Lakewood Man Changes Flat Tire For Gentile Stranger: ‘It Made My Day’


LAKEWOOD, N.J. (VINnews) — A gentile woman whose car hit a pothole and burst a tire was witness to an example of selfless Jewish kindness, as a young frum man stopped immediately, got out of his car and began changing her tire. The woman, Eboni Hester, decided to publish her experience on Facebook, stating that “it truly made my day.”

So today I was taking Blu (my dog) to the vet to get checked out. Driving thru Lakewood I hit a pothole & caught a flat…

Posted by Eboni Hester on Friday, January 10, 2020


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  1. This is a wonderful “feel good” story, and truth be told, this represents the attitude that many of us had until the Holocaust. The Chafetz Chaim ztl, for example, took it upon himself to fast after a deadly earthquake in Japan in 1923 despite the fact that there were no Jewish victims. Perhaps the time has come to return to our prior values.


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