Bay Harbor Police Officer Suspended For Approving Wife’s Anti-Muslim Comments


MIAMI BEACH (VINnews) — A senior police officer who served for 38 years in Miami has been suspended from his position after allegedly demonstrating support on social media for anti-Muslim views expressed by his wife, a Hallandale Beach commissioner, according to a Miami Herald report.

Pablo Lima, a corporal in Bay Harbor Islands and a former vice president of the Miami-Dade police union, had submitted an application Tuesday to become the town’s next police chief, but after Thursday’s revelation by the Miami Herald that Lima had added likes to his wife’s controversial posts on social media, he was placed on paid leave prior to an internal affairs investigation regarding his comments.

“The content of the social media posts that were brought to our attention are not consistent with our Town’s values and policies,” Town Manager J.C. Jimenez said in a statement. “Corporal Pablo Lima is currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation. State law prohibits us from discussing details of an open internal affairs investigation.”

Jimenez declined to comment Thursday on whether Lima’s candidacy for police chief was still relevant.

In January 2019, the Hallandale Beach City Commission voted 3-2 to condemn Commissioner Anabelle Lima-Taub for a Facebook post saying that Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman elected to the U.S. Congress, might become “a martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.”

The post was denounced as hate speech by numerous Muslim and Jewish human rights organizations, but Lima-Taub remained unapologetic, saying that Tlaib’s support for boycotting Israel equated her with terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah.

On the day of the commission vote, dozens of supporters of Lima-Taub held Israeli flags and signs calling Tlaib a terrorist outside Hallandale Beach City Hall. The group included a broad spectrum of political views including anti-BDS activists as well as far-right Internet personality Laura Loomer.

On Jan. 30, 2019, one week after the vote to condemn the Israeli-born Lima-Taub, Pablo Lima shared a story on his Facebook page from titled, “Why A Hallandale Beach Panel Condemned A Commissioner For Anti-Islamic Language.”

Lima added a “like” to five comments showing support for Lima-Taub, including multiple comments that appeared to espouse anti-Muslim sentiments. One comment that Lima “liked” included the line: “This [piece of s—] took her oath on the Koran.”

“Screw these liberal commisioners and mayor,” the comment said. “When will these politicians grow some cohones and start supporting America and it’s Americans. They talk about [Lima-Taub] being a racist and spewing hate. These [expletive] forget that this muslim [Tlaib] supports the people who flew planes into our NY twin towers and killed over 5000 people and more dying from exposure still 18 years later.”

The comment continued: “This [piece of s—] took her oath on the Koran. She openly hates Jews and talks about how they should all die or be killed. Remind me again why you would not support Lima-Taub?”

Lima also “liked” other extreme comments on the post, but did not post any comments below the Facebook post himself.

Lima-Taub also expressed support for his wife’s statements on Instagram, including a Sept. 11, 2019 post where she quoted a statement by U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar ⁠— one of the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress, along with Tlaib ⁠— that “some people did something” in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Lima-Taub, using her Instagram account “@theroguecommissioner,” called Omar a “hate monger” and said the United States was “founded on Judeo-Christian values.”

“#NeverForget #911 ‘Some people did something,’ as per America’s vitriolic hate monger, @repilhan!” Lima-Taub wrote. “Those 19 Jihadi terrorists massacred over 3,000 innocent men and women, encroached on our constitutional rights and caused several billion in loss to dollars with the deliberate action to destabilize our economic stability.

“This country was founded on Judeo-Christian values and we must never let the deaths of those who perished on 9/11 be in vain.”.

The Bay Harbor Islands police department’s social media policy prohibits any speech that “ridicules, maligns, disparages, or otherwise expresses bias against any gender, race, religion, or any protected class of individuals.”

Officers who violate the policy “shall be subject to discipline, up to and including termination of their employment,” the policy says.

Lima spent over 30 years with the Miami-Dade Police Department, retiring as a lieutenant in 2017. He was the vice president of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association from 2006 to 2018. In the past year he worked as an officer and corporal in Bay Harbor Islands for a year.


Jimenez, the town manager, is responsible for selecting the next police chief. He did not immediately respond to a question about whether Lima is still in the runnin

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  1. And that female knee grow dogette in Jersey City board of education is still sitting there after actually paying anti-Semitic rhetoric. Meanwhile, this guy liked a post that is first of all his wife, and secondly true, and he’s losing everything? What a foolish world. Alma d’shikra

    • Please learn something. The woman in Jersey City is elected. The Mayor called for her to resign but she can’t be forced. Here there is someone with the power to enforce the law, the power to arrest, the power to direct other officers. You can’t even have the appearance of bias. Even the look of bias can create problems, esepcailly in a multi-ethnic neighborhood. We forced this cop in Florida to resign for anti-semitic comments.

      • Itchke in the gatchke, of course not, his wife is Jewish…

        But anti Muslim and anti Jewish are not the same thing anyway. I know the Libbys tell you this stuff, but it’s not true.
        Anti Muslim = good. Islam is a lie and a pile of dog chref.
        Lhavdil alfei havdolos, yiddishkeit is emes and the entire purpose that the world was created.

        I’m sorry that you got sucked into hashkofos chitzonios about how everyone is equivalent and equal and anti anything is bad, but it’s not true. Anti goyishkeit is not bad. Anti-evil is not bad, it is good and true.

        Unfortunately in today’s day and age, opposing evil will offend someone and therefore it is “wrong.” But this is according to the standards of the world, not the Torah. Goyishkeit is bad for a yid and your comment stinks of Goyishkeit.

        And Phineas, thanks for the diyyun. Should have been a Rosh yeshiva with such a tifeh chap. Keep making all your chochmos. Blah blah blah. I hope you feel smart. קלוג קלוג קלוג… דו ביסט א פערד.

        • There you have it folks!! From the horses mouth himself. His comment wasn’t based on principle at all. Itchke is nothing more than a hateful being. His opinion is extremely dangerous for yidden. Being able to malign an entire race in the official capacity of a police official is extremely dangerous. The next guy may do it to Yidden.. his rant about hashkafa, goyish, yiddish, and the rest of his rant is irrelevant since the conversation isn’t about a specific race or truth.. he’s a typical yeshiva kvetcher with very little comprehension of what goes on in the real world. Just another “daas” Torah follower.

  2. Comrade, you have been found guilty of approving Badthink. You are to remember that only Revolutionary Truth is acceptable, and like Pavlik Marozov, you are to inform The State if any member of your family dissents, so that they may be re-educated appropriately.

    Yes, Democrats in the United States in 2020 sound an awful lot like the Soviets in 1920…

  3. Saying that an evil person may blow herself up is not violating ““ridicules, maligns, disparages, or otherwise expresses bias against any gender, race, religion, or any protected class of individuals.”” I hope they sue these thought police and win their case for the damage they’re causing them. Anyone who peruses, which has grown substantially over the decades, knows it’s a very real possibility that this evil woman might very well do just that. One NEVER knows. That’s the problem. She is NOT a heterodox Muslima. She’s orthodox in her jihadist behavior, which has no limits. With over 36,000 deadly Muslim attacks worldwide since 9/11/01, how can anyone deny the possibility that an openly evil orthodox Muslima is capable of expressing her highest religious aspiration? See for the documented noted attacks mentioned above.
    Very, very dangerous are Left-wingnut thought police who see no evil where there is and create it where there wasn’t.

  4. Hard to disagree with the officers wife.
    But those filthy congresswomen can say anything that they want about jews .not correct to clump all muslims or any group in one pile.they have good and bad in all groups

  5. Today they will expose everything you say via twitter facebook,the list is endless.a policeman is more aware what they can track a persons actions and comments.he is entitled to his own feeings and position.but he lacks how can he become the top cop


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