Son of North Carolina Judge Pleads Guilty to Threatening Local Synagogue


NORTH CAOLINA (JTA) – The son of a North Carolina Court of Appeals judge pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges for threatening a local synagogue.

William Warden, 21, son of Judge Lucy Inman, did not attend the hearing on Wednesday, since he is in 24-hour mental health treatment in Florida, the Raleigh News & Observer newspaper reported. As part of his plea deal, he will remain in treatment another 12 months, for a total of two years in treatment.

“As deeply concerned parents, we apologize profusely to the Jewish community and to all who have been impacted. And we are treating this situation with utmost seriousness,” read a statement from Inman and her husband Billy Warden after their son’s arrest in June 2018. They said that their son has struggled with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia his whole life and that he was vulnerable to being exploited by white supremacists online.

William Warden rang the doorbell of the Messianic Congregation Sha’arei Shalom in Cary, North Carolina. When a synagogue official remotely answered the bell, Warden made a “number of disparaging statements against the Jewish religion and people of the Jewish faith,” police told the newspaper, and threatened to damage the synagogue. He reportedly said, in part, “Get out of the government, that’s how you can help me. … Get out of Cary. … And get out of our country.”

He reportedly also burned a cross in a local park the previous month.

Rabbi Seth Klayman of Sha’arei Shalom told the newspaper on Wednesday that his synagogue has added more surveillance and now locks its doors.

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  1. Congregation Sha’arei Shalom in Cary, North Carolina is not a synagogue but rather a “Messianic” congregation which means they are Xians not Jews. The parents’ apology to the Jewish community was misdirected.

    • not really, there might actually be ONE whole Jews in their congragation, but it is mainly made up of Christians who believe that they are the true Jews and JC is what ever……

  2. They are Christians that have some Jewish beliefs, especially concerning Jesus’ origins, some core Jewish values and following some Jewish rituals and holy days. They reject Catholicism and emulate early American Christians like the Puritans. The nut arrested thought they were mainstream Jews. The apology was heartfelt by the family and was for that ‘shul’ and for all Jews. Luckily he’s locked up for now after being recruited by alt-white maga nazis.

        • No, it’s not a fact, and putting that in all caps doesn’t make it more of one. Their statement was:

          “he was vulnerable to being exploited by white supremacists online.”

          So, first of all, vulnerable, not that they necessarily did exploit him. Second, that’s got nothing to do with the president and his “Make America Great Again” slogan, unless you’re one of those weak-minded people who swallow the lies about him and his supporters (which includes, per a recent poll, an overwhelming majority of frum American Jews, and for good reason).

  3. Not a synagogue but a church for christians who claim to be Jews and try to hoodwink Jews into their religion. They are worse then regular christians because they claim to be Jews.

  4. “ Rabbi Seth Klayman of Sha’arei Shalom told the newspaper on Wednesday that his synagogue has added more surveillance and now locks its doors.”

    Let’s hope they lock their doors for good!

    • So seriously, this is OK with the moderators? I have seventy days to retirement. I would be happy to help moderate these discussions for the smallest of honorariums.


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