Orthodox Jewish Man Shot And Killed In Cleveland

Shooting victim Yossi Bialo, 33 years old

CLEVELAND (VINnews) — An Orthodox Jewish man has been found shot dead in the Jewish community of Cleveland, Ohio.

Yossi Bialo Z”L, 33 years old, suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at his home on S. Green Road.

Beachwood police officers responded to a residence on Timberlane Drive for a report of a domestic situation, according to a Dec. 24 police report.

The entire home has been cordoned off by Police as they investigate this incident.

VINnews notes that the victim had a brother Levi Z”L who was killed in a horrific crash in 2005, when his car collided with a train near Toronto.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office has not ruled a cause of death, however it does not appear this incident involved any anti-semitism or criminality.

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  1. Rabbi Yossi Bialo was a very special man. This is a massive tragedy of epic porportions.

    He was not a Chabad-Shliach. He belonged to the Chabad Cleveland community and served as a Mashgiach at Menorah Park, a senior living home.


  2. Are you that sick and depraved?! “What are the rumors” you say?! Have you no shame?! A tragedy hit a family and you need to salivate on rumors?

    That’s a new low. Wow!

  3. The VIN kapos are celebrating this tragedy. But why blame Soros when herr trumpf opened Pandora’s box of hate toward Yidden. Just ask his ‘fine people’, in Charlottesville or at one of his Horst Wessel rallies. He gave them the green light.

    • I would say that your comment is a new low, but it’s not – it seems to be par for the course. You already desecrate the memory of the six million kedoshim of the Holocaust by grandstanding on them to push your twisted fantasies, so your doing it with one more dead Jew – without a shred of evidence, and while the body is still warm – is disgusting but unfortunately not surprising.

    • I don’t know who you are and I don’t live in Cleveland and I am not familiar with the tragic event that happened to the Jew. But to blame the president of the US for this vicious act is so absurd that it should bear no response only to say what kind of Jew would take a tragic event like this and blame the president? We need Moshiach badly because our fellow Jews are not living in my universe any more!

    • You’re a lying piece of trief a moser who deserves Cherem. Anyone who has read the entire 1 page transcript of trumps remarks KNOWS he wasn’t condoning Nazis, yms. You otoh support communists and jihadis who kill Jews while trump has done more for America and Israel than u can comprehend.

      With Jews like u who needs Hamas.

    • In 2019, it is the Socialist Democrat Party Left that are the anti semites. It all began with their Convention, when they burned the Israeli flag. Donald Trump, is the best President for Jew’s, ever.

  4. VIN: “It does not appear this incident involved any anti-semitism or criminality”..

    How can a person be shot dead not involve criminality? Is it legal to do so in Ohio?

  5. You don’t give a rat’s burp about Yidden, you foul thing.
    You’re using this tragedy to cold heartedly post your insane hatred against Trump and lies no less, when this has nothing to do with politics. You have no family to celebrate?
    Go away, you maniac.

  6. News sources are, initially, claiming there was a dispute with someone known to him or other members of the family. There is a lot to be confirmed so we can take a break from blaming Trump, Soros, etc. This may just be a crime having nothing to do with larger agendas.

  7. 2 young children are burying their father during Chanuka. A time to reflect on the light and positive and resolve to bring more light into the world through our actions and speech. Reading these comments brings pain, how can we expect Moshiach to come when we have such sina built inside ourselves….

    Let us mourn the precious neshoma regardless of reason for death and have a some “kibud meis”

  8. The Hebrew media has also exposed itself as wildly irresponsible in reporting on the death of a rabbi near Cleveland, Ohio.

    Yossi Bialo, 34, was found dead, apparently in his Beachwood home, and no cause of death was released by authorities.
    In Hebrew media, though, several outlets reported that Bialo was shot to death and his wife injured by a person known to them who came into their home. Outlets reported breathlessly about an ongoing police chase, making the item seem like the latest unfortunate chapter in a series of attacks on Jews in the US. The item led Army Radio’s hourly newscast for much of the night and was widely covered across Hebrew media and in English as well. And it was all false.
    A clue as to what happened is the fact that the news outlets listed Bialo’s age as 44. Apparently, in their haste to publish, Hebrew news organizations connected the death to a shooting on Cleveland’s West Side, in which a 44-year-old man was killed and his wife injured by someone they invited into their home. The suspect in that case remains at large, and when one Googled “Cleveland shooting,” it was the first thing to pop up.
    The two incidents were not even in the same city (Beachwood is outside of Cleveland). The tiniest bit of due diligence could have avoided another stain on the sloppy Hebrew press. Instead, the fake story is forever enshrined on Page 22 of Yedioth Ahronoth and who knows where else.


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