Anti-Semitic Thug that Threatened Jewish Man In Lawrence Costco Has Been Arrested


NEW YORK (VINnews) — The anti-Semite who threatened a Jewish man in a Five Towns Costco store, and told him the Nazis will get him, has now been arrested.

[UPDATE: Anti-Semitic Thug Who Threatened Jews In Costco Has Been Released From Custody]

The man, identified as Justin Pichazaca, is a resident of Jamaica, Queens. The police have revealed that Pichazaca has a prior juvenile record. His record is sealed, so it is unknown precisely what his earlier crimes were.

VINnews spoke to Avrumi F. on Monday evening, who reported that the detectives involved in the case were very helpful and were taking the incident very seriously.

As previously reported by VINnews, the police officers who initially arrived at the scene opted to not take any action against the hateful attacker, and instead called Avrumi the aggressor, once he followed the man to obtain video evidence. Today a representative of the Police Commissioner reassured Avrumi that those officers would receive a re-training.

As previously reported, there was another Jewish victim of the same anti-Semite. The other victim was shopping in Costco at the same time as the first incident was occuring. The second victim’s son was standing near the exit, when the same anti-Semite accosted him with another vile rant. When the man asked him not to speak to his son that way, he said “I’m going out to get my gun and will come back to shoot you up.”

The police collected reports on Monday from Avrumi as well as the other Jewish victim.

At approximately 7 PM Monday evening, police notified Avrumi that the attacker was in their custody. Charges are expected to be announced at his arraignment Tuesday morning.

It should be noted that the manager of the Costco store, David, was instrumental to the arrest. When the attack initially occured, David followed the assailant outside to his vehicle to obtain his license plate, which he provided to the police. Additionally, while David had a day off from work today, he took the time to drive from New Jersey to the police station to assist in giving a positive ID on the assailant.

Avrumi shared his thoughts following the arrest in a Facebook post.

So many things have transpired and so many thoughts floated through my head since last night. Let me start off by…

Posted by Avrumi Fri on Monday, December 9, 2019

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      • Dollars to donuts, he is a Trump supporter…as that would fit the profile of aggressive anti-Semitic hooligans. Do you deny that? Also, you need to look up the definition of racist. That said, I agree that the comment was gratuitous.

        • Lets not forget that the Nazis in Germany were Democratic Socialists. That’s what Nazi was an acronym for. The Nazis in America are also Democratic socialists. Just like Rashida Tlaib, Ilan Omar, and AOC. I’Ve never seen a Trump supporter behave that way, in real life, or in a video. And I am a Trump supporter. I know lots of them, and none I know are racist or anti-Semitic. Your comments sound like projection of your own beliefs.

          • Just to get some history right: there is no mention of the word democratic in the abbreviation NSDAP – it stands for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers‘ Party).

    • Well, I’m not sure who all you folks are. But most of the frum Jews I know love President Trump. So do I. I really don’t care if antisemites love him. Just shows how stupid they are. President Trump’s grandchildren are frum Jews. Never ever ever been a more pro-Israel President – or leader of any major country for that matter. Although I’ve never met President Trump, I know some executives who have worked for him for more than 15 years (also frum Jews) and they love him. My college roommate (not Jewish) was from Palm Beach and told me stories back then (27 years ago) about how Donald Trump forced a Palm Beach country club to admit Blacks and Jews as members as part of a land deal. He’s far far from racist. I notice that it’s the one charge he never defends himself or attacks over. And I notice that in all those years in the public eye, nobody called him a racist until he became a presidential candidate. Please G-d give us four more years with this great leader at the helm.

  1. It just goes to show everyone that these so-called “oppressed minority groups”, (in this case a “Hispanic”, possibly a Puerto Rican), are just as anti-semitic and full of hate, as other groups.

      • Don’t make a blanket statement about Puerto Ricans. In the two times that I visited Puerto Rico, I encountered arrogant, obnoxious, and nasty taxi drivers, including one, who tried to rip me off. I don’t recommend visiting that island, as it is not that safe, as its per capita homicide rate is double that of the USA. Not that long ago, there was a female tourist (from the mainland), jogging in San Juan in broad daylight, when she was attacked and murdered by a low life Puerto Rican piece of garbage! Also, if they are such sweet loving people, how come a number of Puerto Rican terrorists tried to assassinate President Harry Truman, by Blair House in 1950. During the shootout, one of them was killed, as well as a U.S. Secret Service Agent. In 1954, several additional Puerto Rican terrorists shot up the U.S. House of Representatives, and wounded several Congressmen. In those days, there was no screening for weapons. Also, there was a Puerto Rican terrorist organization, which set off a bomb at LaGuardia Airport, in 1975, killing at least one passenger, and injuring scores of others.

  2. Whatever the hell he is, doesn’t matter as much as what spewed from his moronic hateful mouth.
    As to the anti Trump comments, what is wrong with you people?
    We have a great friend to Israel and the Jewish people and you chronic leftist haters refuse to see it.
    I am a Jew and proud of my support of President Donald John Trump.
    Trump haters, learn to pick and choose you’re battles correctly. We have few friends in this screwed up world and should support those who have demonstrated loyalty to that which we ALL should hold sacred.

  3. The District Attorney of Nassau County, as well as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of NY, should be contacted, and urged to charge that life life, piece of garbage with a hate crime; otherwise, he will plead guilty to disorderly conduct and/or harassment, and walk out the door!

  4. the NYPD donut eating lazy bums wouldn’t take this type of effort to identify this criminal. thank you Nassau county police department for not being lazy NYPD.

  5. I really can’t believe the disgusting comments here. This is a story about someone being an anti-smite and so the response is to disparage another whole culture? And then to blame the president?

    Just because you can be anonymous in this comment section doesn’t mean you should create such a chilul Hashem. Some of these comments are just as vile as those that were being spewed by the subject of the article.

    A person’s cultural background doesn’t determine if they are a decent human being or not, and neither does their support or lack thereof of President Trump.

    There are righteous people from all backgrounds and you can’t assumed the worst because of someone’s racial or cultural origins. There have been plenty of Jewish, and even supposedly frum lowlifes who have committed heinous crimes as well.

    And yes, President Trump had been a huge friend to Israel and to the Jews. More so than Obama ever was or Hillary or Bernie would have ever been. And just because a few crazies decide to support him, it doesn’t mean that he agrees with them, in fact his action prove otherwise. And it also doesn’t mean that everyone who supports him are like that either.

    That being said, not every Democrat or Liberal is suffering from an incurable disease either. There truth is that as Jews and Americans, we need to come together and find common ground and be united. That is the only way to defeat the growing antisemitism that plagues us across the globe. Let’s not give people more reason to hate us. Let’s be civil and normal and a light until the nations.

  6. Stupid discussion. With Trump pesidents there are much more anti-Semites on left, right, rich,poor, educated, not educated, etc. Anisemitisma is on a rise across the board.


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