Operations Manager of Wembley Stadium Praises Attendees Of Siyum Hashas For ‘Delightful Event’


LONDON (VINnews) — In a remarkable letter to the organizers of the London Siyum Hashas which was held this week in London’s Wembley Arena, the operations manager of the SSE Arena in London, Becky Syrett, expressed her amazement and appreciation of the behavior of the close to 7,000 participants at the event.

Syrett wrote the letter at 2AM immediately after the event and stated that initially she and her team had not known what to expect at the Siyum. However she and her staff were “blown away” by the fact that there was “not a single incident” of “drunkenness, boisterous or rowdy behavior,” during the event, adding that in her 28 months of working at the arena at over 300 events, this has never happened before.

She also noted that not a single inappropriate or dangerous item had been found on guests, even though normally in such a crowd there would be hundreds of such items.

Syrett also noted that her team was blown away by the amount of “thank yous” they received at the end of the evening.

“I am devastated that Siyum only takes place once every seven years,” she concluded. “This event was a delight for all of us.”


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  1. This is how we will fight anti-Semitism. Not by speeches or by donations, but by living Torah lives and showing the Gentiles what it means to be a religious Jew. Thank you to all of the attendees for making a HUGE Kiddush Hashem. Kein Yirbu!


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