Labour Officials Submit Bombshell 53-Page Dossier On Anti-Semitism Within The Party

British Labour party opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn departs his home in London, Britain, 04 April 2019.

LONDON (JNS) — A total of 70 current and former British Labour Party officials condemned anti-Semitism in the party in sworn statements submitted to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Daily Mail reported on Thursday.

The sworn testimonies form part of the Jewish Labour Movement’s 53-page submission to the EHRC, which is currently investigating the Labour Party over allegations of anti-Semitism.

The leaked document can be read here.

Witness statements reveal that Jewish party members often do not feel comfortable attending Labour meetings “due to the intensity of animosity towards them.” One respondent said they had 22 examples of anti-Semitic abuse targeting them at constituency Labour gatherings.

Another claimed that an official at a constituency Labour Party “objected to 25 applications for membership from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and required home visits to these prospective members’ houses,” which was not a requirement for other prospective members and “appears to have been direct discrimination against Jewish applicants for membership.”

The document also outlined actions by party leader Jeremy Corbyn that serve as “signals to party members” that “anti-Semitic views are acceptable.”

According to JLM, high-profile and senior members of the party have “repeatedly defended and/or associated with those accused of anti-Semitism,” which provides “legitimacy” for others in the party to “do the same and/or deny that a problem exists.”

JLM called on the EHRC to force the Labour Party to make a public statement acknowledging “the scale and extent of the issue of anti-Semitism in the party,” and apologizing for “promoting a pervasive culture of denialism and obfuscation and diminishing the experience of those who have suffered as a result.”

The JLM also asked for a requirement that Labour must resolve all cases within three months.

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  1. Members of ultra Orthodox community applied and there were objections. Ye mean if though they disavow Israel and suck up to Corbyn they’re still considered kikes?
    Well, ain’t that a surprise.

  2. I read through the report. There’s little antisemitism there. questioning the Holocaust is not antisemitism and and questioning the state of Israel is not antisemitism. Saying Jews love money isn’t even antisemitism because its largely true. and you all know it. Saying Rothschild runs the world isn’t antisemitism because he’s one person or they are one family and they are ridiculously powerful.

    Now saying Jews put baby blood in matzah, that’s antisemitism. But I didn’t see that in the report.

    • Based on your reasoning You forgot to mention one thing. Being an anti Semite isn’t anti semitism.

      You are a farshtunkene ferd. Your self hatred is evident and drips off your putrid post. Was your dad a war criminal?

  3. Has anybody read anything so absurd?israel has twisted definitions of antisemitism.They would have included matzoh had it been believable in this day and age. Just because something may be true can still be be antisemitism if it’s meant to dogwhistle. But of course , normal people get that and sense it immediately. Israel, on the other hand
    Is an EY hater, Corbyn’s fans got slapped in the face, so he scribbles his mutant logic because he’s trapped in the corner like a rabid rat.
    His hatred is so deep that he’s accepting the denial of Holocaust as ok. He’s our resident Kapo who forgot to overdose.

  4. Israel’s talking points are pure Neturei Karta lunacy. They also deny the holocaust, protest on Shabbat , and meet holocaust denying Iranian mullahs with hugs and kisses. Actually, they’re a bunch of Jewish masochists and eat only Badatz matzoh with Jewish blood.

  5. This evil rasha poster just defecated on the memories of all our relatives who perished in the Holocaust. Who would’ve guessed that a supposed Jew has such a swine snout.

  6. I’ve seen a number of Israels posts. I don’t believe he is jewish, he spouts the subtle antisemitism of far right trolls. He follows too closely the guidelines of an encouraged tactic of Nazi groups in America. Vin, please be careful with him.

  7. Haha- It’s amusing to watch this Israel cat spinning twisting, panicking, growling, diving thru hoops trying to whitewash a sock in his jaw that he didn’t anticipate.
    He puttin’ on a show this morning. And this is before my 2nd cup of coffee yet. Wooooo.

  8. Israel:
    I can’t believe that you are Jewish!
    According to your twisted logic anyone who hasn’t claimed Yidden use Christian blood in Matzos is not an anti Semite. Well for your information Hitler never made this accusation – so according to you Hitler wasn’t an anti Semite either.
    You and Jeremy make a good pair.


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