Chareidi Marathon Mother Withdraws From Olympic Race After It Is Rescheduled To Shabbat


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Chareidi marathon sensation Beatie Deutsch, a mother of five from Jerusalem who has won a string of marathons in Israel, says she will not participate in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, since the event is slated to be held on Shabbat.

Deutsch recently won the National Half Marathon championship and also placed first in the Jerusalem Marathon last year. She has been training intensively in preparation for the Olympics but after she was informed that the main event had been rescheduled and would take place on Shabbat, she decided to back off.

“I felt like I was punched in the stomach,” she posted on her Instagram page, telling her followers that she had checked the date of her race long ago to make sure she could participate. “But, the truth is I am more than OK,” Deutsch added.

Deutsch, who runs in a skirt and head-covering in consonance with her religious lifestyle, said that until now she had not encountered major conflicts in maintaining her lifestyle and training as a top athlete.

“Things have become more complicated just as I am investing the most to qualify for the games,” Deutsch said, adding she is still trying to get the date of the race changed so it will not fall on Shabbat.

“I am planning to keep calm, keep training,” Deutsch said. “I am a fighter and will not give up. I will do all I can to change the date.” She promised to represent Israel with pride as she maintains her values as a religious Jew and a professional athlete.

“Life isn’t always about results, sometimes the journey is even more important and I am here for the journey.”

Deutsch achieved her personal best result in  September at Cape Town, clocking 2:36:41 for the grueling 26.2-mile  route. The Olympic requirements are for a result of 2:29:30 but since only half the female marathon runners are expected to reach that result, the Tokyo race will include 80 athletes whose scores are closest to the required minimum.

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  1. What a kiddush Hashem. Good for you Beatie! I’m sure this was heartbreaking after all your hard work. You are doing the right thing, and we are all so proud of you!

  2. Let her define her own standards of religion on issues that are subjective. Kudos to her! A true Kiddush Hashem. BTW: Do Muslims have to run on Friday? Catholics on Sunday?

    • That’s exactly the problem.

      Everyone wants to define their standards to fit in what’s right with their lives.

      You have it the other way around.

      We have to define ourselves with what’s right. This is not pick & choose.

    • You ARE SICK and dont deserve a response. DO U KNOW HER? I do. She would never say the Loshon Hora you just did in a public forum. You don’t have ur name posted, she does. Please think 100X next time b4 commenting


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