FBI Searching For Shooting Suspect’s Van


    JERSEY CITY, NJ (VINnews) – The FBI on Friday said it is seeking the public’s help in tracking down a van owned by one of the Jersey City killers,

    The 2001 white Ford van has the license plate number B40-JSD, the van may be linked to dead suspect David Anderson.
    Anyone who sees the vehicle is asked to call 973-792-7518.

    WABC TV reports, that on Friday, Senator Bob Menendez, Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action, Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition and other local leaders are expected to hold a candlelight vigil and call for gun safety reform.

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    1. “expected to hold a candlelight vigil and call for gun safety reform”

      Gun safety reform?!
      What does that have to do with this murder? Did Mr. Anderson and his lover purchase their guns legally?! Did they pass a background check?! This is total lunacy. This Anderson murderer was already arrested 3 times prior, on weapons possession charges. This whole story doesn’t fit the media controlled narrative anyway. It was supposed to be some white heterosexual male wearing a MAGA hat busting into a black enterprise and shooting the place up, with guns he legally purchased in Walmart, shouting racist slurs the entire time. This is the opposite. Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper are not interested and not following this nothing burger story.

    2. Most of the licence plate scanners are stationary, and even the mobile ones don’t go on private property. Since the owners are dead it is probably stationary, so it would be found if it is spotted the old fashioned way.

      • The usual shmucks like you that believe that every dodo on the street should have a gun…
        There isn’t a society in the world that allows that and 98% of law enforcement back gun control!
        Not everything that the conservatives champion is exactly normal!
        Stop being a extremist.


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