Ezras Nashim Recognized in the Capitol of Albany

Ezras Nashim members in the Capitol with Assemblywoman Nilly Rozic (D-Queens), Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bushott (D-Midwood), Assemblyman Joseph Lentol (D-Brooklyn), Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal (D-Flushing).

ALBANY (VINnews) – Assemblywoman Nilly Rozic (D-Queens) introduced and praised a delegation of Ezras Nashim in front of the entire New York State Assembly in the Assembly Chambers of the Capitol Building in Albany.

Rozic passed a resolution recognizing the members for their volunteer efforts of preserving women’s dignity during emergencies. She said that Ezras Nashim’s service is invaluable and should be recognized for their impact. She concluded by saying, “It’s my honor today to ask if we can extend the cordialities of the floor to welcome Ezras Nashim EMTs and advocates to the people’s house.

The Speaker Pro Tempore of the Assembly, Hon. Jeffrion L. Aurby, concluded with the following warm message, “On behalf of Ms. Rozic, the speaker, and all the members we welcome you here to the NYS assembly extend to you the privileges of the floor. Thank you for the work that you’re doing to ensure the health and well-being of women who come into your facility.

Please continue that. Know that you will always be in our thoughts, and we will always be grateful for the service that you’re providing. Thank you
The resolution was followed with a thunderous applause by everyone in attendance at the Assembly Hall.

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    • because Simcha Eichenstein does NOT support ezras nashim, unlike his predecessor Dov Hikind who was a supporter and gave them a govt. grant for an ambulance.

      • Really? The reason the EN is in Albany is for a meeting this week to decide if they can operate an ambulance service.
        If Hikind got them a grant for an ambulance, then it was before they could legally operate an ambulance: the monies would never have been spent.
        Do you have a source to confirm your statement?

  1. “Thank you for the work that you’re doing to ensure the health and well-being of women who come into your facility.”

    Clearly people here are not aware of Ezras Nashim’s purpose or operations. They likely thought they operated a women’s clinic of some sort. By the same token, they’re probably also not aware that all Ezras Nashim succeeds in accomplishing is delaying definitive care while providing no actual medical benefit.

  2. Hypocritical Rabbinical thinking is driving away Jews from Yiddishkeit. The women set up a service to help other women keep their dignity and privacy. The corrupt Rabbinical authority are trying to stop them.

      • Yes, in fact. We were outside in the schoolyard playing kickball, when one of the kids kicked the ball into another child’s face. When the rebbe ran to make sure he was okay, he accidentally ran into me and slammed his running arm into me. I was fine, but the rebbe was pretty taken aback to have two kids hurt instead of one. In the end, both of us had no significant injuries.
        Can you explain why you needed to know this? I know a real therapist would only care about someone’s childhood experiences in order to work for that person’s own benefit.

    • Yes, you’re the latest in a long line of people who accuse the rabbis of being hypocrites. Some fellow named Yoizel did the same thing once upon a time. Who knows, maybe centuries from now people will be worshiping you too.

      • Brilliant argument!
        1. The comparison to Yoizel is basically the equivalent of “You speak Yiddish? Yiddish is derived from German. The Nazis spoke German, you sick mamzer“.
        2. Yes, maybe people will worship me one day. I’d better see the error in my ways so that such a thing should never happen, chas v’shalom.

  3. Their argument is based on female need. There is nothing in the law that allows an ambulance based on that need. This is not anti-Ezras noshim or pro Hatzola, but just following the law. Next we will have Muslim only ambulances, gay only ambulances, etc. Emergencies are above personal preferences.


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