Polish Politician Makes Gun Gesture At Trump’s Back During NATO Summit


LONDON (VINnews) — Polish politician Donald Tusk on Thursday tweeted a photo of him pointing a pair of fingers toward President Trump’s back, a gesture some alarmed Twitter users likened to a gun, according to a New York Post report.

“Despite seasonal turbulences, our transatlantic friendship must last #Trump #NATO,” wrote Tusk, whose five-year tenure as president of the European Council ended at the start of this month.

The friendly caption was offset by a photo of Tusk pointing his right index and middle fingers toward Trump, who had his back to the camera.

The move by Tusk — the former prime minister of Poland and a frequent critic of Trump — concerned some on social media, who felt that it had a menacing undertone.

“[Outgoing] European Union Council Leader Donald Tusk tweets himself holding 2 fingers against Trump’s back like a GUN,” tweeted user @justathoughtUSA. “Is that a THREAT?”

“We all know that the Globalist EU opposes Trump, but this goes too far,” continued the tweet, which tagged Trump and the FBI.

“what a disgusting gesture of @donaldtusk,” wrote user @Makaisia. “this moron has no manners!!!”

“Is this some sort of veiled EU threat aimed at the US?” asked a third user, @Dispropoganda.

Based on Tusk’s second hashtag, the photo apparently was taken at this week’s NATO summit, which took place in London.

Last month, Tusk was elected president of the European People’s Party — a conservative political party committed to strengthening the EU.

Tusk could not be immediately reached for comment. But even some Poles were mortified by Tusk’s tweet, apologizing to Trump on Twitter on his behalf.

“As a Polish citizen, I am embarrassed for this person,” wrote user @RZbijowski.

“Dear @realDonaldTrump, Poland apologizes for Donald Tusk,” added @MikiPoznan.

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  1. The tweet is FAKE NEWS. If you play the video it shows the rightist Polish leader wildly waving his hand, furiously trying to clear the air of the toxic gass emitted from trumpf’s hind quarters. feh. Too much traife kielbasi.

    • Daniels, who cares? He finally stuck up for America, told the free loaders that US soup kitchens are closed. A bunch of losers, globalists bent on suicidal mania to destroy their own decaying countries.
      Bravo, Mr. President.

  2. Yeah, I trust you were nowhere near Poland. But maybe It’s time to brush up on some Popolsku and make way to Krakow, since you hate the 60 million Deplorables that put him in. DO WIDZENIA, ‘ole flateur and let the door hit you on the way out.

  3. As this gaseous episode proves, the Orange Flatulator can give it out, but he and his gass sniffers can’t take it. Try watching the video- with the AUDIO! LOL


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