Pistol Permit Applications Rise In NY Community After Attack


MONSEY, N.Y. (AP) — The number of residents seeking to own handguns has risen sharply in a New York community shaken last month by a machete attack that injured five men during a Hanukkah celebration.

The Journal News reports 73 pistol permit applications have been filed with the Rockland County Clerk’s Office since the Dec. 28 attack at a rabbi’s home in Monsey, a hamlet in the town of Ramapo northwest of New York City.

That compares to 51 applications the office received during the eight weeks prior to the stabbing, County Clerk Paul Piperato told the newspaper.

Sixty-eight of the new applications came from Ramapo residents, including 31 from Monsey.

“It’s definitely because of this incident,” Piperato told the newspaper, referring to the attack. “In some way, shape or form, they want to defend themselves.”

Chief William Barbera of the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department says an application is the first step in a months-long process. Applicants are required to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check and firearms training before the paperwork is submitted to a licensing officer.

An academy run by veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces has been providing weapons training in Ramapo’s synagogues since the machete attack, The Journal News reports. Its trainers have been advising Jewish residents to seek unrestricted pistol permits.

“The goal is to be able to carry at synagogue and not to just possess at home and take to the range,” said Yonatan Stern, the academy’s director.

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  1. Now we need Brooklyn Yiden to get permits. If they can’t get carrying permits at least non carrying permits so they can defend themselves at home. Very rav who lives above his Shul should get a non carriers permit as well. This way he can use his gun in his premises including his Shul or shteeble.

    • Defend yourself in your home? All these incidents of recent, have happened out of the home, in the streets. The story with the Rabbi’s home in Monsey, was mistaken as a Synagogue, as the perpetrator saw many people coming and going from there. No one is coming into your home for so-called anti semitic reasons. If they break in it’s because they are the common criminals looking for something of value to steal. Moral of the story, stay indoors at night. Stop dreisach arum outdoors at night. Most of the Crown Heights and Boro Park incidents happened between 1:00 am and 4:00 am. Yes, it’s a free country, but come on, use your common sense. What the hell are you doing shpatzeiring so late at night???

  2. Beware of the unintended consequences.
    The life or lives any of these guns take or maim ch”v may one of our own.
    Rabbi Rottenberg shlit”a, from the Chanukah tragedy, said that if Yidden had guns the tragedy could have been even worse.

  3. If you are going to get a gun, you need to get training to know how to use it, when to use it, and how to keep yourself calm in a difficult situation. It’s not for every yutz who wants to pick up a gun — it is a dangerous tool. It’s like driving a car, only more so.


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