Hikind: NYPD Officer Yells “You ….in’ Jews” At Hasidic Father And Son In Boro Park


BROOKLYN, NY (VINnews) – This past Friday night, a Hasidic father and his 17-year old son were walking home after spending time at a tisch, a rabbinical event in Boro Park. As they were crossing the street at 15th Avenue and 50th Street a police car with its lights on drove by and the police officer who was driving the car rolled his window down and yelled “you fu–in’ Jews” at them. The officer laughed and drove off, leaving them shocked and stunned.

The family reached out to Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, on Sunday evening to ensure this matter is addressed in a professional and swift manner. The family was terrified but they’re willing to come forward so this antisemitic act is addressed and the individual involved is held responsible for his actions.

“I have so much respect for NYC’s Finest but sometimes, things like this happen. This incident must be thoroughly investigated by senior officials in the NYPD. With antisemitism reaching unprecedented levels, we can’t allow any form of hate to be tolerated,” said Hikind.

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  1. In 2006, in Boro Park, Inspector Esposito of the NYPD stated the same thing, when he ordered his men to disperse the crowds. He stated “get these (blank) Jews out of here”.

  2. Hikind loves publicity and tries to stay relevant despite an unstellar career as an Assemblyman. Going to Hikind who puts out a press release is not a way to “ensure this matter is addressed in a professional and swift manner”. This is just an anonymous unsubstantiated allegation against unknown officiers.

    The complainant must file a complaint. Once a specific time is provided the 66 precinct can determine which RMP was involved. Very few RMP’s are actually out late at night so it should be fairly easy to narrow the search down to a couple of possible offenders, possibly the sector car and eliminating those who would have been on jobs at the other end of the precinct.
    Without an actual complaint to the NYPD or the CCRB there is nothing.

  3. not surprised at all at this dunkin donuts eating trash. in the 70 precinct the commander david wall is a known anti Semite and he used to be at 66 in boro park that’s why the equally anti Semitic Jim Oneill put him in Flatbush and not in Brownsville.

  4. eisav is eisav no matter what uniform he wears.wold in sheep cloths is still a wolf.new yorks finest.brings shame to the rest of the fine officers that risk their life everyday

  5. There are cameras that can show which cop yelled. Why are we following the secular ADL system of publicizing every anti Semitic event. The more you publicize swasticas the more copycats there are. The groups like ADL collect fifty million dollars a year on the backs of Orthodox Jews.

  6. Hikind should have asked for a physical description of the cop (i.e. Male or Female, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian), and if the complainant was able to remember the number on back of the car? In retrospect, this incident does not surprise me, as NYPD cops use that word, as often as they breathe!


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