Saturday Night Terror At Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul, 15 Transported To Hospital, Suspect In Custody [UPDATE: 8:30 AM]


MONSEY (VINnews) — Multiple people were stabbed Saturday night in a synagogue.

According to reports, a black male entered the home of Rabbi Rottenburg, who has a Shul in the Forshay neighborhood of Monsey. There was a Chanukah party going on in the home.

The man, whose face was covered with a scarf, immediately pulled out a machete and started stabbing people.

At least 5 people were stabbed. One of the victims was stabbed in the chest.

According to reports, 15 victims were transported to the hospital, but 5 were ultimately hospitalized. 1 victim is in critical condition.

According to individuals inside the home at the time of the attack, the attacker was fought off by Jews who threw tables and chairs at him.

The perpetrator ran out after his attack and escaped in a Nissan Sentra. His license plate (HPT 5747) was written down by a bystander who pursued him before he left.

The vehicle was then identified to have passed over the George Washington Bridge to New York City at 11:02PM.

Police initially tracked the vehicle to an address located in Greewood Lake. Police also tracked down the father of the suspect and interviewed him.

At approximately midnight, the NYPD stopped a vehicle matching the description at W 177 Street and 7 Avenue in Harlem. A suspect from the vehicle was taken into custody.

Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul is located in the Forshay neighborhood in Monsey.

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This attack comes amid a frightening spike in anti-Semitic attacks on Jews across New York. Since the beginning of Chanukah alone, there have been at least 5 recorded attacks on Jews across New York, not including this stabbing.

In the first incident, a 65-year-old Jewish man was standing on East 41st Street between 2nd and 3rd Ave, when he was suddenly approached by a man who yelled expletives at him. When he looked up, he was punched in the face and fell to the ground. His attacker continued to pummel him on his face and torso as he lay on the ground.

The second incident occured on Monday as well. Williamsburg Shomrim and NYPD were called after 2 Jewish children were attacked in front of 99 Wilson Street.

In the third incident, a Jewish man was walking on Kingston Ave in Crown Heights on Tuesday morning, at approximately 2 AM. As he was walking, he was approached by a gang of black youths who proceeded to yell anti-Semitic slurs at him. When he took out his cellphone to film the incident, one of the youths threw his drink at him.

The fourth incident took place in Crown Heights as well. A Jewish man was walking on Union Street from Albany Ave towards Kingston Ave, when he noticed that he was being followed by a group of 8 teenagers. As the victim turned off Kingston Ave, the teens closed the distance and accosted him. One of the teens hit the victim in the back of the head, knocking him down to the ground.

In a fifth incident, a man was attacked Wednesday morning in Boro Park, on 13th Ave near 48th Street. The victim was walking down the street, when he was approached out of the blue by a man who promptly punched him. There were no words exchanged before the assault.

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      • Nope, Chuck, we actually just need to carry firearms so we can shoot the blacks that come to attack us. And we need a few good yiddishe lawyers willing to do some pro bono work. Forever about ending the hated. You can’t change how people think and what they believe. Actually, you can but it’s clearly taking too long for these monkeys to learn how to act on the civilized world, ie. Outside the jungle

        • well, when people like you spout racist nonsense like that, the hate will only increase. you cant end hate with hate. THATS why its taking too long.

          racism is wrong, period.

          • They are not monkeys. We are all in God’s image and likeness; but it is has been shown that blacks in Africa average around 70 on the IQ sale. I don’t know how that transfers to blacks (AFRICAN Americans) in America, but it’s logical that on average their IQ hasn’t changed much unless there is significant interbreeding with other higher IQ races. Jews on average are over 110. IQ matters. Every African nation is a ‘jungle’.
            We have to face this reality and not call me a racist just because I bring it up. Part of being in God’s image is telling truth to political correctness which is just a tool to stop unacceptable speech deemed verbotten by those who have essentially — whether consciously or not — sold their souls to the one-world, globalist, New World Order where if they get their way all the world will look like China with social credit scores and top down unelected technocrats/social engineers.

          • Leonard Goff, that average is very misleading. There is a single African tribe with an average IQ of about 40, which brings down the average of the entire continent. The rest of the continent averages about 100 when given a properly weighted IQ test that measured intelligence, not learned knowledge.

      • No Chuck we need to disarm flaming liberal Jews like you who have been kumbayaing Jews for five decades about brotherly Black -Jewish relations and bleeding our wallets dry while these savages rape old French ladies , knockout Jews on the street, shoot up grocers and machete Hasids. YOU Bernie Sanders Jews are literally killing the rest of us. Go live among the Blacks and see how long you and your women last.

  1. Perhaps it’s time we start to arm ourselves
    Legally of course and get proper training
    As long as we are seen as weak and unable yo defend ourselves this will only increase

  2. I’ve said this before on this site, and I will say it again, and again, and again. All Synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, Federations, Day Schools, Israel Bond Offices, Kollels, Jewish Nursing Homes, Hillels, and Chabad Houses, must have armed guards. In my local community, the local Federation pays for armed law enforcement officers at the Shuls on Shabbos, as well as at the JCC, during the week. The other day, some psycho walking into 770 Eastern Parkway, and threatened violence. Tonight, a number of unfortunate Jews were stabbed by a criminal savage, with a machete, in Monsey. The next time, the perpetrator, chas v’shalom could have an automatic weapon. We are at war with anti-semites. I had to laugh when I saw Evan Bernstein, the so-called Regional Director of the ADL, being interviewed. He had the gall to blame these attacks on Jews, as being caused by “homelessness, mental illness, lack of housing, and gentrification”. Did anybody ever hear of such a crock? Why didn’t he just state that the problem is caused by anti-semitism, and such violent acts are being perpetrated by savage predators, who hate Jews!

    • “I have said this before.” There was no need for protection for Jews “Day Schools,Chabad,Kollels……(the rest of your long list) under Obama or Clinton Vote Democrat and this will stop. Nazis are not fine people.

      • To: “Anonymous”-Get your stupid facts straight; these kinds of attacks preceded Obama and Clinton, even going back to the 1950’s, when Eisenhower was President. You forgot about the Hanafi Muslim attack, on a Jewish organization in D.C., where the Jews wee held captive and beaten for two days? The latter incident occurred in 1977. Did you also forget about the sniper who killed a Jew and wounded several others, outside a St. Louis Synagogue, also in 1977.?Did you forget about the attack on a JCC in Los Angeles in 1999, when Clinton was President, by a Nazi? What about the Crown Heights Pogrom in 1991, when George H.W. Bush was President? What about when Bush #43 was President, and there was an attack on a Federation in Seattle, where a Jewish woman was killed? What about the attacks on Shuls in NYC in the 1960’s? Rabbi Meir Kahane used to organize patrols, to apprehend, and deal with those anti-semites. In summary, don’t spread the usual bs, that Trump is the cause of all of these attacks! Your kind eve blamed him for the hundreds of threatening telephone calls to JCCs in the USA. In fact, the Israeli police arrested an American-Israeli teenager, who admitted making all of those threatening calls. He was sentenced to twenty years in jail.

  3. Why:
    Anti semitism is an age old problem. Goy refused the Torah, and is ready to destroy the Jew in his attempt to deny / defy G-d. G-d uses Goy to attack Jews when they lose sight of their purpose, attack each other and wallow in self-perpetuating exile. Refusal to rebuild the Mikdash, and love of exile, caused destruction. The goy is simply the messenger. Aliyah is not a “solution”, it is an answer. It is the affirmation we will return to our eternal home and rebuild the third and final Mikdash. It is not about Arabs and Blacks, it is about facing our enemies in order to remove the blasphemous goy from Israel and rebuild Bayis Shlishi. When you understand the presence of Jews outside Israel disgrace G-d, and the goy, the hateful, spiteful of the nations gladly answer the mission to erase the disgrace……then the key to geula is in your hands. Until then, you refuse the mission of our nation, and are readily confused what Torah obligations are. Some have a question if they should get armed, these are pious fools…..some question having to live in Israel, they generally lack true emunah. Israel is the answer, the rebuilding of Bayis Shlishi the answer. Let all USA Jews ascend en masse to conquer the land and rebuild our Mikdash, and watch the geula unfold before your eyes. Before you arrive get armed and watch your back.

  4. Because of Donald Trump who hasn’t passed common sense gun laws, many other people that would have just been able to injure a few people with a knife are instead able to kill a ton of people. His hands are full of blood.

  5. Because of President Trump we are much safer. Can you imagine if Hillary were President? Hillary has a deep hate for anyone who’s not like her!
    President Trump has a son-in-law who is Jewish, so is his daughter and their children, his grandchildren! Lay off of President Trump! You’re a poor excuse for a human!!

    • Really? Safer? 16 years of Clinton – Obama and Yiden were safe. 3 Years of Trump and his nazi very fine people screaming “JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US” and the Potus agrees. ? Pittsburgh? Chabad House, Willi, Blyn. Jersy City, monsey? More anti jewish attack than under Obama/Clinton combined. Vote Democrat and Make Jews Safe Again.

      • Funny that you don’t mention the 8 years of Bush, during which there also were no such attacks. But that would destroy the basis for your lie. You’re also continuously lying about the “very fine people,” thereby allowing the few neo-Nazis out there to think that they have more power than they do.

        • Whats your point. 8 years of Bush we were safe. (90% of frumme voted against Bush for Gore/Lieberman) Yes thank President Bush for keeping us safe. How does this justify the 3 years of this POTS and we are attacked daily. So lets thank Bush, Clintion and Obama who kept the Yiden Safe unlike this very fine peoples lover POTS. Yiden should only vote for respected , proven politicians with long serving in Govt where we can rely on past experience Like YES Bush, Clinton, Obama, Biden etc. not for Racist failed Businessman with clear Racist records.

  6. There’s no question that Trump made the race temperature much higher. And there’s no question that Hillary would have tried passing gun laws. So when Trump does something good like canceling the Iran deal, he can be praised for that but that doesn’t excuse him from all the blood he spilled.

  7. Meanwhile, Ramapo authorities never caught the guy who stabbed a Rabbi, a Jew near the end of November 2019, maybe a practice run for this attack. They insisted that wasn’t a hate crime. Maybe it was practice for this!!

  8. Racism is not the solution to antisemitism. However, it is reasonable to say that hatred of Jews has become deeply ingrained in the thinking of a large part of the black community in the US. Many black people seek a scapegoat for their problems. The leadership of the African-American community has been doing little to oppose this undesirable trend.

    Anti-semitism is also strong among some whites. Two of the recent antisemitic incidents ,one in New York City (the attack on the Yeshiva University students as they slept) and one in Los Angeles (a synogogue trashed) were perpetrated by white men.

    I agree that all Jewish places of worship and rabbis homes should be protected by armed guards. In addition, every Jewish place of worship should have a firearm in the building and a person with a pistol permit in the soul (probably the rabbi and/or his wife). It is a good idea for Jewish people to be armed if they go out in the street late at night, and/or in high crime areas and areas where antisemitic incidents have occurred.

    The hostility of the press and many politicians towards Israel, which readily translates into antisemitism on the street, is the main cause for igniting the increase in antisemitic incidents. Jews must defend Israel in the court of public opinion.

  9. I’ll admit there is some kind of irony here.
    The jews’ own pets are turning against them. Many of them (Like Farrakhan and more) realized that slave ships like the Abigail were owned by jews and now some of the blacks are turning against their masters. The masters that brought them here. – Either via slave ships or with the Hart-Celler act of 1965.

    In their constant quest of eliminating the hated white, gentile race by replacing them with brown and black people (the ADL has a list of the declining rate of “non-hispanic white people” hanging in their office) the jews completely forgot the fact that the whites aren’t only ones they should focus on.

  10. Another black supremacist student of farrakhan and de blasio friend sharpton attacking jews where is shomer yisroel chuck schumer? Too busy attacking the greatest president of all time. He will be released immediately as by law there is no more bail even for violent crime as happened to the black lasy in crown heights last night

  11. After the forcible exile of 2,000 years , G-D has ordained the Return to the Land of Israel and most are not listening.His promise to Avraham that His children shall inherit the Land will not be broken. Moshiach will only come when we desire the Land, and any excuse to the contrary is null and void. Inheret the Land en masse , control its destiny and thereby also its safety. Terror attacks there are mostly due to an unwillingness to use maximum force and mostly due to the lack of overwhelming the enemy with a flood of Aliyah. Don’t use this as a pathetic excuse. We belong there , not in a Galut that us crumbling every day. Come and help your brothers and sisters who live there because the Land is forever holy, and willing to sacrifice for Kiddush Hashem.
    It won’t help you. America is diaspora like any other before it. Why, it’s a disgrace that in most haymish synagogues, a blessing for the State and its holy inhabitants is omitted on purpose with phony excuses. Do not anger Almighty G-D any longer with pitiful lies and blindness.
    Make Aliyah.

  12. Yesterday it was the white man, today the black man. Before yesterday it was the German, and before that is was the Spaniard. Foolish blind Jews. We have our country back , why not ascend to it? The miracle of the State of Israel equals the Great Miracles of the past.This beautiful land awaits its children. Moshiach is not stupid. He knows that you don’t want him yet despite your tzvius lip service.
    His appearance will only be in Yerushaliyim and not in Monsey , Boro Park or Lakewood. There isn’t a single source that says otherwise.

  13. Aviva,
    Poor excuse. Until geula shleima there’s always a possibility of getting hurt anywhere . Hashem gives hurt for dfferent messages. Hurt in EY will stop when tshuva and introspection by even, and especially , frum people takes place. Hurt in Chul is everpresent no matter what. You don’t belong here. The goyim are telling it to you in your face but you don’t hear. If you had emunah and love
    for the country which Hashem loves more than any other, you’d take your chances in EY.

  14. Note to Frum Yidden…

    Take note…while many of you despise the Zionists, and refuse to serve in the only army in the world dedicated to helping Jews, the past week of Channukah has brought untold misery to your communities in the goldeneh medinah.

    Connect the dots…your home is in Israel

  15. Some of these comments sound exactly like preWWIi . Stay here, it’s dangerous in the yishuv in Palestine. Stay here, cuz they’re attacking Jews in Jerusalem. And so most stayed………….
    ” A generation that ignores history has no past and no future”
    _____Robert Heinlein

  16. An assailant repeatedly stabbed a rabbi in Ramapo in November, last month. Never solved. Police downplayed it and never called it a hate crime. Sounds like the same thing.

  17. Another MAGA hat wearing, Trump voter. This Trump supporter was able to discern Trumps tweets and their sublime anti semitic message and went out and attacked Orthodox Jews. Trump must be impeached immediately.

  18. Remember ! You ‘re only a racist if you criticise black folks. If you criticise whites , you’re not a racist. You’re just a raging Trump hater who wants to overturn an election.

  19. The real problem is that the current rush of black antisemitic attacks is part and parcel not only of the buzz that floats around the politically and Islamically radicalized sector of that population, but also of the new political trend that claims “mass incarceration” (of African-Americans) is one of “America’s Number-One issues.” The left’s solution: Reduce the number of misbehaviors for which people can get arrested, and, if they are arrested, make sure they can be released with no bail. What is not yet clear is whether or not these new rules apply only to African-Americans. For example, shoplifting is no longer an arrest-worthy crime. In NYC, neither is turnstile jumping in the subway. I don’t know if skin color makes a difference in these two cases. And, all this evidence to the contrary, the American-Jewish “antisemitism-experts,” including Deborah Lipstadt, Barri Weiss (Columbia, 2007, grad who just wrote book How to Fight Anti-Semitism), and the heilige ADL, keep screaming that while there are some “problems” for Jews with the left, our REAL, much more serious problem, they say, is with the white supremacists. Really! That’s their message, and, because it fits their narrative, it’s what the media keeps screaming. CNN is treating the Monsey case–which they’d love to ignore but can’t because it hit too many outlets and has received too much attention from Fox–as an aberration. From the holy New York Times this morning: Monsey Stabbing: 5 Wounded at Rabbi’s Home in N.Y. Suburb
    By Rebecca Liebson, Neil Vigdor, Michael Gold and Eliza Shapiro
    Published Dec. 28, 2019
    “A suspect was arrested in Harlem, but the motive was not disclosed. The attack occurred in an area with many ultra-Orthodox Jews.”

  20. Stay in NY London Antwerp Paris, it’s a passing fad. Don’t make Aliya, watch hiw the Muslims are taking over western countries and abusing Jews with help from cohorts. Pretend, pretend, pretend.
    Don’t move to your Jewish country. Pretend, pretend.

    • When the rockets stop raining down on Yidden, coming from Gaza, I’ll consider it. I guess idiots like you love to cover up what happened in Har Nof. No massacre. Fake news. Secular Israel is NOT any safer than any other Country. Enough with the brainwashing.

  21. We ran from country to nation for thousands if years. This US is no different.
    Except, my dear Jews, there is no other place to run anymore, this is the last deal.
    Come Home.

  22. Like the Jewish Bundists who used to walk around on Shabbat smoking their cigars with glee, American Jewish liberals, with their adherence to the Jewish Trinity ( abortion, gay marriage, gun control) will be the downfall of all USA Jewry.

  23. Myriam Riley_______
    The rockets come from Iran. Your boy Nadler voted for them. In addition, your rabbi in Kiyas Yoel sent ketters to Congressmen urging them to support the Deal when Obama proposed it.
    You’re a lowlife hypocrite and liar.

  24. You’re the same guy that keeps repeating the rockets scare. Why don’t you tell that us that Satmer KJ supported the Iran deal .
    Iranians smuggled rockets into Gaza and Lebanon yet you support the murderous Iranian regime. Satmer held demonstrations in favor of the deal, in favor of murderers.

  25. It seems like I wasn’t clear enough on my first message. I know that this case involved a knife and not a gun. And that was my point that if Trump would have brought up the common sense gun laws for a bill, many if not all of the past two years dozens of massacres would have ended up like last night. Which as sad as it was, it’s not like the hundreds that were killed. In other words Donald Trump is directly responsible for hundreds of Americans lives. He’s definitely done great stuff too like canceling the Iran deal but the bad doesn’t take away from the good and the good doesn’t take a away from his bad. his hands are full of Jewish and non Jewish blood.

  26. Steven— you speak like the Trump attackers and impeachers. In other words, in riddles. In other words, throwing accusations without even a cockroach of evidence.
    Spell out EXACTLY your proof that he has blood on his hands. PROOF.
    Here’s proof that the Devilcrats are responsible for this blood.
    Attacking Trump since Inauguration Day.
    Calling for resistance and violence against Trump supporters.
    Shooting at GOP baseball game.
    Throwing Trump people out of restaurants.
    Attacking Trump supporters on campuses.
    Media frenzy with vulgar attacks on Trump and his base.
    Nonstop hate verbiage against a duly elected president.
    Doubling down on calls for violence against Trump supporters.
    Cursing our president , never mentioning his accomplishments.
    All this is causing bitter anger and some on the mental imbalance are acting out.


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