Rock-Throwing Incident That Killed Palestinian Woman Classified As Terror Attack

Palestinian mourners carry the body of Aisha Rabi, who was killed when the car driven by her husband was hit by rocks in the northern West Bank, at her funeral, Oct. 13, 2018. (Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Defense Ministry has recognized as a terror attack an incident in which a Palestinian mother of nine was killed by a thrown rock at her car.

But since the woman, Aisha Rabi, is not an Israeli citizen, her family will not receive compensation from the National Insurance Institute, Ynet reported.

Rabi, 47, was killed at the Tapuah Junction in the northern West Bank in 2018 when a rock thrown at the car driven by her husband struck Rabi in the head. Her husband said that the rocks were thrown from near a Jewish settlement and that he heard people speaking Hebrew, though he did not see them. The couple’s 9-year-old daughter was also in the car.

A 16-year-old from the Pri Haaretz Yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Rehalim was arrested and charged last year with manslaughter, aggravated stone throwing at a moving vehicle, and intentional sabotage of a vehicle. He remains under house arrest. A judge said at the time of the teen’s indictment that his DNA was found on the rock that smashed through the car’s windshield.

A guilty verdict on manslaughter could carry a sentence of up to 25 years in prison, though the term could be mitigated for a minor.

Rabi’s family will appeal the decision against compensation, and could appeal to Israeli authorities to demolish the home of the alleged teenage attacker if he is found guilty.

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    • Be clear. Are you criticizing the fact that the rock thrower is being prosecuted? The thrower is a terrorist murderer and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

        • Is AH an acronym for “Am Haaretz”? There is nothing in Sanhedrin 57 related to the news article or to my comment. Are you a rasha defending the rasha rock thrower?
          FYI.. I follow toras emes to the letter. Not your distorted made up rishus.

          • The am haaretz here is you, who either didn’t bother looking at that daf and amud at all, or did and couldn’t find anything. I’ll be more specific: look at lines 24-25 on that amud.

            Your “toras emes” is pure sheker, for example your insistence that Jews shouldn’t defend themselves, or that removing our enemies from our land is wrong.

        • Confirmed!! You’re an Am Haaretz, or worse.. you’re a deliberate distorter of Torah. Nothing on that entire daf which would exonerate, or even remotely excuse such a wicked act. That you can defend such rishus speaks volumes about what kind of person you are.

          • You’re an utter liar. I notice you can’t even be bothered to say anything about what it does say on that amud, because you are a filthy liar and am haaretz whose notion of “Toras emes” bears no relation to the real thing.

            So here: על שפיכות דמים כותי בכותי וכותי בישראל חייב ישראל בכותי פטור. If you can’t understand that, then go back to cheder and learn something.

        • Are you for real?! You’re quoting a gemorah which deals with kutim and you apply it to whoever you want? Are you insane? Secondly, the gemorah deals with the death penalty and not a matter of goverment policy. Youre a real “Am Haaretz” das Baal habais. Bottom line the rock thrower is a terrorist murderer

          • Wow, so after all you are able to read something once it’s spoon-fed to you. Mazel tov. Now, consider that כותים in the Gemara is often due to a censor’s change, and actually should read גוים or נכרים or the like (and in this case, a glance at an uncensored Gemara would show you that that’s the case). And the point remains that the Gemara there says פטור, so who are you to say that “he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law”?

        • No, Am Haaretz.. since there is nothing relevant to the conversation on that daf, every line is just as meaningless. Since you pointed out where your confusion stems from I addressed it. Now back to the subject matter… see rambam first Halacha in hilchos rotzeach.. the rock thrower is a terrorist murderer and you are a shoteh and gas ruach. Get this straight.. you can’t weigh in on halachic matters by learning daf yomi.

          • So you consider the Gemara meaningless. Nice to know.

            As for the Rambam, you’re simply flat-out lying, because he talks there about כל הורג נפש אדם מישראל specifically. Are you going to now claim that the Arabs are מישראל?

        • Writing everything in caps doesn’t make your case any stronger. The notion that it is ok to stone an innocent passerby because you want to send a message is appalling. It is shocking that you can defend such vile and vicious actions. You are probably not 100% zera Yisrael.

  1. While we are a nation that abhor s murderer I ask so how does it feel Palestinian s? It hurts doesn’t it? (That’s what the Muslim animals we’re asking a Jew they where torturing before killing him in Hebron 1929 hyd

  2. Whilst I don’t condone this dumb act, at all, the fact that Palies have been throwing rocks at Israeli cars, for years on end, resulting in deaths or major injuries, and the fact that people sometimes respond in kind is called mitigating circumstances and is certainly understandable, sadly.

    If the Palies are so concerned by an Israeli’s response they would be wise to stop their terrorism, or……

  3. zhids should do 100 times more.maybe the other chazeirim will stop murdering .a life for an eye.the language they understand is fear.not decent dialouge.theyve been murdering for 1400 years

  4. mr. yingale, you’re suspiciously overheated about a Jewish ” terrorist” to the poi nt of rage. Not excusing that behavior, but maybe because he’s also a Zionist,is driving you over the cliff?
    Frankly, I’m more bothered when a Jew in Israel is terrorised .Are you?? Or you think it’s not his country. Maybe you’re the rasha? Think it over…. You protest too strongly. The lady doth protest too much…


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