WATCH: New York Mayor Comforts Rabbi After He Breaks Down While Describing Jersey City Killings


NEW YORK (VINnews) — During the course of a press conference about the Jersey City shootings attended by the mayors of Jersey City and New York City, a senior member of the Chasidic community, Rabbi David Niederman, the executive director of UJO (United Jewish Organizations),  thanked the mayor of Jersey City for deploying “all that he had” in order to halt the bloodshed.

However he then broke down while describing the “hundreds of bullets” which were shot at an innocent young man standing in the JC kosher store.

New York mayor Bill De Blasio was deeply moved by the scene and came over to comfort the grief-stricken rabbi.




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  1. De Balssio as much a si hate his policies is a real mentsch. he has always been respectful to frum jews and our needs. (Unlike shorty blommy the snot head). he ha s always worked with us . And I believe his polices do stem from compassion albiet misguided

    • Yes, but we should not reward him politically for being a mentsch. Some people would vote for him because he’s a decent person, but he doesn’t believe in private property!

  2. Photo-op warning. No question that the rabbi was grief stricken. To believe that the mayor, whose policies have made skunks smell nice, cares at all is impossible. Can’t wait for him to be replaced by a Republican who swears he will discontinue the wreckage this mayor inflicted on us. Someone who will replace His honorable laziness with integrity, honesty, and be driven by a sense of morality.

  3. he had the usual Michael Miller who lives in Jersey yet CLAIMS to speak for us, he speaks for us just as much as the pope speaks for irish blue collar workers, as the pope cares about illegal immigrants and social justice garbage, this mike miller “rabbi” is just a hack that got this job because his loaded papa gave it to him like some kind of rebbe. I get why ADL is there they are part of the Dem/Liberal/Trump hating apparatus and likewise for Niederman the folks killed were Satmar, but mike miller has ZERO influence in Flatbush assuming people would know who he is. Pinny Ringel just called all the usuals, was Chanina Sperlin not available?

  4. Mr. DeBlasio is a decent human being who is NOT a wealthy elitist. His social policies are crazy but that doesn’t change the fact that he is personally a mensch. He has for the most part left us, Frum people, alone and let us do our thing.

    • I guess notwithstanding his corruption, pay to play, love of anti semites like sharpton,hatred of trump etc. Otheewise hes good like saying the kenyan muslim.besides his hatred of jews was decent to black thugs.

  5. This wasn’t just antisemitism. It is mostly a result of the hostility caused by the antics of the Zionists. And the irony is that an anti-Zionist had to pay the price.


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