Ohel Sarah: Helping Ba’alos Teshuva at a Critical Time


Ohel Sarah was founded over six years ago to address a critical need that many in the community speak about, but was never addressed until recently. Every year there are many young women who make the decision to turn their lives around and become Shomer Torah U’Mitzvos as the result of Kiruv efforts around the U.S.

As we all know, the most neglected part of the kiruv process is the follow up with ba’alei teshuva and the ability to integrate them into the frum community. They often lack the knowledge and support system to successfully run a frum home, date, marry, and learn how to strengthen themselves in their ruchnius while moving to the next stages of life.

Ohel Sarah, based in Passaic, is a community that was created to address the needs of these ba’alos teshuva. Participants live with growth-oriented peers who have also taken on Shmiras HaMitzvos. The program gives them access to dating mentors, shidduch help, role models, and is involved in hachnasas kallah needs and social services in many cases.

For the first time, the organization is running a raffle to raise much needed funds to continue it’s work. Only 360 tickets will be sold to raise the funds to continue providing these critical services. The winner of the raffle will receive $10,000 cash!

You can purchase your raffle ticket here

You can find out more about the program here


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