Cory Booker Ends His Presidential Bid After Polling And Fundraising Struggles


WASHINGTON (JTA) — New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, who at times would cite Torah on the campaign trail, is out of the race to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but I got in this race to win, and I’ve always said I wouldn’t continue if there was no longer a path to victory,” Booker said Monday in an email to supporters, saying he simply did not have the funds to stay in the race less than a month ahead of the first nominating contest, in Iowa.

Booker has been deeply involved with the Jewish community since his days as a Rhodes scholar in the 1990s at Oxford University, where he co-chaired a Jewish studies group.

Booker, a Baptist, has showed off his Hebrew in public events for years.

Asked how his faith influenced his policy at a CNN town hall last March, Booker contrasted himself with President Donald trump, saying his faith embraced diversity.

“May I quote some Hebrew to you, cause I’ve studied the Torah too,” he said. “There’s a song sung during the High Holidays: ‘Ki veiti beit t’fila yikareh l’chol ha’amim’ — ‘May my house be a house of prayer for many nations.’”

Booker, who made gun control, closing the income gap and criminal justice reform central planks of his campaign, was a foreign policy centrist. He was close to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and was one of just a few of Democrats running for president who said he would not automatically rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which Trump abandoned in 2018.

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    • Yang is not old, not white and not multi millionaire.

      And is pro Israel. He raised an impressive $16.5 million in q4 and has the money to compete all the way. I hope he does well.

      The goal of ending poverty is possible. The US has the money to take of its people.

  1. He’ll blame it on racism, even though there was no racism when Obama got elected twice. Although Holder didn’t hold that, but held that racism is pervasive anyway. Ask Tayvon Martin. Trump is now the racist, but more on that another time. Meanwhile racism and misogyny drove Kamalalala Harris out and may do the same to Cherokee Warren. Democrat racists now pushing for white males, preferably wealthy. Republican racists will elect Trump to knock out the Dem racists, and so it goes. The pertinent question is : did racism cause climate change or vice versa.
    You’re a racist, I’m a racist, she and he are racists, papas and mamas are racists… Ee – I – Ee – I – Oh.

    • Good point.
      Do you remember what the Indian Chief (Mel Brooks) said, after circling the wagons and approaching the caravan, in the movie Blazing Saddles, and seeing the race of the family? Do you remember what language he said it in? Lol!


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