Juvenile Suspect Arrested In Killing Of Barnard College Freshman

    A woman walks past a make-shift memorial for Tessa Majors inside the Barnard College campus, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, in New York. Majors, a 18-year-old Barnard College freshman from Virginia, was fatally stabbed in a park near the school's campus in New York City. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

    MANHATTAN, NY (AP) – A 13-year-old boy has been arrested in the fatal stabbing of a Barnard College freshman, according to two law enforcement officials with knowledge of the investigation.

    The boy is charged in the slaying of 18-year-old Tessa Majors in the course of a robbery and will be tried as a juvenile delinquent in family court, the people said. They were not authorized to speak publicly and did so on condition of anonymity Friday.

    Majors, of Charlottesville, Virginia, was walking in Manhattan’s Morningside Park just before 7 p.m. Wednesday when she was accosted by an unknown number of people and stabbed during a struggle, police officials said.

    Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said Thursday that possibly as many as three attackers were involved.

    Majors was attacked during an armed robbery, according to the president of Barnard College, which is part of the Ivy League’s Columbia University.

    She then staggered to a nearby street, where she was spotted by a security guard who called 911, Harrison said. She died at a hospital.

    Investigators recovered a knife Thursday but were not certain whether it was connected to Majors’ death.

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    1. another trayvon martin Obama imaginery son hoodie wearing thug, had this head in the sand liberal girl from a city that is now infamous for antifa antics used sechel she would be alive. when in the jungle avoid the wild animals.

    2. Unless that piece of garbage is tried as an adult (which is extremely unlikely), he will walk free by the time that he is 21 years old; in other words, eight years for stabbing to death the female college freshman. In other societies, this is not tolerated, but here it is; disgusting and reprehensible!

    3. I heard on the radio this morning that the murder rate in the City was up 8%. No comments from the Mayor and the Governor. I feel terrible for the family of this girl and the students at Barnard College.

    4. I was 19 yrs when on 4-11-1945 I was liberated in Buchenwald by US 3rd Army. Never injured a German, came to this went to night school and worked in a professional position for uncle sam for 40 yrs. Retired and left a sterling reputation. These underprivileged chayes what do they the kill and rob

    5. One more married , kept shabbes and Yom Tov and have bli ayinhora shomer shabbes children and grandchildren. One other was beaten in Hasag and needed 3 yrs of hospitalization to recuperate

    6. I did not mention the race of the defendant; however, I’m sure that there will be some individuals (as was the case the other day), will will jump on those individuals for their “racist remarks”. It works both ways; when Whites go out and attack Blacks, the news media jumps on the bandwagon for days on end. Yet, in this case, the media won’t bring that matter up.

      Incidentally, those beasts probably would have killed the girl,even if she didn’t resist. Her purse was not found on her, and she probably did not resist, when surrounded by several predators. Yet, those pieces of garbage killed her anyway.

    7. Animals avoid a confrontation if they can. These savages are below the level of behayma. Nothing more to say. And Barnard should have warned this innocent student child not to go in to these “no go “ area but were probably afraid that this was racist. Tragedy. A productive life snuffed out by the lowest level of barely sentient being…the feral black “youth”. We need to initiate a new public works program and take all these “youths “ and put them in work camps a la the WPA and make them in to humans . Never will happen but instead we will see the cities burn from these savages.


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