WATCH: Arabs Stream Abuse on TikTok towards Elderly Jewish Vendors At Machane Yehuda Market


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Anti-Semitism does not only abound in the Diaspora, it unfortunately can be found on the streets of Jerusalem. A shocking video recently emerged from Arab workers at the Machane Yehuda market who intentionally abuse elderly Jewish vendors and then publish their antics on TikTok.

One of the vendors, a 93 years old man who still frequents his stall every day,was one of the founders of the market. During the last year he has suffered repeated physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his Arab neighbors. One of them tried to blackmail him and scare him from coming to work. Complaints to the police have been ignored and the abuse continues unabated.

The police expect a 93-year-old man to come and submit an official complaint and also say that there is no clear evidence. Maybe this viral Tiktok video will convince them to act.

אחד הדברים הנוראיים והמעצבנים שראיתי ושיתפתי אנטישמיות ורדיפת יהודים מטורפת בחסות הטיק טוק והתעלמות מוחלטת של המשטרה…

Posted by ‎(הצל) the shadow‎ on Sunday, December 22, 2019

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    • Kahana supported state sponsored terrorism. His ideas were so far out and beyond anything resembling reasonable thought. However, if all you’re trying to accomplish is to throw around Israeli taxi driver politics talk you’re doing a good job.

      • Kahane was so right it is scary. You clearly have not read anything that he wrote or heard anything that he said. I guess that “Israeli taxi driver” stupid statement of your’s applies to what you say. He never advocated terror. His proposals are in line with many others who came before and after him, including diplomats from all over the world including Britain and the US. Unfortunately, people like you spread malicious rumors about him to discredit him when you have no idea what he said or stood for.

  1. If the police know about this and haven’t acted, heads should roll. In the meantime, where are the young stall vendors to protect the elderly. This is truly an outrage.

  2. This is your secular idiotic Zionist based state n democracy not Torah. Cowardly Israeli cops are big hero’s at swinging their clubs at yeshiva boys. I’m glad I live in America.

    • Uh-huh. So what about during the Crown Heights riots, when the cops were “standing down” and not doing anything about the pogromchiks? And what about when the cops beat up Gideon Busch? Both of those took place in your beloved America. Don’t act as though this kind of thing happens only elsewhere, let alone blame it on secularism or Zionism.

  3. Jews like Engel, Nadler, & Schiff are more concerned with a rabid anti semite Khashoggi then one of their own. Pheh. They are the lowest of the low vermin. They are causing anti semitism.

  4. So this is the zionist enterprise? Can u imagine migrants in saudi arabia attacking arabs why are illegal slien so called israeli arabs given a free hand? Corrupt mishtara

    • Well, can you imagine migrants in the United States and in various European countries attacking citizens? Why are they given a free hand? Maybe it’s got less to do with the “[Z]ionist enterprise” than with the general corruption of government and of law-enforcement agencies.

  5. Yeshiva boys sit in yeshiva and learn. You’re confusing them with the hoodlums who were instructed to block ambulances and destroy property and assault our holy IDF and mishtara. You’re also confused about the holiday this week. It’s an eating party not a Bourbon Blast. You’re a bit plastered, me thinks.
    You’re very angry today, you’re all over the blog blasting our Holy Land. Got no friends, bummer???

  6. The yeshiva boys protesting have good cause. Fighting an anti Torah government is what Chanukah was all about. I despise the Israeli army because they are not an army but an indoctrination center that corrupts young Jews. They allow homosexuals and trans lunatics to populate their ranks. Forcing girls to join this evil indoctrination center is like joking Jews for Jesus. Satmar was right. They see what Zionism was all about long before the masses saw.

  7. Happy Hanukah Heshy wis-key….We love and respect our holy IDF.
    Meanwhile your Satmar rabbis supported candidates who sigh at gay weddings and rabblerouse against G-D given gender identity.


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