Swedish Jewish Journalist Says Enlarged Nose On Swedish ID Photo Is Anti-Semitic

Journalist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein (right) and file photo of data page of Swedish passport (left) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

SWEDEN (VINnews) — A Swedish Joewish journalist has accused Swedish authorities of anti-Semitism, on account of her nose being ridiculously enlarged on her Photo ID card.

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein is a contributor to Israel Hayom, the Jerusalem Post, the Washington Examiner among others, and famously filed for asylum in her native Sweden to highlight rising anti-Semitism in the country in 2017.

“Went to get a new National ID card & passport at a police station in Sweden, handing in employment papers from an Israeli newspaper as well as proof of ID with 2 very Jewish names (while wearing a Magen David btw). Got back my ID and my nose has been doctored as seen below,” wrote Hernroth-Rothstein in a tweet on December 7.

The allegation initially prompted a slew of people to show solidarity.

“This must be investigated. A service error, to say the least… both anti-Semitic and manipulation of ID documents,” lawyer Sebastian Scheiman wrote, while others called for “heads to roll.”

“Oops. Annika, I’m sure that if [you] ask for Israeli citizenship, your real beauty will appear also at the official documents,” suggested Israel’s ambassador to Italy.

However, other people eventually produced their own ID cards to show that the unfortunate enlargement may have been simply due to the low quality printing equipment used by the Swedish passport office, and not an intentional act at all.

“This is untrue, it is the overlip and the tip of the nose that are blurred together. As can be seen here on mine,” tweeted one person. “This is a very serious accusation, in a country where antisemitism happens, so please consider retracting this, so that it doesn’t remove legitimacy from others.”


“Mine looks exaclty the same and I am no near jewish,” wrote another.

Hernroth-Rothstein says that at the end of the day, even if anti-Semitism did not play a role, part of the backlash she received due to the allegation is what leaves her with a bad taste in her mouth.

“Outing this was almost worse than the event itself. Dealing with some of these comments about how ‘Jews love to lie to get attention’ I’m ready to call it a f-ing day,” she tweeted. “Lord knows this ‘attention’ won’t do me or my family any good I’m Sweden 2019…”

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