Transgender Woman Gives up Legal Fight to See Her Haredi Orthodox Children


LONDON (JTA) – A transgender woman in England has given up her legal fight to see her five haredi Orthodox children.

The woman has not seen the children, whom she fathered when she was living as a man, since leaving a haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, community in Manchester in 2015.

At a hearing in London on Monday, she withdrew her application for an order allowing her to have contact with the children, The Guardian reported.

The family has remained unidentified in the British media.

The children’s mother has said in court that if the children had direct contact with the transgender woman, the parent body of their schools would not allow other children to play with them. The testimony of several community rabbis backed her assertion.

The children also could be denied places at good yeshivas and schools, be prevented from marrying into some families and the entire family could be shunned by the community, the court has been told.

In January 2017, a British high court judge in the family division ruled that the transgender woman could not see her children, then aged 3 to 13, citing “the upholding of the rights of the children to have the least harmful outcome in a situation not of their making.” She was allowed to indirectly contact the children with letters four times a year on Jewish festivals and their birthdays.

An appeals court later ordered the family division court to reconsider its decision. The father’s application was withdrawn before a new decision could be announced.

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  1. Hello VIN! You are a frum website! Please don’t surrender to liberal Sodom terminology! Here, I’ll edit the article for you: A “transgender” man in England has given up his legal fight to see his five haredi Orthodox children.

    The man has not seen the children, whom he fathered prior to leaving a haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, community in Manchester in 2015…

    I won’t repeat the entire article here but it is your obligation as a frum site to edit the content of your articles to reflect Jewish values.

        • You are the crooked unqualified one .

          You are megla Torah shlo khalacha and crooked reform Jew. You are worse than unqualified and should stay off any frum

          The titz Eliezer was not accepted and considered liberal in many ways
          He was a das yachid
          He never meant this guy is a real girl and should cvs not put on teflin etc .
          Stop twisting our Torah like a reform Jew for your pc nonsense

          Let’s repeat according to main stream hlacha this person is a male period. Please don’t believe reform Torah’s . Not our religion

        • And re your pussek form tnach about mozeni tzedek its the same crooked logic.

          1) the navi typically gives musser to klal yisroek using thos eterms. Its not nearly the same level as what the torah (chumash) calls an abomination. thats the alef beis of gemara.
          2) doesn’t apply to goyim.

  2. Has anyone considered the Agmas Nefesh this person and his family live through. Everyone is so high and holy….Hashem Yishmor not only to this family, but to everyone who “thinks” they can be judgmental.

    • Have you considered the agmas nefesh of the people killed during the mabel or the overturning of Sedom? It says clearly in the Torah that people can choose to do good or evil and this is the epitome of evil. His path towards his destruction was of his choosing ESPECIALLY when he was not bought up by abusive parents who gave hormone blockers or dressed him in girls clothing or propagandized him. The first step towards acceptance of sin is feeling pity for those who engage in such sinful acts. You should feel the same pity as Pinchas has towards Zimri.

    • Has nothing to do with being judgemental and everything to do with mental health. You can’t tell me not to judge you if you go around dressed up as a cat all day can you? Same thing here. Please tell me the difference. He says he’s a women you say you’re a cat. Go…

  3. Stop picking on VIN; the Editor of this blog has his/her hands full, in sorting through numerous crank comments, which I’m sure never make it to the “press room”. They also have to search through many articles of interest to our community, as well as secular articles. As the saying goes, it is impossible to please everybody.

  4. “The children’s mother has said in court that if the children had direct contact with the transgender woman, the parent body of their schools would not allow other children to play with them. The testimony of several community rabbis backed her assertion”.

    A community that would so cruelly punish a totally innocent child by preventing other children from playing with them, and that would limit their life-chances by preventing access to schools, as well as to deny them access to a parent who loves them and whom they love, because their parent in a bid to reduce what was almost certainly the immense suffering of gender dysphoria underwent transitioning, has absolutely no right to think of itself as moral, and certainly not compassionate and in no way wise.

    That such unkindness, lack of empathy & common decency is wrapped up in a mantle of religious ‘values’ is appalling and little wonder why religion is so often looked down upon.

    Little wonder also that frum Jews go off the derech; from a derech such as that it’s far better to flee!

  5. “While living as a man”
    Liberals are crazy. This mentality ill man is a sicko who wears a dress.
    Only man can father kids.
    And only liberals can think otherwise.

  6. He can call himself a woman and ask others to do so as well , but his genes betray him, the very genes that he relied upon to help bring into this world, his children who he claims to love and cherish.
    How can he love his children when he cant love himself?

  7. UKAnimist I’d pity your children if they were to mingle with that family’s children. Don’t we want to keep our children pure?! Why should they fill their minds with such garbage! They should never come into contact with such people. It’s bad enough that we adults read about this. Really vin, why did you have to print it. It’s sickening!!!

  8. This is a very sad story with no winners. However, we layned two weeks ago that Yosef assured his brothers that Yosef’s being in Mitzraim was only due to HaShem’s rotzon, and had nothing to do with the mechirah of the brothers. HaShem doesn’t make mistakes! While I don’t anyone to accept or sanction an alternative lifestyle, we are clearly being asked to have rachmones for everyone in this story – for the wife, for the children, and yes, even a guy who now believes with all his heart that he’s really a woman.


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