Past Comments by Jersey City Mayor Resurface After Tuesday’s Deadly Shooting Rampage

    Jersey City's mayor Steven Fulop, center right, talks with first responders at the scene of a shooting in Jersey City, N.J., Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. Fulop says gunmen targeted a kosher market during a shooting that killed multiple people Tuesday. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

    JERSEY CITY, NJ (VINNews) – On Wednesday morning, law enforcement officials revealed that one of the shooters involved in yesterday’s attack which left multiple people dead, had previously posted anti-semitic content online.

    Officials did not reveal whether those posts involve general anti-semitic sentiments or if they were targeted specifically towards the ultra Orthodox Jewish community in Jersey City.

    Jersey City, located in Hudson County, New Jersey, is home to nearly a quarter of a million people. Over the past few years, a few dozen Orthodox Jewish families from New York City moved into the Greenville neighborhood which was targeted in yesterday’s attack.

    A 2017 NY Times article reported this development as a concern for the city as a whole. For example, the Times quoted someone who said that Hasidim offer “Brooklyn pricing” when seeking to buy local houses.

    The Times then provided an accusatory quote by Mayor Steven Fulop who said, “”They [Hasidim] literally go door to door and can be very pushy trying to purchase someone’s house. It’s not the best way to endear yourself to the community, and there’s been a lot of pushback.”

    Yossi Gestetner, co-founder of the Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC), said in a statement Wednesday that “I have a few concerns about Mayor Fulop’s comments.

    First, I have yet to see evidence that this happens on a mass scale to warrant the mayor expressing it as an issue.

    Secondly, even if some brokers do behave in a ‘pushy’ way, it’s unfair to paint an entire community with a broad brush over it.

    Finally, in no way do I suggest that the mayor is bigoted. To the contrary, he has displayed terrific leadership over these dark twenty-four hours. I am sharing my concerns as a caution to elected officials to be careful with rhetoric municipal issues because generalizing claims on community then gets used by crazies on social media and some even take it to a deadly level.”

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    1. Thank you Yossi. You are right on target. I have attempted to leave comments here and other sites, pointing out the hypocrisy of this two faced democrat Mayor. Fulop is a racial divider who can not be trusted.

    2. The bottom line is simply this…America is not our kodesh kedoshim.

      We have eretz Yisroel..aside from all the political BS…its our only hope…Looking for Mesiach…in the bitter golus is insane.

      Living in Goshen will not bring us to Eretz Yisroel.

      EL Al can do it today…

      • AI, we are not leaving for Israel, neither today, nor in the future. American Jews have lived in the USA, long before the USA declared its independence in 1776, and we like it here. In spite of anti-semitism in the USA, the problems in Israel are far worse. Who wants to have to deal with the rude and arrogant Israelis, who cut in front of you on lines, won’t get out of your way, are confrontational, etc. Also, what about the red tape and bureaucracy, the very high taxes, the shoving and pushing on lines, or on buses, sexual harassment of females, the excessive smoking, the anti-semitism, which exists among secular Israelis against observant Israelis, the horrible Israeli drivers, the high price of food, wild feral cats running in areas, without any control, very poorly maintained and unsafe highways, dog droppings which are not cleaned up, the high taxes, the non-enforcement of “No Smoking” in public areas, not one no smoking hotel (in its entirety), in the entire country, the prohibition against motor homes on the highways, the racial tensions between the Black Jews, and the European Jews, inter-marriage between Jewish Israeli girls, and Arabs, the horrible political system, the extreme heat in the summer, taxi drivers who try to rip you off, El Al, which squeezes people into seats, and which doesn’t know what good customer service is. The medical and dental care in the USA is better, and American Jews live longer than Israeli Jews, mainly because they smoke less. One of these days, statistics will be published which will show the precise number of American Jews (as well as other nationalities) who made Aliyah, and couldn’t stand living in Israel, and came back. Also, statistics will be published which will show the millions of Israelis, since 1948, who have left Israel, including the 550,000 living in the USA, and Canada.

    3. i like the politically correct term being used “TARGETED” instead of just saying what it is ANTI SEMETISIM PLAIN AND SIMPLE RACIALLY MOTIVATED KILLING !!

    4. And Nachum, silly boy_____
      Why, you even heard my tapes # 297865432 and you read too much of the trashy pornographic Der Sheigits weekly of Lee Ave. supported by Natrunah and the Yinglish’ites. Boy, you’re so busy, aren’t you??


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