Cincinnati Pediatrician Under Attack From Anti-Vax Supporters After Tiktok Video Supporting Vaccination


CINCINNATI (VINnews) — Nicole Baldwin, a Cincinnati pediatrician , suffered a coordinated attack from thousands of anti-vaccine supporters after she posted a TikTok video encouraging vaccination on her  Twitter account Saturday evening.

The video depicts Baldwin dancing to “Cupid Shuffle” as she points to various diseases prevented by vaccines, ending with the words “vaccines don’t cause autism.” The video went viral on Twitter and TikTok but also unleashed a torrent of abusive and insulting comments against Baldwin.

Baldwin, 42, sees social media as a useful way to spread public health information to her patients, maintaining an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as running a blog with tips on keeping parents and children well. The Blue Ash, Ohio pediatrician said she created her TikTok account last week because she wanted to reach a different demographic than she does with her other accounts.

“Obviously, as a pediatrician, I know that vaccines are safe. And I think there’s a lot of misconception out there about them,” Baldwin told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “I know TikTok has this huge adolescent population as well as some younger adults, so my hope was to spread, you know, that vaccines are safe – spread that message to a different audience than what I’d reached on other social media.”

However commenters on all Baldwin’s social media platforms insulted her, referred to vaccines as “poison” and suggested she was being paid to promote vaccination. One commenter wrote, “Dead doctors don’t lie.” Baldwin also suffered massive negative reviews on her Yelp and Google reviews pages in an attempt to harm her livelihood and reputation.

“I think in this day and age, Google reviews and Yelp reviews are king,” Baldwin told The Enquirer. “And I think that that is the goal for a lot of these people: to hurt my livelihood, to damage my reputation because I believe something different than they do. And it is frightening.”

The attacks escalated to the point that people started calling Baldwin’s practice and harassing the staff, threatening to “shut the practice down.” Police are investigating the harassment.


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  1. The tactics used are immature and wrong.
    Nevertheless, while my kids have been vaccinated, I disagree with absolute statements assuring that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. It is impossible to assure that vaccines do not cause autism when they do not have the slightest inkling of what causes autism. I refer to the cases of the last 35 years which do not resemble classic autism and did not exist, by any term, prior to recent decades. Sadly, those that remember are retiring and leaving, with the remaining parroting the official line.

    • There is also no proof that vaccines don’t cause people to go blind. But nobody thinks they do because there is nothing to indicate they do. Vaccines don’t cause autism. Studies have shown the same Amount of autism in children in the vaccinated group as the unvaccinated group.

      • Sure! In the pHARMa funded studies, my very naive friend. Why do you feel so comfortable with believing complete lies when all you need to do is unroll a vaccine insert and see how idiotic it is to inject such filth into the bloodstream. No family that stopped vaccinating could EVER be convinced to allow this naziesque medical procedure to be done to their loved ones. Your vaccinating doctors are completely ignorant about biology and how to educate our families to thrive. If they did – they’d be out of business! Healthy families are very bad for business!

        • No, the more recent studies were NOT funded by pharmaceutical companies.
          To compare vaccinations to Nazi Y”M medical procedures is grotesque and shows how you’ve crossed the line from rational argument to irrationality.

          Doctors don’t know about biology? Yet you call the ingredients of a vaccine “filth” based on the drug insert. Wow.

        • Lol. Look at the insert of any OTC medication. They have to write this stuff to avoid lawsuits. Pharmafunded? Did you even bother looking up the study I cited? It was a European study, and very very far from “Pharmafunded”

          As an aside, cite one study that does link measles vaccine to autism. Lol

  2. I think the anger towards her is coming from a place of desperation. The fact is that the media and the legislatures are owned and bought by corporate interests, using mafia tactics to take away choice from informed people. Medical procedures should be voluntary. Informed consent is something that the entire world agreed upon following the mutilation and experimentation upon our own grandparents and great grandparents by Nazi doctors. Vaccines are a massive and continuous experiment on the population and nobody really knows what they are doing. Listen to Dr. Peter Aaby who for 40 years had no idea that the DTP vaccine program he headed in Africa was killing 10 times more kids than the amount it saved from Diphtheria Pertussis and Tetanus. Listen to the recent WHO meeting, where the scientists participating basically admitted that they really do not have sufficient safety information. People in our community simply cover their ears when presented with facts and simply retort “I trust my doctor.” In that same WHO meeting, the speaker expressed that doctors are losing credibility with vaccines because they don’t really know about them as they are discussed for 1/2 day at best during medical school. This is something I’ve been repeating from a number of “vaccine skeptical” doctors who have switched sides over time. Now it has been confirmed in an official source! So here’s a doctor who is using unjustified trust to manipulate public opinion in an area she is truly unqualified. That’s definitely fair cause for fury! She might know about measles, but she likely knows little to nothing about the MMR! She probably can’t even list the ingredients in them, let alone cite studies proving their safety! And let me repeat what everyone keeps saying, which should really be the slam dunk end of conversation: Vaccines are classified as “biologics” as opposed to drugs, thereby exempting them from the rigorous study process required for drugs by the FDA. The entire purpose of classifying them this way was to exempt them from the process!! Couple this with the fact that you cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer ever since 1986. So you’ve removed the only 2 reasons why a manufacturer would study a vaccine for safety; could there be any wonder why they don’t do so? Why do our frum journalists and news sites ignore the discussion surrounding vaccine skepticism? There is so much to ponder here and so much positive discussion that we could be having to make it a better world! Instead we keep insulting each other and playing color war: pro-vaxxers vs anti-vaxxers. And better yet, stoking sinas chinam!! Do you really think that so many frum jews are so stupid and so brainwashable? Perhaps you just made up your mind and couldn’t believe that the unbelievable could be true, so you just refused to consider what they were saying!

    • The studies are conclusive and The verdict is in. MMR vaccine does not cause autism. No amount of ranting will change that. European researchers have tracked thousands of children (not 10 kids like a certain British “doctor” did) and they found that there is the same amount of autism among the group who have not been vaccinated as those who have been vaccinated.

      • If you are so dead set on believing a money making business such as the CDC then I’m sure you would enjoy reading ‘The Whistelblower’ a book by the author of thE MMR study that you’re quoting, where he ADMITS that he altered the study because he was pressured by his bosses. He clearly admits that the MMR vaccine is linked to autism and must be further studied to determine who isn’t at greater risk. No person who had done research on vaccines vaccinate again. You haven’t done your research if you’re parroting the sentiment ‘the science is settled ‘

        • No person who works in certain (many?) restaurant eats there. Does that mean that everyone who eats in that restaurant gets food poisoning?

          Who are the fat cats in the CDC who have been profiting from infecting all of us with autism?

    • Yasher Koach Sam!!! You hit the nail on the head! Now if all our Jewish media, rabbanim, doctors, principals, etc. would have just a bit of foresight on how ALL those who had any faith in them will turn on them for all the vaccine damage in their families. BEH – I look forward to the masses genuinely turning to Hashem with complete trust, not the fake stuff that R’ Asher Weiss advocates in his “Emunah & Bitachon” – you can’t say you have either if you tell people to blindtrust their precious loved ones’ health to corrupted entities in the govt and the medaKILL system. People who take their health seriously stay FAR away from the kupot doctors, tipat chalav, & the draconian hospitals. I know someone who works in shaarei zeddek who was quietly told by doctors there to NEVER vaccinate. Yet the doctors are so cowardly and don’t realize their strength to protest together against vaccines. Many of the doctors have been corrupted as well – so they continue to bamboozle & con parents into vaccinating – but don’t worry – they’ll be there to rescue the children, if they don’t die first from the vaccines – but then, hey! It was G-d’s will! My Loving G-d says vaccines are forbidden in the Torah – so all you vaccine-worshippers – get a grip & throw away your idols!

    • To Sam Z:
      There is no desperation here – people are ignorant, stupid and going against free speech. Harassing a doctor for speaking out! – have any of those people been to medical school or have any medical experience? I highly doubt it. Is harassing a business the way to make the truth known? certainly not. And definitely goes against the first amendment.

      From a simple google search: Biologics are a class of drugs and ARE FDA approved.

      All what you say is hearsay and conjecture. Who from Shaarei Tzedek hospital said not to vaccinate? If it was someone who stood behind their word then they would put their name to it. If it was said at all.

      The fact is that every country has its own health department and there are many manufacturers of vaccines – why would those in Israel have the same recommendations & similar regulations to those in the USA, UK, Australia & countries all over the world? All the Arab league are in cahoots with the Israelis, Korea & China with the USA? They are all plotting to take over the world by making everyone take vaccines to increase autism?!

  3. It is past time to take the gloves off.

    No vaccination opponents,
    no unvaccinated children,
    in my home,
    in my beis medrash,
    in my shul,
    in my kids’ schools.

    Because I care.

  4. Jack are you a navi who can tell us the truth? Of course you care so does the other side. You have your trust in the doctors the other side is skeptical of doctors after finding out the doctor received only 4 hours on vaccines in his medical school. The other side is suspicious maybe they’re on to something and you guys are the ones who were too trusting

  5. So Jack, with your incredible ahavas yisroel, or lack thereof, do you ask all your babysitters, cleaning ladies, house painter,….. to provide their vaccine records? Which vaccines do you require to enter your home? How about you? When was the last time you had vaccines? Did you get all the vaccines on the recommended lists that have been added since your teen years? I’m going to guess you are not fully vaccinated so you may want to get out of your house? Does your daughter need the vaccines that will protect her if she has premarital sex? Oh they also cause fertility issues for many so I hope that doesn’t bother you.

    Unfortunately, in the frum community, it seems that too many close minded people will only possibly learn once devastation and harm knock at their door. That’s truly sad. So many Yiddish neshamos harmed 🙁

  6. While I disagree with the method that people are using to attack this doctor, it is kind of risky for her to definitively say that vaccines and perfectly safe and factually do not cause autism (I happen to be fully vaccinated). The truth is, any foreign chemical entering are body-particularly manmade; whether it be from treated food, environment, vaccines etc; cannot be too good for us. The proof is in the pudding. The diseases and diagnoses of today are far different from that of 100+ years ago. So whether the cause of autism or any other new age diagnosis-can or may be a combo of many different environmental and genetic factors; we truly do not know the full extent of possible damage of all or some of these factors. My purpose is not to make a pro or anti case. Rather, realizing limitations in the world we live in, and no one can vouch for the 100% safety/efficacy or any such blanket statement.

    • The truth is, any foreign chemical entering are body-particularly manmade; whether it be from treated food, environment, vaccines etc; cannot be too good for us.

      When someone starts a sentence with ‘the truth is’, you can rest assured that it is anything but.

      How do you know this? What research have you done on this? What are your credentials that anyone should take your words seriously? How many years have you studied epidemiology, statistics, biology and medicine?

      Nobody knows anything for certain, and when someone says that vaccines are 100% safe, that means ‘according to the best research we have’. There is no other way of ascertaining anything, and for those who believe in Hashem and His Torah, that is sufficient. When the preponderance of evidence and general consensus of experts is one way, hishtadlus tells us to take that into account.

  7. Jack we are not neviim today. Both sides of the fence are equally caring. This is a question of which route is the better one and the other side of the fence has more reasons for doing what they do then most of us can listen to, this is not a simple topic

  8. most people that are pro vaccinations are basically people that follow rules listen to the doctor I think the police are wonderful and innocent souls and the president of the United States(BHO) would never lie to the people most of them probably never did extensive research to study data regarding vaccines they trust a doctor the same way they trusted the doctor to smoke Marlboro cigarettes however the people that are anti-vaccine probably did a lot more research then the other group of people and probably a lot more research than this doctor who’s making a lot of money off these vaccines

  9. We should listen to the other side? Do we give credence to those who insist that the world is flat?
    Or are we in the palms of all those doctors and professors who claim the world is round?
    I don’t know of anyone who says we should keep an open mind.

    The idiots who won’t vaccinate are oblivious to years of years of research and thousands of experts to listen to a few nut jobs.

  10. there was one study that showed that the measles vaccine was not linked to autism. As far as the others, let’s just say that the insert from the manufacturer list autism as a known complication. The number of autism cases lately has been staggering. New Jersey alone has almost 3% of births with autism. The aluminum adjuvant is the most likely culprit. It is a known neurotoxin from animal studies.

    • Lol!!! So the no-vaccine group of kids have a lower rate of autism? The answer is a resounding no! The autism rates are the same. Your delusion is a likely result of aluminum foil around your kugel.

  11. The arguments by vaccine proponents are much stronger than those against.

    The aluminum adjuvant is a problem?? you get more AL in your body after eating a piece of potato kugel that was baked in a AL 9×13 pan.

    Autism going up?? reporting of autism and the definition of autism has changed significantly in the past 50 years. people with autism used to be called “socially awkward” “MR” “weirdos” or any other label, now they all fall under the spectrum. comparing today’s reporting of autism to yesteryear is comparing apples to oranges.

    Foreign substances? Mercury poisoning? You get more mercury from a tuna bagel, you get more foreign substances from a can of Coke. Please.

    Flu vaccine never proven to work?? Except for the high mortality rate in elderly people and babies who get the flu. avoiding flu seems like a good idea, again herd immunity protects those susceptible.

    I have no patience for people who don’t want to vaccinate. Maybe try driving a car with no brakes since no placebo controlled double blinded study has yet proven this to be fatal.

  12. The level of anti-vaccine rhetoric here is quite astonishing to me; it reveals much about the level of education and knowledge of the audience here. Oy f’voy!

  13. Dave, are you that stupid? You’re comparing injecting aluminum straight in to the body’s immune system to eating something that goes through the whole digestive system and gastrointestinal tract that filters out most toxins and chemicals? According to the FDA the safe amount of aluminum in the body is 25 mcg, a new born baby gets injected with 250 mcg that’s in the hebpetites B vaccine do the math! Now don’t argue with your emotions these are the facts you can look it up yourself, if you can make sense out of this I’ll truly appreciate it.

    • Yeah…except that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is not much compared to natural sources.
      In six months:
      vaccines: 4.4mg.
      nursing: 6 mg
      formula: 38 mg
      formula (soy based): 117 mg

    • stop it, you don’t trust the FDA to tell you that vaccines are safe, so don’t quote their safety recs on aluminum.

      I really don’t even see a point in arguing with anti-vaccine people. there is clearly a strong emotional part to the discussion since people think they are protecting their children from evil, stupid doctors who only know how to toe the party line. The fact is, doctors spend years of hard work trying to learn how to protect the public, and how to help people stay healthy in good faith.

      By the way, in my medical school we spent about a year on immunology, vaccines, and the various ways the body fights pathogens, not to mention the design and function of vaccines. Most doctors actually do know what they are talking about.

      To rally learn what vaccines do on a real-world level, see if you can meet someone who had polio, a mother who lost a child to measles, a man who is sterile from mumps, or a parent of a badly deformed child who was born that way because of maternal rubella. These are all preventable, tragically so, since they still happen.

      Let those who have proper training in medical science guide you. I’m a surgeon, and you can be sure that I vaccinate myself, and make sure my kids are vaccinated.

      People with proper training generally do a better job than people who don’t. I let my car mechanic recommend the right motor oil for my car, I let my Rov recommend the right way to keep the Torah. Vaccine recommendations are no different.

  14. From the illegal and criminal activities the anti-vaxxers utilize for their campaign, we can see that the agenda has zero to do with truth or safety. I have no problem welcoming debate any subject. When one side engages in personal attack, we are dealing with a bunch of immoral thugs, and this movement has lost any form of credibility.

  15. The claim that there are more autism case nowadays than there was 50 years ago – firstly because 50 years ago people shuttered anyone that wasn’t “normal” into a mental hospital, facility or asylum and it was never mentioned in public.

    Apart from that, there are many more conditions that have changed all around us: The food we eat is much more processed; many more chemicals added to our food – preservatives etc; bio-engineered food; genetically modified food; contaminated water supply; chemicals added to the water – normally to counteract the contamination; numerous and many more plastics used in every part of processing, preparation and consumption of food and drink; air contamination; people take many more flights – much more exposure to radioactivity; cellphones & wifi beaming around us all the time; etc etc etc

    Blaming the worlds woes on vaccines is as useful as blaming it on global warming. You can shout about this study & that study – but what are your objectives, to take a theory and find the evidence for it? You can find proof for anything – if you only look at what you want to see, especially the many ‘studies’ which were made up in someones basement, and then copied from a blog rant and pasted again and again onto forums all over the internet.

  16. According to halachah, if a physician tells you to eat chazer on yom kippur you make kiddush and eat chazer on yom kippur.

    The torah trusts doctors but I guess all these know nothing, pro-disease, yentas with 8th grade diplomas all know better because they studied Facebook carefully.

    Keep your little unvaxxed rodfim away from my grandchildren if you know what is good for you. That’s right, you are are rodfim b’maizid and you are causing your children to be rodfim b’shogaig, but l’halachah you have the same din and are to be treated the same way.

  17. That is why you should line your potato kugel pan with TWO layers of parchment paper!
    Recommended by oncologist who does research in NYU…as he found high levels of aluminum in body tissue in people with breast cancer.
    Also, to A Commentator:
    Yes, unlike many of the people protesting from either side…I actually have a doctorate degree in the medical field. I have participated in multiple research studies, in the capacity as a researcher. Not to toot my own horn, but I have experience in how to dissect studies and analyze objectively. Thus, agreed from both pro and anti sides, evidence IS inconclusive. Therefore, I feel that as long as everyone does their own research regarding the matter, they can have their own opinion, and should. But many are just protesting without doing real research.

    • If you claim to be an expert please identify yourself.

      Otherwise, you’re just one more poorly educated, tin-oil hat wearing, pro-disease yenta repeating stupidity-infused nonsense, encouraging people to kill their children by ignoring medical science.

      Keep your little bundles of measles and mumps and polio the hell away from my grandchildren.

    • You feel people should do their own research?
      You have a doctorate and know how to read research–you know how tough it is.
      Throwing this to the public on the assumption that they can do their own research is naive.

  18. When I say people should do their own research, they should look into the literature and analyze. Not conduct their own studies. Everyone must be their own advocate and do their own due diligence.


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