story I really don’t care about.


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