House Democrats Lay Out Case For Formal Trump Impeachment

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., joined at right by Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., the ranking member, convenes the panel to hear investigative findings in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Monday, Dec. 9, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Judiciary Committee received a detailed summing up of the impeachment case against President Donald Trump Monday as Democrats prepare formal charges against him. Trump and his allies lobbed fresh assaults on the proceedings they dismiss as a hoax and a sham.

Democratic lawyers outlined the findings so far, saying Trump’s push to have Ukraine investigate rival Joe Biden while at the same time withholding U.S. military aid ran counter to U.S. policy and benefited Russia as well as himself. A committee vote is coming, possibly as soon as this week, on two or more articles of impeachment on charges of abuse of power, bribery and obstruction against the Republican president.

Trump quickly began tweeting anew against the “Witch Hunt!” and deriding “Do Nothing Democrats.”

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler was blunt as he opened the hearing, saying, “President Trump put himself before country.”

The top Republican on the panel, Rep. Doug Collins said Democrats are racing to jam impeachment through on a “clock and a calendar” ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“They can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the United States and they don’t have a candidate that can beat him,” Collins said.

The Republicans tried numerous times to halt or slow the proceedings, formally objecting several times that the committee’s Democratic counsel was impugning Trump as he spelled out potential charges. Nadler responded that negative comments about Trump might well be expected in listing reasons to impeach him. The Republicans still demanded votes on “taking down” the negative comments, defeated on party-line votes.

The hearing was briefly interrupted by a protester shouting “We voted for Donald Trump!” and decrying Democrats as the ones committing “treason.” The protester was escorted from the House hearing room by Capitol Police.

The hearing sets off a pivotal week as Democrats march toward a full House vote expected by Christmas. In drafting the articles of impeachment, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing a legal and political challenge of balancing the views of her majority while hitting the Constitution’s bar of “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Nadler said the case against Trump is clear after “multiple officials testified that the president’s demand for an investigation into his rivals was a part of his personal, political agenda, and not related to the foreign policy objectives of the United States.

“The integrity of our next election is at stake.”

Trump spent the weekend tweeting against the proceedings. He and and his allies acknowledge he likely will be impeached in the Democratic-controlled House, but they also expect acquittal next year in the Senate, where Republicans have the majority. Trump’s team is turning attention elsewhere, including Monday’s release of a long-awaited Justice Department report into the 2016 Russia investigation.

“Impeachment Hearing Hoax,” Trump tweeted Sunday.

In advance of the hearing, Nadler sent a letter to the White House officially forwarding the House Intelligence committee’s report, along with additional evidence supporting impeachment. It also invited White House officials to review sensitive materials in a classified setting.

The White House is refusing to participate in the process , and Rep(. Collins asked to postpone the hearing, criticizing Democrats for moving too swiftly. One legal scholar testified last week it would be the quickest impeachment in modern history.

“This is just how desperate they are — desperately focused on impeaching this president,” said Collins who accused the Democrats of unleashing thousands of pages of documents his side had no time to review before Monday’s session. ”This is a show. This is a farce. This is whatever you want to call it. The American people are having their tax dollars wasted on this impeachment of this president.”

Trump, meanwhile, is heading out for campaign rallies shifting attention away from the House. Over the weekend, he was focused on a related matter, the Justice Department inspector general’s findings on the FBI’s decisions to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election. The president has long called special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe a “witch hunt,” but the inspector general’s report is expected to reject the claim that it was illegitimate, according to people familiar with its findings.

Trump tweeted Sunday, “I.G. report out tomorrow. That will be the big story!”

Democrats say Trump abused his power in a July 25 phone call when he asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy for a favor in investigating Democrats. That was bribery, they say, since Trump was withholding nearly $400 million in military aide that Ukraine depended on to counter Russian aggression.

Trump said over the weekend that his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani wants to take the information gathered from Giuliani’s investigations and a recent trip to Ukraine to the U.S. attorney general and to Congress.

Trump and his aides have made clear that they now see his impeachment in the House as inevitable and have shifted their focus. A vote to convict requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate, where Republicans hold 53 of 100 seats. It is unlikely that Republican senators would cross party lines and vote to remove Trump from office.

As Democrats draft the articles, Pelosi’s challenge will be to go broad enough to appease her liberal flank, which prefers a more robust accounting of Trump’s actions reaching back to Mueller’s findings. At the same time, centrist lawmakers prefer charges more tailored to Ukraine. Democratic leaders were to meet Monday evening.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, said, “I think we should focus on those issues that provide the greatest threat to the country. And the president is engaged in a course of conduct that threatens the integrity of the next election, threatens our national security.”

Monday’s hearing was to receive the Intelligence panel’s report on the inquiry, with lawyers from both parties testifying.

Nadler, in television interviews, declined to say ultimately how many articles of impeachment Democrats will present but said they will involve “certainly abuse of power” and likely “obstruction of Congress.”

He pointed to a “pattern” of conduct by Trump in seeking foreign interference in elections but would not commit to including the evidence of obstruction of justice in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation as part of the articles of impeachment.

In his report, Mueller said he could not determine that Trump’s campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia in the 2016 election. But Mueller said he could not exonerate Trump of obstructing justice in the probe and left it for Congress to determine.

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  1. Oh thanks for “laying out the case” i would never have known the case before hand. I never heard about this before. very informative

    Yawn !!!!!!!!!!!! Booooooooooooooooring

    • Sorry you aren’t entertained. Perhaps you should follow sports or movie reviews. The “yawn” is a pretty transparent affectation that has nothing to do with the merit of the content.

      • There is no merit in the content. And don’t bore me with your yoni like lawyer legal gibber. I don’t care what “scholars” have to say

        The yawn is an additional indicator. When Nixon was impeached it was a thrill and excitement. It was like a thrill. We were learning something new. Nixon was on the top and the proceedings albiet wrongful and nonsense too , were at least informative and did accomplish the goal of exposing Nixon even though I disagree. In trump’s case ts the same old shtusim.

        • What did you find wrong with Tricky Dick’s impeachment? Wasn’t the obstruction of justice clear beyond a doubt? The motzei Shbbos massacre alone was grounds enough to impeach Nixon.
          Should the crimes of a President be overlooked?

        • “It was a trill” It was, Maybe because you were young that time. Others things were also a trill. Now? Alte Kaker, nothing is a trill anymore. A trill turned into a TROLL. (You are more like a Troll this day) Her sajn off mit the alte kaker T. and his 20th century Coal mines. Steel plants, farming etc. and start thinking like a young again Electric cars, Solar energy, Global warming Future TECHNOLOGY instead of MAGA Look forward not back and maybe you will start feeling the Trill again. (And stop trolling)

      • Also sorry to bust your bubble, but americans like excitement. The more broing you make it , the less of a chance you have in winnng over the public and or Trump getting removed.

        Thats just life and I love how it irkes you.

    • I guess it is boring when you hear that this president promoted an investigation of a political rival from which would have gained. If there would be a senate majority his derrier would be cooked

      • And if there would be a Republican Congressional majorty the dems derrier would be cooked. same argument.

        Whats wrong with promoting an investigation of a political rival? I am ok with that. its par for the course. They all do that one way or the other. trump does it a little more dirty . Big deal. China I hope you investigate Biden too.

        • “Looking into political corruption” perfect reason for President AOC for withholding aid from Israel. FYI John. The PM of Israel is under indictment for guess…corruption. Please don’t give more ideas here for Israel Haters.

  2. Adam Shitte himself put the whole sham into context when he invented a conversation between Trump and Zelensky.The feckless GOP shoukd have demanded his resignation and cancellation of this charade.The only way to fight the Demons is to use Holder’s own words against them. ” When they go low, we go lower.”
    It’s not respectable but it’s the only way to extinguish evil & Satan.

  3. The process is rushed…the Democrats always hated Trump (true!)…the hearings are not fair because the President cannot appear and question witnesses…but, the President won’t appear and question witnesses because the hearings are a sham…where’s the whistle blower…we want Biden and Schiff to appear as witnesses.

    So…the Republicans dance all over the periphery…but they put up no substantive defense or response to the facts as outlined in either Vol II of the Mueller Report or as determined by the House Intelligence Committee.

    Hmmm….the GOP doth protest too much…and they all too easily forget or ignore the relative trivial nature of, and their and the Democrats behavior during, the Clinton impeachment proceedings.

    • Oh we don’t forget anything phineas. We like to play with players. Its a shpiel on both ends. the democrates do the same. Go listen to nadler when clinton was impeached too. Its a game we all play. It works. Because Trump won’t be removed and it will just bring Biden down. Now suck it up and live with it.

  4. Cix,
    Defense for what?????????
    What the devil are you blabbing about??
    And are we done with Mueller? He found nothing.It’s all about a coup that was announced on Inauguration Day 2016.
    What are you blabbering about??

    • Clearly, you have not read just the Introduction and Executive Summary to Volume II of the Mueller Report, for if you had you could not ask those questions…but you are well versed in Trump talking points.

      In the Introduction, Mueller says that he was constrained by established DOJ policy from making “…a traditional prosecutorial judgment…,” against a sitting President, and in addition, that if one had it would be fundamentally unfair to the President because “…[a]n individual who believes he was wrongly accused can use…[a criminal trial]…to seek to clear his name. In contrast, a prosecutor’s judgment that crimes were committed, but that no charges will be brought, affords no such adversarial opportunity for public name-clearing before an impartial adjudicator.”

      Notwithstanding that, and whether you like it or not, in the Executive Summary, Mueller factually lays out incident after incident that any criminal attorney will tell you add up to prima facie Obstruction of Justice:

      From Trump’s Jan 28, 2017 meeting where he tried to get Comey to “let go” of the Flynn investigation; to Trump’s repeated attempts to get Sessions to “unrecuse” himself; his reaching out to the Dir of National Intelligence and the leaders of the CIA and NSA to ask them what they could do to publicly dispel the suggestion that the President had any connection to the Russian election-interference effort; the termination of Comey, including Trump’s acknowledging in a television interview that he was going to fire Comey regardless of DOJ recommendations and that when he “decided to just do it,” he was thinking that “this thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story; his multiple attempts to direct WH Counsel McGahn to call the Acting Attorney General and say that the Special Counsel had conflicts of interest and must be removed; Trump’s dictating a message for Corey Lewandowski to deliver to Sessions saying that Sessions should publicly announce that, notwithstanding his recusal from the Russia investigation, the investigation was “very unfair” to the President, the President had done nothing wrong, and Sessions planned to meet with the Special Counsel and “let [him] move forward with investigating election meddling for future elections; etc.

      I have a copy of the Mueller Report saved on my system…I read it…did you?


    • I have a suggestion…let’s meet for coffee with Archy…We’ll play “What’s My Line” (that dates me) – we’ll bring along bring along a third “contestant” and a “moderator;” at the end of Archy’s questioning the moderator will solemnly say”…will the real Yoni please stand up!”


        • I have posted a ten point proof as to why Cixelsyd Wnosanoy is really the spammer using ten names.

          No its not because anyone anti trump i accuse of that. You & I know it. So stop lying you fool. For the sake of comepletion.

          1) Didn;t you exclaim you won’t post nay more on VIN? So why are you are. (bec it was a ploy)
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          4) So many comments within close proximity all with the same style and nature?
          5) 90% of frum jews vote for Trump. Why on here is it 90% anti trump? (bec 90% of comments are one person)
          6) You once exclamed moderates are rare on VIN. Really how is that so? Look at the comments? 90% are moderates. (bec 90% are one person)

          7) Lastly why won’t you post with a pic? I challange all you lairs to do like me. But a damn pic near your name so you can’t easily hide.

          PS I have more proof but the hour is late.

          GN you loser. maybe one day you’ll grow up and get a life

  5. Yoni, Yoni, Yoni, I am so obsessed with Yoni…in Phineas I see Yoni…in anyone who dares decry my fuhrer and idol I see Yoni, Yoni is my Trumponian scapegoat bogeyman, I have no existence without Yoni…Oh Yoni, Yoni, Yoni…what would I do without Yoni?



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