What is The Chofetz Chaim’s most cherished Berachah?



What is The Chofetz Chaim’s most cherished Berachah?

Everyone knows the Chofetz Chaim as the author of some of the most classic works on the Jewish bookshelf, such as Mishna Berura, and of course, Chofetz Chaim, the laws of shemiras halashon. Many maintain that due to his greatness in Torah and middos, he belongs to a much earlier generation. That’s why it’s so fascinating to get a window into his personal world.

Recently, a handwritten thank-you letter written by the Chofetz Chaim to one of his  supporters was discovered. How does a tzaddik of this stature express his thanks? After brachos that “hashem” should shower him with beracha and hatzlacha in all of his endeavors, the Chofetz Chaim concludes a heartfelt berachah “…and may you have spare time for learning Torah!” As a powerful proponent of the Daf Yomi program, and one who regularly encouraged Jews from all walks of life to strengthen their Torah learning, for the Chofetz Chaim this was certainly the apex of all brachos – having all the beracha and hatzlacha in business, one still needs a special beracha to have time for learning torah.

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