MUST READ: As the Auction Deadline Approaches, The Founder of Bonei Olam Releases a Heartfelt Letter


Dear Friends,

I’m reaching out to you now because we are approaching our auction deadline.

If only I could share with you the phone calls I’ve received from childless couples, just in the past week’s hard.

Each year, the bulk of our funding comes through the Bonei Olam Auction.

8,400+ children have been brought into this world through these donations, through the generosity of Klal Yisroel.

Too often, what’s standing between a childless couple and their own child is a lack of funds. An expensive but effective medication, or a minor procedure.

Funds are limited , I BS”D try to do everything I can, to stretch our funding , push as hard as I can , only because each and every child brought into this world is priceless and we just cant afford to let anyone down.

My dear friend, let’s change this reality together.

By participating in this year’s auction, you’ll be helping make dreams come true for childless couples worldwide. The deadline for the auction is taking place this Motzei Shabbos, January 4th.

Lets give them Hope … Hope today , Tomorrow a child

With your donation, you can change lives.

With your donation, you can build generations.

Please contribute what you can. Participate in honor of a recent Simcha, in memory of a loved one, or just to thank Hashem for the blessings in your life.

Tisku L’Mitzvos

R’ Shlomo Bochner
Executive Director / Bonei Olam

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