Jordan Passes Draft Law To Ban Israeli Gas Imports

Jordan’s King Abdullah (left) meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2014. (Photo: Kobi Gideon/GPO)

JORDAN (JNS) — Jordan’s parliament on Sunday approved a draft law banning the import of Israeli natural gas.

The motion was passed unanimously by all 130 lawmakers, but legal obstacles may prevent it from coming into force, Reuters reported.

The move comes just days after hundreds protested in the Jordanian capital Amman against the 15-year, $10 billion deal between the Hashemite Kingdom, Texas-based Noble Energy and Israel’s Delek Group.

A source in the Israeli energy industry told Reuters: “The gas agreement between Jordanian National Electric Power Company and American-based Noble Energy is being implemented from early January 2020, and no change is expected in that regard.”

Earlier this month, Israel began pumping gas to Jordan from its offshore Leviathan gas field. Many Jordanians still view Israel as the enemy, despite a peace treaty between the countries. At least half of Jordan’s population is estimated to be Palestinian.

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  1. Apparently, Jordan does not need Israel’s natural gas resource. And if they do, but refuse to take it, let them suffer. It’s like the Arabs in Yesha who refused to take Israeli money while they were financially drowning. They’ll go to the grave, but they’ll be damned if they accept any help from Israel.

    • Nobody makes the claim that they don’t hate us. They have reason to. A peace agreement can still be reached. Egypt is a good example. Nobody in Egypt loves us..

  2. When is Jordan going to man up and take care of their people, the Palestinians? It’s not responsible of them to dump their people on Israel. It’s not right that the Jordanians systematically kill their own Palestinians.

  3. There is basically a leave agreement with Jordan yet they impede us .

    Egypt is only doing well thanks to president trump who supports al sisi the strong man. If you had your way and supported democracy in Egypt it would be morsi and the brotherhood. That’s Egypt true colors


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