Republican Party Leader In Delaware Ousted After Blaming Jews For Impeachment Hearings


DELAWARE (JTA) — A Republican Party leader in Delaware was fired after Facebook posts that were criticized as anti-Semitic.

The Sussex County Republican Party voted on Monday to oust its vice chair, Nelly Jordan, the Dover Post reported. Her Facebook comments singling out Jews as responsible for the impeachment of President Donald Trump came to light on Dec. 31, according to Delaware State News.

“These jews (sic) have been enrolled to come and testify, to come and interrogate and to be involved in anything that the Democrats enlist them to do to try to look credible to the people of this country,” her post said, according to Delaware State News.

Jordan also wrote that Jews were going against the Lord’s will “as it was in the times of the Old Testament.”

Her comments drew criticism from party leaders. Though Jordan apologized for the comments earlier this month, on Monday she said she was “not anti-Semitic” and that her words had been “changed.”

Jordan was ousted by two votes and dozens of party members showed up at the Monday event to support her.

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    • In your Democrat party anti-semitism is ignored and the haters retain their positions of power. That’s the difference between the Republicans and your party of lowlifes.

      • Please..either post an anti-Semitic quote from a Democrat Party Leader, cite a Democrat Party candidate for Congress who is a Neo-Nazi (like Illinois Republican Arthur Jones), or show me one White Supremacist endorsement for a Democrat…OR…just keep quie.t

  1. Some russian trolls on VIN have said the same slander. The Trump gang will stop at nothing to sow division in tbis country. Meanwhile Rudy operative LEV PARNAS has destroyed trump’s lies of innocence on national TV. But the GOP Senate is blocking ALL TESTIMONY! No one even called to defend the Orange StinkBug.

      • That’s pretty lame Herr Grun…the testimony being sought is either from individuals blocked from testifying by Trump, like Pompeo, Mulvaney, and Bolton (who says he has important testimony to offer if subpoenaed), or offering previously unknown testimony, like Parnas.

        Of what are you Trumpzis afraid? Actually, most people know the answer to that question. After all, if nothing, the Trumpzis would allow the testimony.

  2. “We could have come up with 30 people,” said House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel, D-N.Y. “But I think the smaller, probably, the less unwieldy it is.”

    Little Eliot is an evil backstabbing Jewish coward of the worst kind. It’s self hating rodents like Engel that would of gladly volunteered to be the first to enter the gas chambers. Anything to please the enemy

    • Eliot Engel is an earlysupporter of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

      In 2003, he authored the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 12, 2003. In this Law, Congress authorized penalties and restrictions on US relations with Syria for its occupation of Lebanon, and for its relationship with terrorist groups. Syria withdrew all forces from Lebanon in 2005 after the Cedar Revolution.

      The bi-partisan Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission Act of 2009 (sponsored by Rep. Engel) was passed by the House on December 8, 2009; it would have taken a fresh look at the United States’ counter-narcotics efforts, both at home and abroad. The bill did not pass the Senate.
      Engel before greeting the new King Salman of Saudi Arabia, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in January 2015

      Engel has been a supporter of Israel, but also critical of Israel when necessary. He has supported resolutions critical of both Israelis and Palestinians. In 2008, he was the lead Democrat on a resolution condemning Palestinian rocket attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist organizations. Shortly after entering Congress, he sponsored a resolution declaring Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel. He also wrote the Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush on December 12, 2003.] This law authorized restrictions on American relations with Syria, and penalties for its occupation of Lebanon, and for its relationship with terrorist groups.

      In January 2017, Engel introduced a House resolution condemning the UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which condemned Israeli settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories as a violation of international law.

  3. But the black woman who called jews brutes after a disgusting black couple murdered innocent righteous civilians is still clicking heels on school board, cuz after all shes a black woman so shes immune

  4. Jews in name only.
    Trump has a 90% approval rate among orthodox Jews.
    The remaining 10% are not watching the news so they don’t know what approval rating is 🙂
    BTW, same percentage in Israel.

        • Never said wrong…and your “middle ages” wise crack is no less judgmental and prejudiced…and probably less grounded in real problems…than are the comments made by many criticizing and making fun of Chabad (BTW, I have Crown Heights Chabad family).

          I do note that the hoshkofa opposed to television brought you the Siyam HaShas; that among the most opposed to television was Rav Shimon Schwab, zt”l, and that if level of education and nature of employment are any indicators, I and my children are probably far less “middle ages” and more “with it” than are most here on VIN.

  5. If a holocaust happens n America like in Europe we will know why.
    With such American haters like Nadler I’m surprised the gas chambers were not built yet.


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