Jewish Man Assaulted In Crown Heights Tuesday Afternoon [VIDEO]


CROWN HEIGHTS (VINnews) — A Jewish Crown Heights resident was assualted Tuesday afternoon while walking on Union Street.

The incident occurred in a central Crown Heights location, on Union Street a few houses off the corner of Kingston Ave.

The victim was walking on Union Street from Albany Ave towards Kingston Ave, when he noticed that he was being followed by a group of 8 teenagers. As the victim turned off Kingston Ave, the teens closed the distance and accosted him.

One of the teens hit the victim in the back of the head, knocking him down to the ground.

The teens then fled down Union Street towards Albany Ave.

Crown Heights Shomrim located the group in the President Street area. The police were contacted, but the group dispersed before they arrived.

The victim filed a police report on the incident. The case is being investigated as a hate crime.

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    • No, because more Jews get killed/murdered in Israel per year, than any other Country. Stop with that move to Israel crap and all your life’s problem will just melt away. It’s a secular corrupt Country like any other. Why should one close his successful business here in the Tri-State area and move to Israel to be unemployed? Do we need to have our hands tied by the infamous Israeli red tape? Must I live with obnoxious neighbors who lack basic common manners? Must I be hated and mocked because I proudly wear a yarlmuka and dress “Chareidi”?You made an Aliyah? Great, woopdee doo. I’m sure you and your otd kids are doing just great. Leave us alone. I don’t want to become jealous of you.

      • you assume alot, most of which is incorrect.
        I live in a religious area. There is crime, but on a much lower level than in the states. None of my kids are OTD, B”H.
        My daughters used to go for walks with their friends at 11 or 12 at night and no one worries. I also walk everywhere in Jerusalem with out thinking about being mugged or stabbed.
        I worked in USA and I worked in Israel, there is discrimination in both places, but it is getting worse in the US and less in Israel.

  1. Unfortunately, there is no deterrent for such crime. And as long as we have DemocRats approving of all this “victim” mentality, proclaiming the perpetrators of violent crimes as victims of the system, we will not detect our criminal justice system taking any useful action that might stem the tide.

    The only option is street justice, where these thugs are beaten to an inch of their lives. The current attitude of government, including legislators and law enforcement, is that those who take law into their own hands, even in the complete absence of government doing something, are worse than the criminals themselves. JDL’s, Chaptzems, were all effective, and led to increased safety and reduction of violent crime. No government body today will tolerate that. So the beating goes on.

    • That isn’t a Jewish slogan or value. “Every Jew 36 tractates of Talmud” is what you should be promoting. Every Jew a 22 is a slogan coined by a man who cared deeply for other Jews, but was mistaken in his opinions. They were extreme and were dangerous in the long run. He was and still is a loner in his extreme views. Authentic Jewish thought values repentance and introspection at times like these.

  2. Israel is run by a bunch of fat cat secular anti Torah politicians who give more to the Arabs than Jews. If a Jew kills an Arab he stays in jail for life. If an Arab kills a jew he gets out after a few years. The Arabs who lynched and pulled the heart out of two reserve soldier got out after ten years. A Jew is garbage in Israel. They get shot like flies specially in West Bank. Here in Boro park it’s very safe. No one bothers you.

  3. Heshy wis/ fish yoach.
    Wow, how stupid. Just earlly this morning, a Jew was assaulted in your Boro Park. Check the news, I even heard it here.

    Anyway the call to Aliyah , Mr. Budinsky, wasn’t to you. You just sit tight in your BP and enjoy 13th Ave. , so don’t have a panic fit. Nobody wants or needs you.
    After 120, don’t fly yourself to Har Hamenuchot either, but stay local near the Evergreen Cem near Ft. Hamilton together with Leonard Bernstein.
    There’s hardly a safety issue where we live in Sanhedria or its environs, it’s very safe with bli ayin hara multitudes of Yidden walking around .You’re just a liar and very jealous.
    In any case, mind your own business, nobody’s talking to you.

    • It sounds like you’re the jealous one. You’re trapped in a 3rd world country where the government’s goal every day is how can we make our Jewish citizens lives miserable, especially if they’re Charedie or live in Yehuda & Shomron.

  4. We get everything in Israel from birth to tomb. Our health & tuition are paid for by government, we can even send our yeshiva kids to riot like goyim at intersections, most Muslims except for the noisemakers love Israel, we wear tefillin in the streets and rip off nontzniut decorations from public places, which you can’t do in Boro Kaark. What’s a problem is that we’re running out of cemetery space, being that you hot dog fressers keep jetting over your Bar Minans in 1st class on every flight..

  5. Lol***
    Your niftorim are the first ones off the plane and motored to cemeteries watched over by the State. If I were the PM I’d appoint a kovod hamet minister with an office at BG airport and send ’em back to Newark and O’Hare ASAP.

  6. You’re sicker than Hamas . There is no simcha as the simcha of living in Eretz Yisroel. Great rabbonim made Aliyah even when few Jews lived there and were under threat of assault every day. But they were holy and believed in Hashem and had bitachon and the Land grew in miracles and more Jews arrived .
    FINE PRINT… This comment is not meant for a Chanukah apikorus like you. You just stay out and fress bagels with poppy.

  7. Larry G.. You’re streets and communities are literally crawling with OTDs and drug addicts and you talk about Israel? You think we’re all stupid here and don’t know what’s going on in your frum hoods all over NY and NJ ? Shame on you .!! This is a problem everywhere unfortunately, and you’re pointing your middle finger? Shame on you.

    • It’s a known fact that when families pick themselves up, after living their entire lives in America, and just move to Israel, the older children have a very difficult time adjusting to the different culture and lack of communication (don’t speak or understand a fluent Hebrew). It is well documented that many of such children go off the derech from the sudden change and upheaval in their lives. This is not a made up bubbeh maasah. These are the facts of life. If a family can do it without anyone getting damaged, gezunteh height.
      As far as moving to Israel in order to be safe and live (as opposed to staying in chutz learetz and dying), is absurd and illogical. As long as it’s not derech hateva to be a makom sakana, there is nothing wrong with living there. Moving to Israel won’t change the mitzius of “safety” as far as staying alive is concerned. HKB”H preordains every human being how long they will be on this earth. To say that the whole world is dangerous to live and only in Israel is it safe, is kefira and apikursis. In other words Hashem is incapable of protecting you outside of Israel. What garbage nonsense that is.
      To tell someone who lives in chutz liaretz, it’s dangerous where you are. The solution is move to Israel. This as asinine as telling someone who is depressed, “just be happy”.

  8. It’s not that He’s incapable. It’s that His hashgacha is more defined in Eretz. There are multiple sources that talk about this.
    But this is not your interest.
    As you so correctly stated and hinted,
    you are depressed. I have a great Carmel wine just for you. Grapes grown in the Golan, now a recognized part of Chatzi shevet Hamnashi. Thank You Hashem !

  9. When Jews start feeling at home in galus, The Almighty breaks that optimism This has been true everywhere and everyplace in the wandering Diaspora without a single exception anywhere. Crown Hts. BP Williamburg Chicago Lakewood Monroe Miami is the Strange Land as written in our Holy Torah. You’re getting too comfortable there and it doesn’t bode well.
    Get your passports ready and tell your rabbis to talk up Aliyah after the Siyum Hashas gets done.

  10. Oh yeah, after the show’s over, where do the boxes fly to? Remind me. To Poland, Hungary? Ukraine? What, Erets Yisrael is chas veshalom a burial chamber? For the dead it’s good but not for the living?
    A whole busy business. Travel agents, next plane, rush the funeral to get to cargo on time. Hoo hah! Balagan. Schvitzing, Har Hazaisim, 70, 000 $$ . Wei wei wei
    wei why why why.
    Many gedolim of the past and present warned about this.

  11. the corrupt, lazy, incompetent and affirmative action filled NYPD is not interested in getting people arrested for 2 reasons. 1) it will show that it is anti Trump black thugs doing this crime and doesn’t fit the de bozo narrative 2) these Trayvon Martin look alike hoodie wearing thugs will be released anyway as there is no more bail for crime in NYC and criminals are released within 2 hours of getting arrested.

  12. In Israel, there is discrimination against religious Jews by secular Jews, who sneer at them, and mock them. There is shoving and pushing on the buses, and on the trains. The cost of living, and the taxes are ridiculous. The driving situation is out of control, with horrible roads and horrible drivers. There is no common courtesy shown to Seniors as younger Israelis will show no derech eretz to them.

    More Israelis are killed on the highways, because of aggressive, reckless, and incompetent drivers, than in terrorist incidents. The government of Israel is not really interested in highway safety, as it assigns a very low priority to improving its roads, or to cracking down, on horrible drivers. Also, road rage which was unknown in Israel, as well as drunk drivers, which was also unknown has recently raised its ugly head.

    There have been fatal accidents caused of late by Israeli drunk drivers. Also, there was an incident recently whereby two Israeli Jews got into a dispute over a parking space at a shopping mall. One of the wives of the two men, started pushing the other wife, who was pregnant. When her husband went to stop her, the other Israeli got out of his car, and shot the man dead. He has since been charged with homicide.

    There are other heinous crimes which take place in Israeli by Israeli Jews. An American Jew who was 60 years old was in Jerusalem, walking at night, when he was confronted by several Israel hoodlums, who demanded cigarettes. He explained that he didn’t have any. One of the hoodlums, then stabbed him to death.

    The point that I’m trying to make is that we are not any safer in Israel, than we are in the USA.

    Also, the medical and dental care is not that great; if it was so great, why do Israelis come here to consult with specialists, and to have treatment? Also, has anyone seen the teeth of Israelis? Horrible spaced teeth, and yellow stained teeth.


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