Op-Ed: When Will Mayor Deblasio Back Up His Talk With Action?

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (Seth Wenig/AP Photo)

NEW YORK (VINnews) — The attacks on Jews on the streets of New York do not seem to be slowing down. In fact, the opposite is true.

Since the beginning of Chanukah alone, there have been at least 5 different attacks on Jews in New York City.

In the first incident, a 65-year-old Jewish man was standing on East 41st Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave, when he was suddenly approached by a man who yelled expletives at him. When he looked up, he was punched in the face and fell to the ground. His attacker continued to pummel him on his face and torso as he lay on the ground.

The second incident occured on Monday as well. Williamsburg Shomrim and NYPD were called after 2 Jewish children were attacked in front of 99 Wilson Street.

In the third incident, a Jewish man was walking on Kingston Ave in Crown Heights on Tuesday morning, at approximately 2 AM. As he was walking, he was approached by a gang of black youths who proceeded to yell anti-Semitic slurs at him. When he took out his cellphone to film the incident, one of the youths threw his drink at him.

The fourth incident took place in Crown Heights as well. A Jewish man was walking on Union Street from Albany Ave towards Kingston Ave, when he noticed that he was being followed by a group of 8 teenagers. As the victim turned off Kingston Ave, the teens closed the distance and accosted him. One of the teens hit the victim in the back of the head, knocking him down to the ground.

In yet a fifth incident, a man was attacked Wednesday morning in Boro Park, on 13th Ave near 48th Street. The victim was walking down the street, when he was approached out of the blue by a man who promptly punched him. There were no words exchanged before the assault.

These attacks are in addition to the multitude of anti-Semitic attacks on Jews in New York City that occurred over the last few months.

In the majority of these incidents, Mayor Deblasio’s policy has proved to be consistent: send out a tweet (only sometimes). Arrest the perpetrators. Release them a few hours later back onto the streets.

The absurdity of this approach is obvious. The mayor cannot claim to be serious about eliminating anti-Semitic attacks in the city, while at the same time refusing to keep the perpetrators of these very crimes off the streets.

“We need @NYCMayor to step up and declare a STATE OF EMERGENCY in NYC!” tweeted Dov Hikind on Wednesday. “Enough with the statements, tweets, press conferences, we need real action now. We need LEADERSHIP.”

Indeed the mayor has been proven to use Twitter as his preferred method of purporting to care about attacks on the Jewish community. In fact, tweeting about the recent string of anti-Semitic attacks has been the only action we’ve seen the mayor take so far.

“It’s not enough to condemn anti-Semitism — we have to confront it,” tweeted the mayor on Wednesday afternoon. “The despicable crimes committed against our Jewish community over the last 24 hours are an attack on ALL New Yorkers. The NYPD is actively investigating all of them and will bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The mayor’s words are strong ones. The community would be applauding his leadership, were he not to have a reputation of being all talk and zero action.

To the mayor, the community can only say this.

We are watching you.

We will remember you in one of two ways. It will either be the man who was courageous in leadership and kept us safe. Or it will be the man who failed to do the job he was elected to do.

We pray you make the right decision.

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  1. DeBozo won’t do anything because it will force him to admit that the attacks aren’t by any white supremacists.

  2. In fairness, he recently created a unit to combat racism and anti-semitism called REME.

    I’m not saying he’s doing enough in actually keeping the perps off the street, as his stance against crime is a joke, but we can’t ignore what he does do right.

  3. In the third incident, a Jewish man was walking on Kingston Ave in Crown Heights on Tuesday morning, at approximately 2 AM.

    I know this is not politically correct to say, but why are these people walking around at 2:00am??? We stay indoors at night. Do these people have a life? Night time is meant for sleep so we can function properly the next day and be productive.The only people roaming around outdoors during the night are dangerous people looking for trouble. Nittel nacht is for a reason.

    • Not the greatest question, because in America you’re allowed to walk around whenever you want a unless you’re on parole. There’s no curfew. Therefore, walking in the street is not a crime. But attacking someone is always a crime. Even at 2pm.

      Despite it being a silly question, there’s more than enough reasons to be out at 2am, such as coming home from a simcha or farbrengen or Chanukah party. Or helping your mother in law move the China cabinet. There’s a million things that keep people up until 2am. It’s well known that lubavitchers don’t sleep.

      Also, the danger of nittel only goes until chatzos and in general it’s actually a fairly quiet night as far as people being out in the streets.

      Bottom line, there’s no justifying attacking someone else.

  4. I have a question what means a antisemitic attack? Just because u are a jew and u were attacked? Crime in all NYC is climbing sky high, regular people regardless skin color or religion are being attacked 24 hours look the news every day it gets worse. I think that a part of saying antisemitic incidents just because jews , makes Deblazio only stronger because he keeps saying this is a worldwide issue and nothing he can do about it , when in fact not every attack has with antisemitic ideology u just deal with criminals being loose on the streets . We get very judgmental every time we scream antisemitic attack when plenty of times it was an attack but nothing to do with Antisemitism. i know our Jewish leaders enjoy to scream as well because it makes them look good and makes us losers because people get tierd when u keep crying wolf.

    • You’re failing at using logic. Are crimes against blacks tainted with racial slurs? Are crimes against whites full of expletives about being white? Are crimes against other groups adorned with announcements about hate for the groups? You know the answer is a resounding “No.” That’s where the rise in crime, while a huge problem, is not the explanation for this spiking of anti-Jewish hate crimes. You know the truth. It’s about there being “open season” on Jews, and this is an attitude the public was permitted to foster. And for that, we need to have real leaders to set the pace. This mayor has done NOTHING, and that’s inexcusable. Other commenters here noted correctly that he will NOT make any moves when the crimes are committed by blacks. It defies his narrative about white supremacists. Trouble is, the mayor has a record of extreme dishonesty so far, and we have no reason to believe anything he says now. If he actually does something, that will be newsworthy. But politics comes first, and his liberal views will not allow any action against criminals of color.

      • If the person says antisemitic slurs ok i agree with you but not every attack story is antisemitic, if you remember the story on ocean parkway some cars were burned and a big march with all so called community leaders was done then we found out it had nothing to do with Antisemitism, same in Monsey few weeks ago yingerman got attacked and everyone jumped Antisemitism suddenly no one talks. In my opinion Crime is high look how stories u have on the trains now every day stories that u heard 20 years ago. and all over the city. We need a new mayor i agree.

        • Most of the recent 5 attacks were blacks who targeted Jews and called them expletives. It wasn’t random attacks . The same is true for knock outs . It’s blacks looking for Jews . Is it a world wide problem ? Maybe . But if you are the mayor it can’t occur in your city . I think jersey city emboldened them. And very few leaders condemned the protests after the attack in which the blacks blamed us jews who were the victims. Where was sharpton condemning such acts? Where were our political leaders? This only emboldens blacks

  5. unless he PERSONALLY benefits from something he doesn’t care, unless it makes Trump look bad and remember “crime is falling” so a) he doesn’t personally benefit $$$ from this b) he knows the crimes are committed by black thugs who don’t care for Trump and c) it makes him admit the truth, that crime is going UP. remember with no bail all these things are released within 24 hours as happened to the YU arsonist.

  6. Everybody, yes everybody, knows ‘traditional’ Jews don’t / can’t defend themselves. One kid can scare a minyan of adult Jewish men. And grabbing a cell phone to film your beat down is not a form of self defense. ‘Never Again’ needs to be changed to ‘Again and Again’ until Yidden FIGHT BACK like they do in ISRAEL!

    • Tough talker, you who sees phantom Nazis and kapos everywhere. Enjoy your dreams where you’re the hero who singlehandedly beats up dozens of attackers, when in real life you’re scared of your own shadow.

    • I understand your thought but remember, these days things are different. There are cameras all over and they will only be used to presecute the Jew protecting himself or his neighborhood. There was a recently resolved case in WillyB in which a self defense suspect spent years till it was established the evidence was falsified against the jew.

    • On the contrary!!! ‘Traditional’ jews fend bear for themselves but going to Shul and learning Torah, daven and do mitzvos. The Israeli Zionist way isn’t the Jewish way.

  7. The real solution is to revert back to broken windows and stop and firsk. When minorities know that cops are around looking for piety crimes they will think twice before committing these anti semetic attacks. Thats everything against what De-Blassio stands for but its the sad truth. Yeah phineas will show us his facts, fake facts that say statics show it doesn’t affect crime. But we know the story is, it matters and does affect crime.These incidents support the story. So don’t bore us with data produced by liberals that’s so flawed.

    Let me also add as I have stated many times. De-Blassio is well intended. He genuinely cares about rum jews and our values. He wants to protect us. But he is blinded by liberlaism.

    Yingele, you are very quite. How’s life in sanctuary cites?

    • Yes even in sanctuary cities Anri-Semitic crimes are up in the last 3 years since Trump and his very fine people were elected. Interestingly we were safe under the Kenyan Muslim. No Pittsburgh MAGA TRUMP bomber in a Synagogue, Chabad, Satmar,NJ. and even in Brooklyn. One more year and iy”h we will be safe again.

      • Wait so jersey city is trumps fault ? The crimes in NYC are also trumps fault ? How is that mags fault ? And in jersey city where according to you Satmar supports Hillary ?

        What kind if narishkiten do you say? Even you know are shtuched out . So shut up and stop your stupidity . Trump Pittsburgh and governor murphey jersey city . 8 years of Christie and not one anti semtiic attack . 2 years of Murphy and look at NJ. Jews will not replace us at least for condemnation. Who condemned the blacks in jersey city for doing the same and the day after yiddisha blit was spliced blaming us victims ? Where are all your liberal sanctuary city politicians ? Come on big mouth . Yku have a nasty tounge but can’t point to anything to prove your point ? Show me the condemnation by liberals about jersey city. Very quite.
        And you blame trump for this ? You are deranged yingele . My derfel in Wyoming maga country is safer

      • Oh, do shut up. You know perfectly well what “very fine people” referred and didn’t refer to, and you also know that the vast majority of these shootings and other crimes are being committed by members of Democrat constituencies, not the few white supremacists whom you try to inflate into some kind of national phenomenon (and thereby encourage them, by pretending that they have more power than they do).

        • Yingele blames the jersey city shooting on Trump. i have no clue how blacks shooting jews in the street are Trump’s fault.. But leave that to his foul crooked demise. he use to say sanctuary cites are safe. Its only dangerous in Maga country.

        • An excellent point, and thanks for bringing that up. Yes, whenever civil government breaks down, Jews are generally among the first targets. So the irresponsible leftists (but I repeat myself) who think of themselves as the heroic “resistance” to a duly elected president – and there has been nothing comparable to that since 1860 – bear responsibility for this uptick, in exactly the same way as the “resistance” to Lincoln’s election spawned the Civil War and a concomitant rise in anti-Semitism.

  8. Mayor Dinkins has been reincarnated as DeBlasio, suits without substance. Pogo was right, we have seen the enemy and he is us. Continually following the self-absorbed and self-interests of the ashkans and “connected”, the people have deliberately bent over to be kicked over and over again. Stop complaining, it falls on deaf ears. Start thinking, not following, the ashkans don’t have your best interests in mind.
    When Corey Johnson becomes the Democratic darling in 2021, don’t just turn your back on him, throw his Republican opponent in his face, remind him that this is not his city, it belongs to US (that’s New Yorkers, not special interest only NYers)

  9. DeBlasio refuses to acknowledge and forthrightly condemn anti-Semitism in the minority communities. He has said of it ; “folks saying inappropriate things”. He does not separate the Jew-hater from the ‘folks” of color. In order to truly comfront anti-Semitism one must acknowledge from whence it is coming. His willful blindness, apparently thinking the truth is offensive to people of color, undermines the intergrity of people of good will of all colors, and races, and only allows the evil to fester and worsen.

  10. dov an easy way to shoot at blasio , as a whole the city is safer than its ever been , yes these attacks are unsettling , thanks to technology they have been catching these guys almost every time do we have to be more careful sure but we cant have cops on every block and we dont prescribe to dovs ADL / JDL metality . i liked alot of what dov has done for 25 years but thispart of him ( noise making / whining anti semitism always bugged me

  11. See how quickly DebLasio will hand out gun permits to Jews under attack…….and slowly you might just realize if you want to live openly as a Jew there is only one home you will ever call home and that is eretz yisrael. All you anti Zionists out there…..The land is being defiled and you sit in exile where Jews are beaten…..while Israel imports goyim, pays black mail to terrorists…….let’s the land be bombed burned and Jews made hefkar……all because you refuse to show up and reclaim the land…..Your “boycott” is complete……The Torah is in ruins……as you build another room in your exile sanctuaries……and cry when the goy singles you out…….The goy understands Shulchan Aruch in a much deeper way than you do…..His “Torah” is pure driven as a shliach and he delights in serving shamayim…..To remove the stain of the Yid in galus…….Anti semitism is not a non Jewish problem…..it is a Jewish one. Anti Zionism…..is a fraud…..it always was

  12. need to bring back the magic word “Chaptzem” and what came along with it .
    those days had its troubles but eventually cleared up .
    our local politicians are busy photo op’ing all day and night and run to every function for a bit publicity but to battle the real problems in the community they play nice and do just the same as the Mayor, TWEET,
    we dont need a sukkah at city hall or new garbage cans at each corner or worthless dummy police trailers ,we need real community safety .
    all officers (2 weeks ago) went back to coffee and summonses .
    how often do u see a police officer walking down the Ave just for the purpose of keeping it safe ? NEVER!
    #Chaptzem #chaptzem #chaptzem dont teach the kids tolerance teach them how to fight back.


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