Bonei Olam Announces this Weeks Dream Raffle + Special Chanukah Coupons up to 44% OFF


For all nights Chanukah, the amount of Candles left, will be the amount of discount on Bonei Olam Auction Tickets!

First Night- 44%
Second Night- 42%
Third Night- 39%
Fourth Night- 35%
Fifth Night- 30%
Sixth Night- 24%
Seventh Night- 17%
Eighth Night – 9% *minimum $50 spend ENTER HERE! Put in coupon code CHANUKAH Spend $50 or more and be automatically entered into a raffle where you can choose between: Indoor skiing for 5 at BIG Snow America – American Dream, or drive 4 Laps in a Lamborghini or Ferrari on a Racetrack for Two this spring!

Just purchase $50 and be entered automatically



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