Pentagon: 34 US troops had brain injuries from Iran’s strike

President Donald Trump arrives to address the nation from the White House on the ballistic missile strike that Iran launched against Iraqi air bases housing U.S. troops, Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon said Friday that 34 U.S. troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries suffered in this month’s Iranian missile strike on an Iraqi air base, and that half of the troops have returned to their military duties.

Seventeen of the 34 are still under medical observation, according to Jonathan Hoffman, the chief Pentagon spokesman.

President Donald Trump had initially said he was told that no troops had been injured in the Jan. 8 strike. The military said symptoms were not immediately reported after the strike and in some cases became known days later.

After the first reports that some soldiers had been hurt, Trump referred to them as “headaches” and said the cases were not as serious as injuries involving the loss of limbs.

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  1. Ok mr fake news. This is classic nonsense and lies. Trama or brain injury is not what we’d classically call an injury. As you can see most are back tp work and bumped thier head. Sure there are stories in football where its serious. But its rare. And when we say no injuries we mean noone got their hand or legs cut off by bombsin the classic way

    • Archy, of course you are an expert on traumatic brain injures. What’s the classic way to cut off hands or legs by bombs? What’s your military experience? Is it as extensive as that of our Draft Dodger in Chief the Impeached Donald John Trump?

      • Hey you dumb morn. Injuries mean noone got hit by a bomb or gun shot. Calssic injuries of war. Stop it with this narishkiten that are people banged their hand when hidding. That’s not an injury of war. Fake news.

        Let me repeat. No USA solider got hurt. Got it?

    • Admit it. You want him impeached because he’s a Republican and because he beat your chosen candidate, not because you actually care about the truth. If you did, then you would have called for Obama to be impeached for lying about Obamacare (“if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”), Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc.

    • Again when you think about war and its injuries like WW2 or Vietnam we don’t disucss a few soliders who banged their head in a bomb shleter. Thats not causilites of war. Only in your made up fake news world

  2. Why should the US nanny state care about a few head injuries to army soldiers wounded by Iran rockets? After all, look how brave our Orange Fuhrer was when fighting in Khe Sahn, Danang, and Hue during the Tet Offensive…

    • Donald was busy in America when our troops were facing death in the jungles of Nam. He “wasn’t a big fan of the war” and boasted on radio that avoiding VD was his personal Viet Nam.
      A Commander in Chief to be proud of.

    • Interesting. So let me guess, when John McCain – who did serve in Vietnam – ran against your messiah in 2008, you supported him because of his bravery, right? Or is it that you find that line a convenient attack against Trump, but you had something equally convenient then?

  3. Simkhi yutz_ where was Danang Dick Blumenthal and Swift Boats Kerry? Our great president never lied about that. Your vile diseased cockroaches did.
    Hillary lied about being shot at at Bosnian airports.The Benghazi murderess.

  4. But with Russia, you lunatics WANT a war. Suddenly you care about our servicemen and women. Obama emasculated our armed forces which actually emboldened Iran.

  5. Trump said: Just let them take two Advil, and the headache will be gone.
    Such a genius, I can’t believe he has a degree in Neurology, but then there
    are lots of things about him I can’t or won’t believe.

  6. It is incredible and astounding that there are still those on this site (including some very well educated individuals), who are still talking about the Vietnam War, which ended over forty years ago. When are they going to get through their thick skulls, that the war in Vietnam was a tragic loss of life for 58,000 Americans, and over 1.5 Vietnamese, both military and civilians? What was gained by that war, except death, misery and suffering? The North Vietnamese won, the USA lost, and Vietnam today, is a very prosperous nation. There were war crimes perpetrated by both sides, including mass rapes, torture, intentional slaughtering of civilians (i.e. Lt. William Calley and Mai Lai in 1968), wholesale bombing of villages, throwing prisoners alive out of helicopters to their deaths, etc. Even General Norman Schwarzkopf stated that “our Officer corps was corrupted by the war in Vietnam”.

    Regarding the Selective Service System (known as the “draft”), that system should have been discontinued decades before it was actively ended in 1973. Each state had its own Selective Service headquarters, with the exception of NYC, which had its own headquarters. The members of each draft board were political hacks, and were themselves, not necessarily veterans. As with the TSA, at different locations, each draft board appeared to have its own rules, vis-a-vis deferments, exemptions, etc. Essentially, it was the poor slobs, and those without any political connections who were conscripted. For example, those who knew someone, or had connections could get into a reserve unit, whether it was the Air National Guard, the Army National Guard, the Naval Air Reserve, etc., and not become conscripted. During the Vietnam War, very few reserve units were activated. In fact, at one time, the training centers were so overwhelmed that there were reservists who never saw a day of basic training!

    The entire system stunk; it was essentially a way of getting cheap, forced labor into the military. Even a former New York City Mayor, who was a Congressman in the early 1960’s (and was a decorated Naval Officer during World War Two), stated “I don’t think that we feel any safer by Joe X attending his reserve unit meeting, during the week”.

    In 1964, Senator Barry Goldwater stated that “he would end the draft once and for all”. Lyndon Johnson on the other hand stated “there would be a study of the draft”. However, that sexual pervert, Lyndon Johnson, used the draft to expand the war in Vietnam. Nothing was gained from that war, and we are still paying for it today, vis-a-vis treating veterans who were maimed and injured, not to mention assisting the Vietnamese government in treating their own victims of Agent Orange and land mines.

    Of the 45 million males between 18-26, between 1964-1973, less than 6%, actually saw service in Vietnam. Therefore, for the schmegeggis on this site, who use the obsolete term “draft dodger”, in referring to Trump, let me again state that the war is over. Even Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara, who was a principal architect for our entry into the war in Vietnam, admitted before he died that “we were so wrong about Vietnam”. When MacNamara was on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard on an excursion boat, someone recognized him, and tried to throw him off the boat, into the ocean. It is too bad that they didn’t succeed.

    Some of these gung ho commentators on this site remind me of the soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army, a number of whom held out for nearly thirty years, after World War Two ended. There was one Imperial soldier, who was in hiding in the jungles of the Philippines for twenty seven years. Even though he heard the war ended, he refused to surrender, until his former commanding officer was brought to the Philippines in 1972, and personally ordered him to surrender!

    Incidentally, I served honorably in the U.S. Air Force, during that period, but was not sent to Vietnam. Case closed!


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