What Would You Pay To Own The Chazon Ish’s Shulchan Aruch?



What Would You Pay To Own The Chazon Ish’s Shulchan Aruch?

Imagine if you could own the Shulchan Aruch used by the Chazon Ish himself, with his own glosses. Any Talmid Chacham who has ever studied the Chazon Ish’s works could only dream of possessing the original book which he studied in. It is both a holy item used by a great scholar and a priceless heirloom to pass down from generation to generation.

This is just one of a veritable treasure trove of fascinating and valuable manuscripts and items which the Genazym auction house are offering at a special sale Which you can participate online at Genazym.com.  The items also include an 8-page pamphlet of Chidushei Torah by the Chatam Sofer written in his own handwriting, about which his contemporary Rabbi Mordechai Banet declared that “just looking at his holy handwriting leads a person to fear of Hashem.” A document of Semicha granted by Rabbi Banet himself is also available in this collection.

View the full catalog at www.genazym.com.

There are also many unique items from the Teitelbaum family, including a book belonging to the Yismach Moshe and the chair used by Rabbi Yoel, the Satmar Rebbe on his extended visit to Israel in 1946.

Many rare first edition books are available, such as the Ohr HaGanuz including the approbation of Rabbi Mordechai of Chernobyl, who stated that the book itself is a protection for those who purchase it. There are also a number of responsa from various prominent rabbis, including a discussion by the renowned Rabbi Meir Arik about bringing a Sefer Torah into an American jail, the original responsum of the Avnei Nezer regarding the Heter Mechira as well as letters from rabbis martyred in the Holocaust, such as Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman and Rabbi Naftali Hertz Bombach.

Giants and luminaries whose works are studied daily by Jews from all walks of life suddenly come alive again when one sees their handwriting in sharp clarity. A letter from the Chafetz Chayim includes his blessing to a businessman that he “have free time to study Torah”.  A letter from his disciple, the Ponovezher Rav, bemoans the precarious situation of his Yeshiva and the difficulty in raising funds in America during the Great Depression.  A letter from Rabbi Meir Shapira, the initiator of the Daf Yomi, updates his wife on his wellbeing during one of his many journeys. A letter from the author of Ktav V’Kabbala explains his goal in writing his famous  Torah commentary.

These and many other famous documents make the Genayzm collection a truly historic and unique opportunity to purchase and own a piece of our national heritage.

Bidding on the items has already begun online and they will be on view at Beit Tovei Ha’Ir Jerusalem prior to the auction.

For any inquiries or assistance please call 845-501-9990

or Email: [email protected]



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