Israeli Student Beaten On Paris Metro Train After He Was Heard Speaking Hebrew

The Israeli student who was attacked at the Paris metro (Photo Credit: Courtesy Of Meyer Habib)

PARIS (JTA) — An Israeli student in Paris was beaten on the Metro train after he spoke on the phone in Hebrew, according to France’s National Bureau of Vigilance Against anti-Semitism, or BNVCA.

The student identified as B. Yogev, 30, entered the metro train at the Château d’Eau station in Paris on Monday morning and answered a phone call from his father before the attack. Two men, described as tall and of African origin, “began to shout at him, helped by passengers who threatened him and pointed at him,” the BNVCA statement claims.

One of those men attacked the Israeli student striking him on the head, body and face. The student fainted on the floor of the train car, according to the report.

He was taken to Lariboisière Hospital in Paris, after a fellow passenger called for assistance. The attacker escaped.

The BNVCA recommended that the student file a police complaint.

“This new attack tends to confirm that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic in nature,” the group said in its statement.

Last week, the lower house of France’s parliament passed a nonbinding resolution that calls some forms of hatred of Israel expressions of anti-Semitism. Also last week, the French government announced that it would establish a hate crimes office in the wake of the vandalization of more than 100 gravestones at a Jewish cemetery.


Posted by Meyer Habib on Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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  1. Unfortunately, the Paris that our brave American GI’s liberated in 1944, is not demographically, the same Paris as today. Today, there are many North Africans and Muslims residing in Paris, who hate not only Jews, but native French people. Paris has turned into a jungle, for Jews. It is very, very, sad, but it is a reality.

    • Germany too. There was a story about a couple of Jewish German teens hanging out with some Gentile German friends. A few Arabs came and started menacing the Jewish kids, and threatened the Gentile kids to stay out of it.
      There’s a reason why right-wing, anti-immigrant hatred is rising quickly in Germany. Unfortunately, that’s not good for Jews either. Jews shouldn’t be in Germany b’chlal.

    • The Muslims will not leave Germany or Europe because they helping support the social services system.
      This is why the European Union is building illegally in Israel, this pleases the Muslims. iIts been going on a few years because of the weak Israeli government.
      The Muslim birth rate is higher than the European.
      I have proof of this contact me. Boruch Hoffinger, Facebook

    • At one time, from 1965-1974, there were Transit cops on every subway train, and every subway station from 8PM-4AM; they should never have been removed. However, I guess that the City of New York, has higher priorities, than to protect its residents.


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