Anti-Semitic Messages Found Scrawled On Queens Vehicle [PHOTOS]


QUEENS (VINnews) — A Jewish resident of Fresh Meadows in Queens woke up Monday morning to find anti-Semitic messages scrawled on his vehicle.

The despicable messages were scrawled onto several seats inside the vehicle.

A message sent out by the community read as follows:

“Dear Members,

One of our community members woke up to this in the morning.
It happened in fresh Meadows.
We will be contacting the precinct.
We need to take more action as a community.
Unfortunately these tragedies are getting worse and getting close to home.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force to investogate the incident.

“I am disgusted by the reports of swastikas and hateful language found written inside a car that was broken into in Queens this morning,” Cuomo said. “These blatant anti-Semitic acts are meant to instill fear and feed the cancer of hate that has become pervasive across this nation in recent years. I stand with all New Yorkers in condemning these hateful acts — whether they be in the form of graffiti or violence — and we will continue to call them out whenever and wherever we see them. I am directing the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to assist the NYPD in their investigation to ensure the person responsible for this vile act is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal tweeted about the incident, saying “Yet another antisemitic attack. This time in our own backyard. We must be able to feel safe in our neighborhoods. We must do more. This trajectory is unsustainable and unacceptable.”

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    • Because they’re not really Nazis, they just hate Jews and know that the swastika is an insult to Jews (enemies of my enemies etc). In reality, the Nazis probably would have hated and killed those who perpetrated these hate crimes, just as much as they hated Jews.

  1. No kidding. A lot of those living in poverty get angry and jealous when they see others with new/luxurious things I’ve homes, cars, clothing, vacations, pesach hotels etc. And unfortunately there is no shortage of that in the “frum” community. While most won’t act out on their feelings, some apparently do. This vandalism was obviously pointing to the leather seats and the built in large entertainment screen. Plus the exterior of the car is probably a luxury SUV which attracts attention. Maybe a Land Rover? Maybe it’s all a message to live more simply and stop flashing it all.

  2. You live in the holy New York which is your new Jerusalem and you expect the natives to love you?

    Wake will never be loved by them.

    This is not your home.

    Your home is Israel. The land and state whom you all want to hate.

    You talk against the Medina 24 7 and you expect other Jews to give a damn as to your well being.

    Your Messiach hasnt come yet so keep on waiting in drekish New York…good luck


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