Boro Park Child Struck By Vehicle After Running Into The Street [VIDEO]


BORO PARK (VINnews) — Horrifying footage is circulating of a child being struck by a vehicle after running into the street.

A young boy can be seen running into the street without warning, giving the driver no time to react.

The child was knocked off his feet from the impact. He then gets up and walks out of the street.

Hatzalah responded to the incident, and thankfuully the child is in stable condition.

The footage is horrifying, but reminds us all to be careful before entering the street.

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    • While you are free and even reasonable to wonder about this, putting this into a comment on a public forum sounds more like a veiled accusation. There is way too little information to imply that. Kids do not need to be accompanied by an adult to go to school when they reach an appropriate age. Another possibility that is common is that the parent is there but has “failed” to place the child in a strait jacket and a leash, and the child walked into the street against the parent’s wishes. There is irresponsibility and there are accidents. The former infers blame, and the latter does not. From all we observe here, it seems like an accident with B”H no serious effects. Yes, we should be cajoled into being more vigilant. But the inference in your comment is out of place, unless, of course, you are the type that looks to find fault and blame wherever possible. If the latter is true, get help. Otherwise, you will be unhappy, and likely to make others miserable.

    • I think he was holding as hat which indicates above the age of 12. Definitely not a young child in need of supervision crossing a street. The car appears to be speeding down an unusually empty street in Boro Park

    • This wasn’t a two yr old kid. What kind of silly question is that? responsible parents at a certain point need to trust children and give them breathing space. You need to allow a ten year old to drive his/her bike. Obviously some supervision is still needed, however not as hands on.

    • What does that mean? Kid is probably at least 10 years old. Do parents normally restrain kids that age so that they don’t suddenly run into the street or do they hope that they have warned their children enough times to not run into the street that they can let the kid outside.

    • Totally agree. Parents must first teach their children how to responsibly cross a street. After they master that, the parents must then teach them the difference between UPPER CASE LETTERS and lower case letters.
      And THAT is the “buttom line>”

  1. Was the driver on the cell phone? That would dramatically diminish his cognitive ability to recognize a problem and/or the response.
    We need constant Siyata Dishmaya driving in our neighborhoods because the street lighting is bad, the people are dressed in dark clothes making them nearly invisible, and then you have the “frummies” that only walk in the streets rather than use the sidewalks. If the driver is c”v talking their cell – or even worse – texting; they are murderers

    • Nissim, The driver had to attempt to slow down to drive to get around the double-parked car on the tiny street.
      The boy came out of nowhere running in between 2 parked cars in that squeeze.

      my guess is the car had to have hit him at ~10mph at that point. This has nothing to do with whether he was on a cell or not, it is about education. whatever happened to the day where we tough our kids to looks both ways before crossing. walk at the cross light. etc.

  2. I’m related to the driver which since some ppl in this thread assume was speeding/left the scene……… I can tell you that the driver has the parents # and the parents have the drivers # kid has a small bump on his head and the kid was for observation for 2 hours and hatzala was called………. But since everyone saw a video let’s blame the driver and assume all BAD things because……… I don’t know

    why is it that some ppl’s default assumption is to blame the driver even you can CLEARLY see the boy JUST WALKS INTO THE STREET WITHOUT LOOKING if there’s a car coming……..?

    do you have a way to CONFIRM the MPH the driver was going? I will get into your expert shoes and tell u tht the driver probably slowed down since there’s a double parked car…………which probably helped avoid………….

    why is your default assumption to assume the driver left the scene?

    why is your default assumption that the driver was on their cell?

    • It was unavoidable by the driver. I doubt that anyone could have stopped a car in time to avoid that boy. The boy is fortunate to be alive with minor injuries. This video should be shown to every child in school as a reminder to look before they cross.
      I hope the driver doesn’t have nightmares or give upon driving as a result of this boy’s carelessness,

  3. The posts on this story remind me of long nights…back when I spent some time driving flatbed tractor trailers over the road, how I was often bemused by the amount of useless chatter we’d engage in on our CBs…there to fight white line monotony. Here…?

  4. That kid was surely bruised up more than a bump on his head. You see him limping away. I hope they did a complete body evaluation of him in the hospital. Bodily injuries and post concussions after being hit by a car at this speed, legal or not, tend to show up days later. I hope he is getting the proper care he needs. Why wasn’t the police called to record the accident?

  5. About a fourteen years ago, I was leaving our local JCC, and driving through a residential neighborhood, where I previously driven through many times before. I was traveling no faster than 15-20 mph, as I had just turned onto a quiet residential street, where the speed limit is 25 mph. All of a sudden, some boy, no older than eight or nine years old, charged out onto the street in between two parked cars, directly in front of me. He couldn’t have been more than 25-30 feet in front of me. Immediately, I slammed on my brakes very rapidly! I was very fortunate that my car had excellent brakes, and by the grace of Hashem, I was able to safely stop, only inches from that boy. I’ll never forget the way that boy stood there grinning at me. I was so upset, at what almost occurred, that I yelled something out of the car window at him, that I should not have said. Nothing in all of my years of driving, prepared me for the shock of what almost occurred. Then, I heard that boy’s Mother, yelling for him to get back into the house. Guess what, about a week or so later, that same character was again playing in the middle of the street, on an alternative block!

  6. Obviously the kid walked out without looking, most likely to the white double parked car on the left side of the street.I think this comes from the school buses stopping in the middle of the street and everyone around them has to stop. This does not teach kids road safety, but gives them the false sense of security that they are safe and never need to look where they are going.
    Its time for a pedestrian safety awareness campaign, especially in school age children.


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