SHOCKING: Onlookers at Scene of JC Terror Attack Blame the Jews


A video that was shared by American Against Anti Semitism shows a shocking encounter between a representative and onlookers at the scene of the horrific terror attack.

The woman can be heard saying “I blame the Jews” and “we never had a shooting like this until they came” when the rep asked if her children were stuck at school, she responded “Yes, because of Jew Shenanigans”

Others could be heard saying “They got shot dead, That’s great”

Another man can be heard “Get the damn Jews the F***k out”

“While the Jewish blood of terror victims was still warm, local residents gathered outside not to show support, not to offer help, but to condemn Jews, blame Jews for their own deaths, and cheer it on,” said Dov Hikind on the shocking footage. “The big story here is that not only was there a horrible terror attack motivated by antisemitism that occurred, but it happened in a context in which wishing death on Jews seems totally normal.”


A police officer, three bystanders and the killers all died in the violence Tuesday afternoon in the city of 270,000 people across the Hudson River from New York City.

The shooting began near a cemetery, where Detective Joseph Seals, a 40-year-old member of a unit devoted to taking illegal guns off the street, was killed while trying to stop “bad guys,” Police Chief Michael Kelly said without elaborating.


The killers then drove a stolen rental van over a mile to the kosher market, where they used high-powered rifle fire in a drawn-out battle with police that filled the streets with the sound of heavy gunfire and turned the city into what looked like a war zone, with SWAT officers in full tactical gear swarming the neighborhood.

At the grocery store, police found five bodies — the killers and three people who apparently happened to be there at the time. Police said they were confident the bystanders were shot by the gunmen and not by police.

Two of the victims at the store were identified by members of the Orthodox Jewish community as Mindel Ferencz, who with her husband owned the grocery, and 24-year-old Moshe Deutsch, a rabbinical student from Brooklyn who was shopping there. The Ferencz family had moved to Jersey City from Brooklyn.

Fulop said a review of security camera footage has led to the conclusion that the gunmen targeted the market.

“Last night after extensive review of our CCTV system it has now become clear from the cameras that these two individuals targeted the Kosher grocery location,” Fulop tweeted.

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  1. Members of diversity..the ones who all the nice people want to love…including the majority of Jews in America…enjoy them…for those Jews with a brain…here’s a heads up…get out of there…Israel our land wants you…

    • Yup big talker – Why don’t you move there NOW ?????
      We are in golus PERIOD!!
      People get killed there also – In my count more Jews were killed in Israel in the last 20 years than in the complete U.S.A.

      • As usual you are wrong the numbers are including those killed while in combat. But most of us find it’s safer walking there then here.
        But from your statement you area Jew hating NK brain dead follower

        • Sorry! You are commingling two subjects – I never said that we shouldn’t support Israel or if a person wants to move there he should!
          But to turn every tragedy into a mission to move to Israel is absurd – we are in golus and the facts are that its not safer in Israel than the USA even if you take out the combat numbers. All these big talkers they want others to go, why don’t they pack up and sell there business and move!

    • Eretz asher einei Hashem Elokecha bah mereishis hashana v’ad acharis shana…

      Statistically it is safer in eretz yisroel.

      Just look up ‘life expectancy’, orech yomim, by country to see Eretz Yisroel as being one of the best in the world, and far better than most countries the majority of Jews live in chutz la’aretz. Israel has consistently been in the top ten for years lived on average, and improving for many reasons.

      On another note: in an adjusting world, security is MUCH more reliable in eretz yisroel in any event, if only due to manageable containment. With yiddin being less spread out in varying cities/countries, it is much safer in the sense of being able to provide contained protection, and customized protection geared specifically towards the safety/security in the Jewish population areas. In addition, due to the small overall size of E”Y security can be beefed-up for Jewish safety across the entire land to levels unmatchable outside of the land of Israel. And lastly there is a security apparatus in E”Y genuinely personally dedicated, if only to a much greater degree, to the safety/security of fellow Yiddin.

      Security for Jews outside of E”Y has been a relatively uninterrupted trend for the most part for quite some time in the general sense, yet with ever shifting tides among neighbors in various countries, the spread of various ideologies via the internet, and continued economic differences compared to those who we live amongst, the trend continually points towards E”Y becoming more and more the reliably safer choice.

      It is worth concluding, that throughout the peak of trouble in E”Y during her establishment and normalisation in the region, she has still maintained a better track-record over-all compared to elsewhere.

      Lastly, now that we find ourselves during Yemos haMushiach, when, on some level E”Y expands to cover the whole world, let us see, on some level, the safety of E”Y expand to the whole world, and for all people.

        • I grew up in Crown Hefts during the 60-70s.
          The vast majority were just the geniuses you just saw in the video.
          The nice ones — yes there some — were very few and far between.

        • You’re absolutely right. I strongly advise Vos iz Neias to take responsibility for their website and censor these comments. It is negligence and a matter of life and death to allow these comments to stay posted.

          • It is unbelievable that while thugs are showing their savage vein, people attribute the outbreak to unrelated supposed “shenanigans”, rather than address the inherent fault of the people who would perpetrate such savagery.

            The people who did so are accomplices in savagery and show themselves to have a void where basic human decency and civility should be. And bear in mind there is arguably, at this level, nothing that satiates such people, for their sickness is unbridled jealousy, which, no matter what benefits may come, always allows for continued jealousy.

            What their illness is, having developed a strong sense of jealousy before developing the slightest senses of civility. As clearly demonstrated by their utter blindness to the savagery of complete and total blaming of those on the receiving end of savagery while Totally disregarding any association of wrongdoing with the perpetrators of the savagery, if only because they see them as somehow more worthy of pity, from a jealous stand-point, coming into the dynamic that unfolded, wrong as they may be.

            On some level they are angry for they see our togetherness that even as naturally culturally and visibly, as far as being black, that they are, they still don’t experience.

            Hashem Yishmor

  2. i disagree, you will always find a few ppl saying bad things, however everybody here was shocked and all neighbors ware very supportive and offered helped and they were nice to the Jewish neighbors

    • It doesn’t appear that way. These people were pretty much blaming Jews for getting shot and inconveniencing their school pickups. They were very explicit in their blame and their desire to see Jews and their “shenanigans” leave. I don’t like screaming anti-semitism, but these were anti-semites.

  3. Tzifrasket, With more making Aliya, with a government with culliones to defend properly, Israel is capable of dealing with it. But in the galut the same things happen over and over again. You can to Toms River, et al but you can’t hide.Jews refused Aliya in Europe and the Shoah happened.
    Terrorism in Israel is a political issue more than anything else which can be dealt with. The first thing is to send Israeli self haters packing to Iran.
    G-D is giving signals to move to the Holy Land just as He did 2 generations ago. Wise guys like you said the same as you – unfortunately, millions of them.

    • Uh huh??
      If not for the NES from Hashem directly the Germans would have wiped out the complete Jewish population from EY.
      Read your history regarding Rommel.

      So to claim that Zionist saved them is crap.
      Don’t forget who used the words “רק בדם יש מדינה״”

  4. Hey tzifrasket, aren’t you the psycopath calling himself, Israel, Yingale, Hashomer etc.?? You know, the ” convert” , lolol
    You’re very hyper today, what’s up? What’s really bugging you ? That Corbyn still hates the antitziyoinie bande anyway? And now this??

    • Hey Palmach!

      Nothing he said isn’t true. We are in galus (not galut), and living in Israel is statistically less safe for a Jew than living outside of Israel. As an aside, referring to chutz l’aaretz as “galut” and living in Israel as some kind of redemption of galus is flirting with the boundaries of kfireh.

    • Wow are you off base…
      Who said it’s not a mitzva to live in EY. This is what’s sad and comes to show how warped some people are. Read the thread when your not so hyper and you took a chill pill. By saying that it’s safer to live in chutz rather than EY (which is a statistical fact), makes IT NOT A MITZVA TO LIVE THERE!
      Comes to show how people think with there EMOTIONS NOT THERE BRAINS!
      The machlokes regarding yishev EY is not even a topic for this thread!
      Yes we are in GOLUS even if you live in EY.
      Talk about being hyper….

  5. They live among us – or rather, we live among them. In New Jersey. In New York. All over America. All over the world. Any excuse and the goyim will blame the Jews. Not only that, but are actively arming up to go and murder Jews. This is not 1939 totalitarian dictatorship Germany, but the democratic politically correct 2019.
    We actively need to stop this trend from becoming acceptable, that Jews are just lame sitting ducks. Back then people respected the hierarchy and it was government led. Nowadays, the people lead the government. The elected officials who bow to their constituents demands. The tail wags the dog. If we dont start actively showing that we protect ourselves, they will continue.

  6. Why is this shocking? Goyim hate us. We had a nice ride here in America, but the the ride is ending. We’re still in golus and as we say on pesach in every generation they come to kill us.

    • Hes right what a bunch of pigs to have the gall to say those antisemitic things…THEIR people have been the CAUSE of countless acts of violence in America for the last 50 years in JC and across America, brainless lowlives…Everybody bends over backwards to please them and make sure they dont scream racism…sickening…but alas it is Galus

  7. Dear vsn,
    Your website is more to blame for publicizing those handful of bigoted idiots , and causing incitement
    Not responsible reporting
    More of the line of cheap gossip magazines these people would buy in supermarket
    those handful , or 10 or even 100 of idiots represent jersey city as much as nuturei kartah represents American jewry as a whole
    Or zero

    But now that you have brought it to light ,yes they need reeducation re human rights , religion
    I dare you to publish this comment
    Keep up the good work

  8. Now, perhaps, the residents of that Jersey City neighborhood know how the Jews of the south of Israel feel whenever Hamas launches a rocket attack against the so-called ‘Gaza Envelop’. No one in America need have any fear of Jews opening gun fire against the members of any other community.

  9. Tzifrasket,
    Most rishonim hold it’s a mitzvah to live in EY despite galut.The Torah can only be fully observed there. Unless you’re a kofer and a mored. Like Nachbi ben Vofsi one of the gedolei hador.

    • Wow are you off base…
      Who said it’s not a mitzva to live in EY. This is what’s sad and comes to show how warped some people are. Read the thread when your not so hyper and you took a chill pill. By saying that it’s safer to live in chutz rather than EY (which is a statistical fact) makes IT NOT A MITZVA TO LIVE THERE!
      Comes to show how people think with there EMOTIONS NOT THERE BRAINS!
      The machlokes regarding yishev EY is not even a topic for this thread!
      Yes we are in GOLUS even if you live in EY.
      Talk about being hyper….

  10. I am responsible when other yiddin are killed. Only Me.

    I don’t love every Yid enough. I speak lashon harah about other yidden. I hate other yiddin because of where they daven, where they learned when they were younger, where their sons learn now, the hashgachahs they eat, the hashgachahs they don’t eat, the size of their house, the size of their kappel, the color of their shirt, the legnth of their wives’ shaitelach, how many children they have, what they drive and especially for who they vote.

    It is Only Me and I will go thru severe din vacheshbon because I, and only I, can change Only Me.

  11. how sad. quotes from Jew haters have us fighting each other. true, we’re in galus everywhere. sinas chinam caused it and keeps us in exile.

    also, remember tzelem elokim. i’m a frum Jew, in Philadelphia. my neighbors on one side are Black christians and the other side Indian Christians with some hindu flavor. Next door to our Rav are Muslims, their son is an Imam. we all get along great. i mean, really great. everyone is very good and kind to each other. it’s about being G-d fearing and family focused. to be sure there are serious Jew haters in town. Of all races and religions. Black Hebrew headquarters. Check out the news stories of the Islamic day school play with kids singing about cutting off Jewish heads etc. But by the comments here, it seems like we hate ourselves as much as everyone else hates us. May H” give us the strength to heal ourselves and bring the ultimate geulah gently and sweetly and not through painful correction.

    Daven for the mourning families and for the neshamas of the murdered innocents, and try to find a way to come together as Am Yisroel, no matter where you live or where you’re holding in your Yiddishkeit.

  12. What does one expect anyway, from these uneducated, lower income, foul mouthed, violent, “economically deprived” slobs? After all, they are entitled to reparations. In fact, I’ve heard them state “The Jews got reparations, so we should also receive that”.

    Black anti-semitism has been increasing, but it is not a recent phenomenon. In fact, before he was tragically assassinated, in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King blasted those in the Black community, who engaged in anti-semitism.
    When I worked for the City of NY, back in the early 1970’s, there was a Black custodian at a city owned building, who referred to me as a Christ killer”. I complained to a Jewish Detective Lt., of the NYPD, who worked in that same building; he gave it to that anti-semite but good, and really shook him out.
    In Crown Heights, in the summer of 1991, the Black community used the accidental killing of a Black child, Gavin Cato, by a Chassidic motorist, as a pretext to riot, loot, burn Jewish shops, and beat up, and in one case knife a Jew (Yankel Rosenbaum) to death. The riots lasted for three days. Even though the NYPD had a plan in writing, which directed them how to contain civil disorders, it didn’t do a darn thing for three days.

    The news media conveniently forgot to mention that several months before Gavin Cato was tragically killed, a Black motorist had run down and killed a Chassidic child. Yet, the Black community, used Gavin’s death as an excuse to get back at the Chassidic community, which it hated, for many years.

    Where is the ADL, with their outrage? Oh, I forgot to mention that the ADL can’t blame Trump for this one, since it was not perpetrated by White Nationalists, but by Black thugs. The news media hasn’t even mentioned that fact, nor has the Jersey City Police Dept., or the FBI even classified those killings as an act of of anti-semitism. The reason, is because Blacks were involved, and according to the left, the news media, and even law enforcement, they can’t possibly hate Jews. This is what is known (to quote what President Trump recently stated at a rally in Florida) as bulls—!!

  13. Dear Moderator,
    Don’t post the following:
    I would just like to inform those who are in a position to do something, that on the internet, where there are billions of people every day, there are goyim who publically refer to Lakewood as the fraud capitol of the world. This may be the “shenanigans”.

  14. If VIN Jews are ‘appalled’ by the anti-semitic comments on that Jersey City video after the attack, just imagine how Blacks will feel after they read all the sick, racist comments on VIN posted by ‘religious’ Jews! Maybe the comments should be forwarded to the Black Press for their reading enjoyment. I’m sure that will further endear charedi to the Blacks in Jersey City.

    • 1) disparaging a black is not the same as saying one should die or drop dead.
      2) Blacks kill jews. jews don’t kill blacks randomly out of hate. There is a patten in Crown heights 1991 or Crown heights hate attacks and knock outs in 2019 or jersey city
      Their leader is sharpton who yelled kill the jews in 91 etc..

      Is it all blacks ? No. But its a systematic problem within the black community. To say things dont’ stem from socety is disingenuous. Call me a racist all you want. It doesn’t change basic facts

      • Sharpton is nobody’s leader but an opportunist who from his days as a wonder boy preacher until today has been of no substance but has found a way to earn money with his mouth. Remember Tawana Brawley?
        Jews in general do not commit violent crime because we answer to the One Above.
        I don’t think Blacks are any more anti semitic than are rednecks and the altright.

        • I don’t know. they seem to be the goyisha probelm in our midst. Its not the whites generally who are walking around NYC doing knock outs(there are plenty of whites) or ganging up on us in jersey city. Even whites in Jackson NJ or 5 towns who hate us don’t do more than yell at us in costco.

          I ma not saying they shouldn’t be montiored either.

      • Archy, you hit the nail on the head; it is not Jews who go around killing, raping, and robbing Blacks, but the other way around. Therefore, we have a right to to publicly air our grievances. I don’t give a darn if those comments come across as “racist”, or not. The term “racist” has been used so often, that it has ceased to have any definitive meaning.
        A few years ago,, while I was waiting on a check out line at Walmart, a rude middle aged Black woman touched my arm, and told me that she wanted to get in front of me, in order for her to buy cigarettes. When I objected, she called me “a Honky racist”. I told her that “if I was Black, she wouldn’t act to me in that manner”. Then, she started muttering that “I’ll knock you upside your head”. When I exited the store, she was in back of me. I made the mistake of not being more vigilant, as she could have had a knife. Instead, she threw a usd tissue at me. I told her three times to “kiss my a–“. She stated more than once “Your mama”. Her last remark, probably was not nice. The point that I’m trying to make is that years ago, Black complained that they were being oppressed, both physically and otherwise. Today, they are the ones who are doing the oppressing. According to the FBI, whereas Black compose 12.5% of the total population in the USA, they comprise 60% of the arrests for homicides and robberies, and 50% for the arrests for rapes. Inter-racial violence is six times more prevalent by Blacks against Whites, than the other way around. The news media NEVER, if ever, focuses on Black on White crime. The statistics which I referred to come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). If the true hurts, or offends people on this site, too bad!! Facts are facts; as Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet stated more than once “Just give me the facts”.

    • Never thought I’d actually agree with one of your comments.

      Why can’t you make the rest of your points without all the intense craziness unique to your comments?

    • GoldnMedina
      I will agree with you for the very first time.
      But I will not miss this opportunity to say it right into your face. YOU ARE AN AWFUL LUNATIC!
      you are the RACIST of this site, full of hate towards Chasidim, etc. and yet you are lecturing here about racism.

  15. Blacks are subhuman trash. Close to 100% of blacks hate Jews out of sheer jealousy, the same way they hate whites. They are cursed, and they know it. Their so called corrupt leaders Jackson, Sharpton and farakhan are all happy about yesterday’s events. Their IQ level is that of a monkey and since they have no brains they therefore are unable to earn a decent living like the rest of us. They resort to violence and drugs to make up for their lack of intellect. Make no mistake, the day is near when they will all end up back in chains and society will be forever grateful when that happens.

    • Moshe. You are a commedian..Really. Your remarks are hysterical. Seriously, if what you say wasn’t so SAD, it could be a stage act. How can you live being so full of hatred. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the flowers and the sounds of LOVE around you. It will not only be good for you blood pressure…but ever so redemptive to you heart and soul. Love and be loved.

    • Again quite immature despite your curses . Yku have yet to address the issues . Sociology 101 will tell you people are influenced by their surroundings and culture. That’s true whether Jewish Muslim or black. Facts are that there is something cultural going on when a day after a shooting these shvartzas have the nerve to blame the victim the Jews in a massive scale. And I have yet to see their leader sharpton condemning the attack. When it’s police brutality they know how to bus people in and make noise . Where are they now ? We need to stop bidding behind this naive thin wall of racism and call it for what it is . Time to be truthful . Enough bs .

      Ps it’s not the skin color per say . I have nothing against a black who lives and associates with clasxy whites like Obama . I admire Obama . It’s the blacks who live with street gang blacks and resist creeping out of that and chose hate over love .

    • Wow! You must be “Brilliant”….
      You are safer now after cursing out people that don’t look like you!
      Since when are you to decide and generalize on a group of people.
      Sad sad that we have some people in our midst that are so stupid and ignorant!
      Shmuck what you are!

  16. Hey, Israel, Tzitrasket, Satmar: The proper name is — GALUT…. We speak Ivrit, not Rumanian slang. You are not flirting, but are mouth deep in kfirah , and Eretz Yisroel IS safe if we stop machlokes, blocking ambulances, making chillul Hashems, calling holy IDF nazis. Hashem will make it safe if frumme goonism stops. Guaranteed.
    Meanwhile you’re rav assered your Internet, but you Netureh Karteh shmecker and lekker are morreed against him.
    Now go back to IMMA and ABBA.

    • The word is in fact Galus and not Galut. We are writing in English and not ivrit. The word Galus has nothing to do with Romania or any slang. It’s how how European Jews have been pronouncing the word for at least a thousand years, and perhaps more. maharal claims that the Ashkenaz pronunciation is the correct one, as the first golus from e”y was shevet Binyomin Who settled in ashkenaz after the incident of “pilegesh B’giva”

      Still, after reading your rant I still fail to see any logical response to the charge that Israel is less safe for Jews. Merely substituting future tense with a capitalized present tense with the word “IS” doesn’t change the fact that it is presently unsafe.

      Your screename of choice explains your non-existent Authentic Jewish values. It easily explains why when you point out where Jews have to improve themselves on you fail to mention even one aveireh that is rampant in Israel. Chilul shabbos? Tefilin? Family purity?

      Also, when flinging around the word k’fireh and the like, it would be useful if you point out precisely why you are appointing the label, and back up the assertion with halachic sources so the readers can be careful of which hashkafos to avoid.

  17. I think I am like many many black people both surprised and appalled that black people would do this to others. But if any of you who are posting very angry, wild and racist comments about the supposed widespread hatred Black have for Jews – you are mistaken and events will prove you to be. The number one threat to Jews has always been Europeans. Also for most Black people Jews are just white, that’s it. And if you ask them Jews have not distinguished themselves much in terms of living, fighting or dying for freedom for blacks to notice the difference.

    • 1) Youi are not black so cut the lies please. I hate lairs.
      2) if blacks were applaed they’d go in droves to jersey city and march in solidarity. They know how to do that well when a black man is hot by the pooooolice. So fra all is aw the chutzp[ah and nerve of these shvartzas to go yell the day afer the murder that its the jews fault. Where is sharpton? Where are their leaders condemning such a despicable act?

    • Somehow I think Jews and Blacks are in the same boat re: racist people. If you could sorta get together with whites as part of the coalition exhorting GOODNESS, maybe we could end the stupidity of racism throughout the kingdom, always knowing that some people will choose to remain stupid. But…they will become the MINORITY. How glorious!!

  18. I am from jersey city,
    And all my neighbors called me to check if i am fine and they all were her to help us,

    This video is not exciting but its taking 3-4 scenarios and make it out of proportion.

    I dont justify nothing, but facts needs to be straight.

  19. So busy being enraged, where is the sadness at the loss of innocent people? The people who did this are abhorrent. They give up their right to be considered human; they are monsters. But they are monsters because of who they are, not because of the their color. Years of oppression lead some people to become more compassionate than others, and some become monsters whether oppressed or not. Their anger is unreasonable, an extreme type of anger but on a continuum with yours.
    Oppressed Jewish people and oppressed Black people should not turn on each other but should, instead turn together in ways to defeat the powerful who are the real oppressors.
    There are those who hate all people who are different. They hate Jews and Blacks. Let us not join them.

    • WOW I just said the SAME thing. Not as eloquently as you but by golly the SAME thing. I agree whole-heartedly. Frustrated that I do not have a blanket answer to or means to bring all this hatred to an end IMMEDIATELY. Hatred creates HATRED..for sure. Hatred IS a violent act in and of itself even without a direct act of overt violence. In fact, HATRED is an act of violence toward YOURSELF. Think about it.

  20. Joseph– Israel IS safe. Incidents will happen till Moshiach comes, but more and more are making Aliyah because they know that G-D had signalled. Now yoy’re all over the place tiday under your aliases because what’s happened here and in London has punched you in the nose. None of it has to do with Zionism and you know it. It’s GALUT. And you’re in it both physically and mentally.

    • Keep on deflecting, but it won’t help you much. Israel isn’t a safe place. You admitted so in your previous comment. You added that it will be is chareidim “stop blocking ambulances and calling IDF soldiers Nazis” (of course, no mention of chilul shabbos etc..) I never once insinuated that anti Semitic acts here or abroad are a result of Zionism (however, there is a study conducted by bar Ilan which shows a strong correlation between unrest in Israel and spikes in anti Semitic events globally). The word is stil Galus and not galut.

  21. So how do you explain that every country is hitting the skids and EY is going from chayil to choyil in every aspect as predicted by Chazal, in whom you don ‘t believe?

  22. I am a black man that lives and works in Jersey City and I am appalled about yesterdays violent acts. My heart truly goes out to the innocent victims.

    I found this site via google. I am disturbed by some of the racist remarks I have read here.

    I can’t speak for all black folk, just like 1 person doesn’t represent all Jews.

    Please stop generalizing all AA’s.

    At some point we will have to find common ground and work together.

    Peace and blessings.

    • Thank you for the solidarity. I’m Jewish and I fully condemn the disgusting racist comments that some have written here. There are good black people and there are bad black people. There are good Jewish people and there are bad Jewish people. We must stand united during these difficult times, no matter the race or religion. God bless you!

    • I tried to get VIN to remove the racist comments, but clearly my strategy didn’t work. If you are unfamiliar with this site, I just want to let you know that there are a lot of trolls here, or perhaps just one troll posting under many names (it’s impossible to tell which).

    • Thank you don for your kind words. I hope the day will come when we can all live together in harmony and peace.

      Just a word on the posters on this site. Anybody reading this forum is familiar with the fact that there are only a handful of posters. The vile and vicious comment you read is not indicative of popular sentiment in the Jewish community. I live in Chicago with lots of AA neighbors. We get along wonderfully and we accord each other the respect we all deserve. We help each other out in all sorts of ways. The comment was written either by a very twisted individual, or by an individual of wanted to get a rise out of the comments section. Either way we are talking abut a very disturbed person. Peace to all.

  23. The religious are required to set the example and be role models. So before you attack lack of tfillin and chillul Shabbos, you do teshuva on yourself. You don’t make a chillul Hashem, you don’t block emergency vehicles, you don’t war against yourselves in chassidic i and yeshivish circles, you treat other Jews with respect, you don’t shout Nazi against anorher Jew, you don’t lie about the IDF, you register for draft and then you can claim kollel with no problem. When you shlugged kapores on all that, you worry about other things.
    If all else fails , you pack some Badatz chiken in a bag and get out of the country and settle in Toms River and Bloomingburgh. That’s what you do. Understood?

    • NO..It is not understood. b/c I know very very very little of Jewish History (for language) I wish all Jewish people commenting would somehow translate for meaning the words with which you express yourself. That way, we non-Jewish humans could learn something. It might be tedious, but just a hint of meaning would be so helpful.

    • Your assertion about modeling behavior is correct, but out of context. If When addressing the conditions in Israel you can only point out some wrongdoing in the charedi community and completely fail to mention the devastating effect secular Zionism has on the Jewish people then you have shown yourself to be just another Zionist propaganda tool. If you’re hoping for a safe Israel start by trying to stop the massive desecration of Torah going on daily.

      • Hi, and welcome to the trolling community of VIN. We welcome all trolls, so long as they are not too racist or stupid. Please avoid getting too political; stick to personal insults. And again, welcome to the team!

  24. senator Moynihan predicted tis years ago. A large number of blacks have children and are unmarried and many have children from different men. Unless this social problem is fixed we will have a black underclass were “children” grow up in social dysfunctional environment without moral standards and hate towards thosewho live a normal life with a functional social structure.

  25. An even greater process of concealment is brought about by “men” coarse individuals who ridicule Jews for seeking to observe the Torah and its mitzvos.18 As is painfully obvious, it is more difficult to overcome human obstacles than those which are brought about through spiritual beings, i.e., the inherent veiling of G‑dliness involved in the creation of material existence. For this reason, the entire Shulchan Aruch begins by stating: “Do not be embarrassed by those who scoff.” This is the foundation of our Divine service to break through the forces which conceal G‑dliness.
    The Lubavithcher Rebbe Likkutei Sichot: Vayishlach

  26. I watched the first minute or so. Great scary music. Did they just record that one very upset lady? They seem to be making a big deal out of a single person’s comments. I wonder why.

  27. It’s wrong to condemn the whole race because of rotten apples. Truth is they’ve been misled by ra cial dividers and charlatans. Of late, there are Afro-American spokespeople who realize that they’ve been shortchanged by these charlatans in company with Democrats whose interest is to keep black people angry, downtrodden and poor. This is a crime just to get power and votes.
    Obama and Holder played this game with perfection.

  28. There is a cable channel from Israel, called I-24 News; in addition to offices in Tel Aviv, it also has offices in New York City, and D.C. The anti-semitic attack at the Kosher grocery in Jersey City, was broadcast extensively on I-24 news; another channel which carried extensive coverage was One America News.

    I would like to respond to Don, from Jersey City, NJ. I share your concern, and your outrage at this horrible, despicable act, perpetrated by two African-Americans. I wanted to thank you for sharing your outrage at that senseless act of violence, which claimed so many innocent lives. However, I hope that you can understand our outrage as Jews, as we are tired of these attacks on our people, whether in Jersey City, Crown Heights, Williamsburg, Boro Park, Pittsburgh, San Diego, etc. We Jews, with rare exception do not engage in murdering, raping, robbing, or assaulting other human beings. Therefore, again, I hope that you can understand our concern.

    If you’ll recall, back in April, 1968, when a great American, Dr. Martin Luther King, was assassinated, the Black community was justifiably outraged, and there were riots and other civil disorders in over 100 American cities. In Washington, D.C., the U.S. Army actually to protect the U.S. Capitol building from being burned down, and even mounted a machine gun on the steps of the Capitol. Fortunately, the capitol was not attacked.

    Nearly 50 years ago, Rabbi Meir Kahane (z’l), predicted that eventually, there would be physical attacks on Jews in the USA, as he saw the danger of increased anti-semitism. However, nobody in their wildest dreams would have envisioned perpetrators going into a Kosher grocery, and opening fire with a high powered rifle, killing everyone inside, because they hated Jews.

  29. I was taking a subway after 9/11 over the bridge to Manhattan and we could see the smoke coming up and there were a few blacks ys’v in the train car that were saying the reason why this happened is because America is good to the Jews and the arabs are upset at us. Its the Jews fault.. afar befihem. These guys are truly truly stupid. If they spread hate, it can only go right back on them. As the saying goes brains are very valuable thats why they dont have any..

  30. I was taking a subway after 9/11 over the bridge to Manhattan and we could see the smoke coming up and there were a few blacks ys’v in the train car that were saying the reason why this happened is because America is good to the Jews and the arabs are upset at us. Its the Jews fault.. afar befihem. These guys are truly truly stupid. If they spread hate, it can only go right back on them. As the saying goes brains are very valuable thats why they dont have any..

  31. Kish is ABRAHAM’s attempt at spelling “Kush”, the son of Cham from whom the word “kushi” is derived. “Kushi” used to be a neutral term for a dark skinned or red haired person, but it’s now considered to be the Hebrew equivalent to the N word. “Chum” is how ABRAHAM spells “Cham”, the son of Noach.

  32. Regarding the comments above about 9/11, I would like to mention something which I heard on a NYC bus in 1969, a little over 50 years ago. In June, 1969, the Chassidim in NYC, held a very large demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate to the UN in NYC, to protest (at that time) the forced autopsies in Israel, which were in violation of Halacha, or Jewish law. There was extensive publicity in advance of that protest, with posters plastered all over the subways, for weeks. As a result, there were thousands of Chassidim at that demonstration, which was covered by the local media. Needless to say, the secular Israeli officials at the consulate, were not pleased, as they didn’t appreciate the negative publicity. However, the Chassidim got their point across, and the Israeli government eventually ended that barbaric practice.

    The reason that I’m mentioning that demonstration, is shortly afterwards, I was on a NYC bus, seated near two African American teenagers. One of them stated to the other “Hey, did you see all of those Schwartz’s” (a nickname given to Jews at that time). His companion didn’t realize what he meant, and asked for clarification. The other person stated “Them Jewish studs”. Then, I believe he made some derogatory remarks about Jews, as if the protest was any of his blasted business. The point that I’m trying to make is that these negative attitudes against religious Jews, by minorities, has gone on for decades, and has gotten worse, of late.

  33. After reading comments on articles related to the Jersey murders, I ‘m horrified not just for the victims but for the Yidden living there. On Google Map, everyone can see how the kosher supermarket is surrounded by treif groceries, liquor stores and churches of different types. It is a black neighborhood. What do the Jewish children who learn there see outside their Talmud Torah windows and what do they see when they walk home from school? What do they see on chagim and Shabbat? How can you justify living there, or anywhere in the galut when Eretz Yisroel is waiting for you. Eretz Yisroel with its pure air that envelops our souls. Eretz Yisroel with its green lush fields, blue sky and sweet fragrances. Every Jewish neshama that loves The Land “sees” these gifts every day. Shame on you who vilify the Land, reducing it to politics and delusional ideals to justify living miserable lives in fear among people so unlike you, they might as well be from another planet. Spare all of us with your bitter comments, your distorted world view, and rethink who you are and where you should be raising your children. I sent these two addresses to my relatives in the US and they also replied, “thank you but we are waiting for Moshiach and will stay here for now.” For those of you who are interested and who don’t have their heads in the sand look at this. Coming home has never been easier.


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