Trump’s Reference To Jewish Wealth Irks Jewish Dems


    HOLLYWOOD,FLORIDA (VINnews)— US President Donald Trump aroused controversy when he spoke at the Israel American Council advocacy group’s conference in Florida Saturday night. Trump claimed that some American Jews don’t love Israel enough and also boasted that he did not have to worry about getting his audience’s votes, because they would cast ballots with business interests in mind and the Democrats would take their wealth away.

    Trump’s comments quickly drew quick criticism from Democratic opponents who charged him with veiled anti-Semitism.

    Trump claimed that “You  have people — Jewish people — and they are great people and they don’t love Israel enough.” Despite the negative insinuation, the audience roared its approval when Trump stressed that “Israel has never had a better friend than me.”

    Trump insisted that the crowd would not vote for one of his potential Democratic opponents because she would take their wealth away.

    “You have to vote for me, you have no choice,” Trump said. “You’re not going to vote for Pocahontas, I can tell you that,” referring to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, in a dig at her claiming Native American ancestry.

    “You’re not going to vote for the wealth tax,” he went on. “Let’s take 100 percent of your wealth away. No, no. Even if you don’t like me — and some of you don’t; some of you, I don’t like at all, actually — and you’re going to be my biggest supporters because you’ll be out of business in about 15 minutes.”

    Warren has proposed an annual two percent tax on households with a net worth of between $50 million and $1 billion — and an additional four percent tax on those with a net worth exceeding $1 billion.

    Trump’s reference to Jewish people’s wealth irked Jewish Democrats who charged him with anti-Semitism:

    “Trump’s insistence on using anti-Semitic tropes when addressing Jewish audiences is dangerous and should concern every member of the Jewish community — even Jewish Republicans,” said Aaron Keyak, a former chair of the National Jewish Democratic Council. “Trump’s embrace of anti-Semitic rhetoric much stop. Period.”

    The Democratic Majority for Israel on Twitter slammed Trump for peddling anti-Semitic tropes and ignoring the threat from the far right.

    Watching Trump “traffic in antisemitic stereotypes is disgusting,” the tweet said. “Trump’s failure to condemn white supremacy when discussing antisemitism is equally distressing.


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    1. Oh, just luv you, Mr. President.
      As a Jew, It’s a thrill when somebody finally bashes these pompous, Jewish Dem hypocrites who ran their narrative too long. These pusilanimous pipsqueaks who gawk and push lib agendas across the US and call them Jewish ideals. For too long, conservative Jewish voices were ignored… Veiled anti Semitism my athlete’s foot… You unappreciative scoundrels who pretend to talk for all Jews had it coming.
      Trump’s riding roughshot over the leftie Jewish donors who pour gozillions into political campaigns and radical movements , ADL ,J St. et al and the other scum just to brown -nose , don’t know what hit them. Frightened, puny, politically correct lox bagels now squirming.
      4 more years.

    2. Why doesn’t this character complain about the Democratic Congresswoman, who had the gall to state “It’s about the Benjamins” (meaning the $100 bill, and gelt), when referring to Jewish wealth.

    3. Since the dems want to take away everyone’s money this has nothing to do with wealth it has to with people who have any money, they don’t have to be wealthy, the dems want their money.

    4. Whats subtle stupidty. Is that what anti semtism is? These leftists are off thier rockers. Nothing wrong with his statement. I still remember when they all got bent out of shape because he said jews are good deal makers and business men. Realx folks

    5. Old news bigotry by antasemit trumpf, using the old KKK trope like tati Fred. But its OK w trumpoid Yidden. He’s an overt racist and goniff so all is forgiven.

    6. The JINO democrats who are deranged Trump haters constantly lie about him yet they continuesly support and defend the Jew hating democrats in Congress whom not one single elected democrat condemns, the democrats party is now the anti Israel party of Jew haters and anti religious freedom radicals yet there are Jews that still support them because they are willfully ignorant or just sickos.

    7. Jewish democrats being deranged as they continue to support a party that not one elected member has the decency to be able to condemn the Jew hatred spewed by their fellow elected democrats are irked by anythingPresident Trump says or does and nobody but their fellow democrats and the propagandist fake news media cares.


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