WATCH: Trump Hugged Members Of Israeli Special-Needs Band After They Performed “G-d Bless America”


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  1. HERR trumpf is a alt-white fascist, like his KKK tatala. He is openly supported by alt-drek like Steve Bannon, Alex Jones, Duvid Duke and other ‘fine people’ as eell as kapos on VIN. He has openly mocked women, hispanics, the handicapped and Jews. He has crapped on The Constitution. He is the subject of 3400 lawsuits and dozens of Federal investigations. He will bring about more aktions against the Jews and Israel before long. He is a RASHA. So, you with the neshuma of an Einsatzgruppen veteran, I ask-WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? [And …in blazes… is an Xtian expression, you moron)

    • You are an evil deranged liar. It is the democrats who support and defend anti Israel Jew hating members of congress, it was obama who shipped iran pallets of cash and unfroze billions more to use to fund the murder of Jews in Israel, it’s the democrats party which a majority of their members want Israel destroyed. But you will support them because you are deranged. Oh and obama your messiah his mothers ancestors were german.

  2. I agree 100% with Esther, as Trump had rachmonos and compassion for people with Down’s Syndrome, and blind People. He was not repulsed by them, and warmly hugged them more than once. Goldnmedina should take his anti-depressants.

  3. Blessed be G_d that has blessed the Jewish people with the best friend of Israel in US history. I support Trump 100% and I’m not only a Jew but Latino send i think goldenmdina is a racist and a holocaust denier that spews all day long. Mizken. We should find out who his mother is to pray for him because is loco de la cabeza. By him we are kapos because we support Trump as if Trump ever killed a Jew. This was so gracious to see him pushing the Jews in fro front in him and giving them credit as opposed to his regular behavior when he pushes world leaders and England’s queen to step up in front of them. So you can see who he really values and what he really thinks of career politicians


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