VIDEO: Want to start Daf Yomi The “8 Minute Daf” Gaining New Followers Daily


VIDEO: Want to start Daf Yom? The “8 Minute Daf” Gaining New Followers Daily


The Daily 8 Minute Video Summary by R’ Eli Stefansky Gaining New Followers Daily


As thousands of people are finishing shas and thousands more will be starting Shas for the very first time in a few days (Brachos begins on Sunday). Many people are looking for a tool to help them remember and retain the gemara they learnt. Enter the “8 Minute Daf” video chazzara by R’ Eli Stefansky.


R’ Eli who gives a popular daf yomi shiur in Ramat Beit Shemesh (which is streamed live daily), created the 8 Minute Daf concept close to a year ago and spends several hours each day creating the 8 Minute Daf Videos. The insightful, informative and entertaining videos are viewed by thousands daily. May receive it via WhatsApp, view it on Youtube or on his website


With the excitement of the Siyum Hashas, many are looking for ways to remember their learning and “own” the daf.

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