Jersey City Mayor: The JC Kosher Supermarket Was Targeted

JC Kosher Supermarket is located at 223 Martin Luther King Dr, Jersey City, NJ - credit: JC Supermarket

JERSEY CITY, NJ (VINnews) — The JC Kosher Supermarket, where at least 2 Jews were killed in a shooting spree that left 3 civilians and 1 officer dead, was a targeted location in the attack.

That’s according to Jersey City mayor Steve Fulop, who tweeted, “Based on our initial investigation (which is ongoing) we now believe the active shooters targeted the location they attacked. Due to an excess of caution the community may see additional police resources in the days/weeks ahead. We have no indication there are any further threat”.

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What’s confirmed:
– At least six people confirmed dead – Officer Joe Seals IDed as one of the victims
– Police preliminarily identified two male shooters as suspects
– The shooting started at a nearby cemetery and escalated to MLK Drive
– There was a stolen Uhaul van nearby found laden with incendiary devices
– Police were fighting the attackers for 4 hours during the standoff and were met with gunfire from high power weapons

The supermarket was the second of two locations involved in the shooting attack. The incident began with a shooting in Bayview Cemetery, with a police officer being shot. After the shooters were pursued by the police, they then fled to the store, from where they continued shooting.

The revelation that the store was a targeted location is a frightening update to a story which was until now understood to just be a criminal investigation gone awry.

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  1. So they’re carrying pipe bombs, murder a police officer, and then kill Jews and it takes them a whole day to work out Jews were targets. Next we’ll find out their names were Mohammed…
    This is what happens when common sense it overtaken by political correctness.

  2. A running gun battle for a few hours that starts in a cemetery and ends in a Jewish store? Not necessarily clear that the store was the focus.
    JCPD is doing its investigation. Now they think the store was a target and they immediately said so.
    Very easy to “monday morning quarterback this” and say “see! I knew it immediately!”

  3. Well – you guys happy? You got your embassy moved, all for the low low price of having a racist jew hating president in the white house, where white supremacy crimes have increased dramatically since he took office. Congrats guys, well done, you got your embassy moved!!

  4. As long as Satmar and NK spend all their time attacking Israel and collaborating with arab and iran terror leaders, the lack of Jewish solidarity makes us an easy target. And trumpf’s psychotic embrace of white nationalism nazis doesn’t help.


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