Ezras Nashim Recognized in the Capitol of Albany

Ezras Nashim members in the Capitol with Assemblywoman Nilly Rozic (D-Queens), Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bushott (D-Midwood), Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (D-Brooklyn), Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal (D-Flushing).

ALBANY (VINnews) – Assemblywoman Nilly Rozic (D-Queens) introduced and praised a delegation of Ezras Nashim in front of the entire New York State Assembly in the Assembly Chambers of the Capitol Building in Albany.

Rozic passed a resolution recognizing the members for their volunteer efforts of preserving women’s dignity during emergencies. She said that Ezras Nashim’s service is invaluable and should be recognized for their impact. She concluded by saying, “It’s my honor today to ask if we can extend the cordialities of the floor to welcome Ezras Nashim EMTs and advocates to the people’s house.

The Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly, Hon. Jeffrion L. Aurby, concluded with the following warm message, “On behalf of Ms. Rozic, the speaker, and all the members we welcome you here to the NYS assembly extend to you the privileges of the floor. Thank you for the work that you’re doing to ensure the health and well-being of women who come into your facility.

Please continue that. Know that you will always be in our thoughts, and we will always be grateful for the service that you’re providing. Thank you
The resolution was followed with a thunderous applause by everyone in attendance at the Assembly Hall.

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