Liverpool Deli Owner Hanged Himself After Rabbis Made Him Paint Over Kosher Symbol On Store’s Sign

Roseman's Delicatessen in Liverpool was the main kosher eatery for Jews in the English city. (Google Street View)

MANCHESTER (JTA) — The owner of the deli that was the main outlet for kosher food in Liverpool, England, was “completely broken” after being forced to paint over the sign identifying the store as kosher.

Hours later, Robert Kaye hanged himself.

Kaye owned Roseman’s Delicatessen in Liverpool as well as Gough’s Deli in Manchester. He was found dead on June 18 after it became public that he had been selling nonkosher meat for seven years at Roseman’s and was stripped of his kashrut licenses, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The rabbis of the Manchester Rabbinical Court made Kaye paint over the sign identifying the store as kosher.

His partner, Kathryn Davies, during a hearing Monday at the Rochdale coroner said that Kaye had been left “completely broken” by the decision, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Accusations were made against Kaye, who also suffered from multiple sclerosis and depression, after a member of the Gough staff refused to accept a delivery of liver that did not appear to be kosher. The order was for Roseman’s. The product supplier then confirmed it had delivered nonkosher meat to Roseman’s for seven years.

The three rabbinical court judges had followed Kaye back to Gough’s Deli after their meeting in June and watched as he painted over the Manchester Beit Din’s symbol identifying the shop as kosher.

Davies found Kaye hanging in the loft of their Manchester-area home on June 18.

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  1. The headline is fit for the tabloids! It makes it sound as the Rabbis are partly to blame. The Guy hanged himself because he was caught defrauding his customers and feeding them non-kosher meat. It is fully understood that you would lose your kosher certification in such cases, and it is a decision HE made. The fact that he was sick and depressed does not absolve him of the results. The Rabbis have no blame, other than they maybe should have caught on to it earlier.

  2. In the USA, ganavim have been not only been found to be selling trefe meat, in a place that’s supposed to be kosher, but also selling Ppesach products, which are chometz!

  3. In a way, the Bais Din DID kill him. They embarrassed him by publicly making paint over the sign himself. Not sure if his crime warranted that the sign be removed or covered over in this fashion. There were other, equally effective ways.

  4. Liam k nuj
    The rabbis had nothing to do with it.should they let him keep his kosher sign ???the time to hang yourself from embarrassment is when youre caught.he can handle the embarressment then,he can handle painting over his sign.many people suffer countless times worse.this guy probally want even embarressed that he got cought.he hung himself in plain simple English because he wasnt well and couldnt hang in there. Rabbis shoudve lynched him


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